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C20 Bed Change

Gu Zhangning didn't even seem to want to look at the bed. He waved his hand and said, "Throw it out. Quickly throw it out."

Old Zhang and Sister Qing both knew about that woman. After all, they had personally witnessed her gentle descent that day.

Although there were many rooms upstairs, with a woman and her husband at home, it was easy to imagine where they would be.

Old Zhang quickly responded and went out to call someone.

Bai Yin stood in the doorway with no particular expression on her face.

Gu Zhangning was a bit annoyed. He pulled his tie and turned around to go up the stairs.

Sister Qing looked at Bai Yin awkwardly, "Have you eaten yet Madam?"

Bai Yin nodded. "I ate at the old house."

Sister Qing raised her head and looked at the stairs. Gu Zhangning had already disappeared.

"All the beds in the room have been changed, ma'am."

Bai Yin smiled. Sister Qing's explanation was completely unnecessary.

"Help me clean up the guest room. Sorry for the trouble."

With that, Bai Yin also went upstairs.

Gu Zhangning had already entered the bedroom, and the bedroom door was still open.

Bai Yin didn't even look at him as she walked past the bedroom door and headed for the room at the end of the hallway.

What was the point of changing the bed? Did he want to tell her that nothing had happened, that changing the bed would undo everything that had happened?

Although there was no one staying in the guest rooms, they were cleaned and very clean every day. However, there was a desolate atmosphere when the rooms were empty for a long time.

Bai Yin put down the bag and the bag she was holding. She went to the bathroom to wash her face, then she got on the bed and took out her phone to check.

Since she hadn't been to work for the past few days, Sheng Jinnian probably also greeted the people below and no one reported to her.

Now that he was free, he had to face the mess at home.

After a while, Sister Qing opened the door and entered. Behind her was a gloomy Gu Zhangning and a doctor in a white coat standing next to Gu Zhangning.

This must be Gu Zhangning's so-called family doctor.

Gu Zhangning didn't ask her what she wanted to live here for, so he should be clear about the reason.

The doctor came over first. Unlike the doctor in charge of the hospital, the doctor in charge of the house said with a smile, "It's best for Madam to lie in bed for now, don't walk on the ground. It's best for her to exercise less when her bones are growing."

Bai Yin nodded. "Alright, I understand."

Gu Zhangning leaned against the door frame with his hands in his pockets as he stared at Bai Yin.

It was as if she had been this calm ever since that incident had happened.

But he had never expected her to make a scene.

She had never been like that.

It was as if the two of them had almost never quarrelled intensely before, but there were more and more problems.

The doctor simply examined it for a moment, then wrote down a nutrition recipe and warned Bai Yin about some simple precautions. He then turned back to Gu Zhangning and said, "Mr. Gu, it's done."

Gu Zhangning nodded and gave his answer.

Gu Zhangning said nothing. He waited until the doctor and Sister Qing had left, but he still stood there looking at her.

Bai Yin didn't feel uncomfortable under his gaze. She didn't do anything wrong and didn't feel guilty.

"If there's nothing else, I'm going to rest."

With that, Bai Yin really laid down.

Gu Zhangning sneered and changed into a position that hugged his shoulders, "Do you need me to change the house?"

Bai Yin found it funny. "There's no need to go through all that trouble. It's the easiest thing for you to change your wife."

Gu Zhangning was disappointed. He stood on the spot for a while, then turned around and left.

Bai Yin wanted to laugh, but she couldn't.

… ….

He slept until the middle of the night in a dazed state and was extremely thirsty.

Bai Yin stood up on her own. There was a thermos bottle on the bedside table with warm water inside.

She drank a glass, and sleep was gone with the water.

His ribs still hurt, so much so that he didn't know what to do to alleviate the pain.

There were painkillers on the counter, but she didn't want to take them.

He got off the bed and opened the window curtain to take a look. The moon was very bright outside, and it shone clearly in the yard of the villa.

In the dead of night, the heart is always the most empty, but the matter is also clearer.

He didn't know if Gu Zhangning would bring that woman back, but seeing that they changed all the beds in the house, he probably wouldn't be able to bring her back. At most, the two of them would just go out for a bit.

He didn't know why, but he suddenly felt pity for her.

When she married Gu Zhangning, she thought that the first half of her life was going to be rough, but the second half finally came to an end.

Who would have thought that the trials would still not pass.

She finally sighed and slowly left the room.

Surprisingly, there was light coming from the staircase.

Sister Qing?

It shouldn't be so late.

Bai Yin walked over with light steps.

When he looked down, he saw Gu Zhangning sitting on the sofa in the living room. On the coffee table in front of him was an opened glass of red wine.

He faced her sideways, so his expression was not very clear.

He didn't know if it was because of the light, but it seemed somewhat lonely.

Gu Zhangning changed into a dark pajamas and leaned lazily on the sofa.

It had to be said that Second Master Gu was quite charming.

It was no wonder that he was willing to stick close to him even though he knew he had a family.

Gu Zhangning went to get a goblet. The light from the crystal chandelier above his head was too good. It made the diamond ring on his ring finger shine and shook Bai Yin's eyes.

She touched her ring finger. The diamond ring that Gu Zhangning gave her had frightened a bunch of people. No matter how she looked at it, the diamonds on it were too exaggerated.

Therefore, apart from the day of her wedding, she had never worn one before.

Right now, there was only a platinum ring on the ring finger. It looked very ordinary.

For this, Gu Zhangning was unhappy for a long time.

He said he wanted everyone to know that she was marrying the famous Gu family's second young master. She was worthy of living such a luxurious life.

But it wasn't that he didn't know what sort of life she had once been living. She was willing to be normal and also adapted to be normal. She wasn't together with him just for the sake of being rich and powerful.

One cup after another, Gu Zhangning let out an intermittent sigh. No one knew what he was thinking about.

Bai Yin stood there watching for a while before turning around and returning to her room.

When he passed by the master bedroom, he saw that the door was open. With a glance, he could see that the new bed was similar to the previous one in style, just that it lacked some of the decorations of a princess.

The ones on the bed were neat and tidy, as if no one had touched them at all.

He didn't know where Gu Zhangning spent the first half of the night and whether he went out or not.

Bai Yin went over and closed the door before returning to her room.

She still couldn't sleep while she was in bed. She took two painkillers, and they all had a sleeping effect.

As expected, after eating for a while, he started to feel drowsy.

When he was half asleep, the door seemed to open, but no one came in.

She wanted to open her eyes, but her eyes seemed glued.

She heard a familiar sigh, and then everything was quiet.

When he woke up the next morning, Gu Zhangning had already disappeared. Sister Qing said that he had gone to the company.

Bai Yin couldn't see him and her heart was instead somewhat empty.

There was nothing to do after breakfast. She sat on the bed and looked at her cell phone.

The company had stopped her business and no one reported on her work, so she could only watch the gossip.

The headlines were all about the entertainment industry, so she didn't really pay much attention to it. They were not in the line of work, so there was no need for her to know about them.

However, she was too bored, so she clicked on a random piece of news.

On the news, it was about a small star with an unknown name, but he suddenly became the female lead of the hottest IP drama.

As a result, the media began to dig deeper and deeper into the issue of the airborne soldier.

Bai Yin looked at the photo on the news. It was high definition, so it was easy to tell that it was a plastic surgery.

But this body is really good.

Whether it was a snap or not, they were all protruding forward and backward.

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