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C3 Child

Gu Zhangning was standing in front of the French window with a woman with wavy hair standing behind him.

His gaze fell on the front door, his hands clenched into fists in his pockets.

Bai Yin had been out for a long time and hadn't been back. Besides, Sister Qing's phone call showed that it was connected, but no one answered.

Seeing that the banquet on the Gu family's side was about to start, Gu Zhangning became more and more agitated.

Sister Qing stood at the door and glanced at the woman behind Gu Zhangning. Then, she lowered her gaze slightly, "Sir, why don't you let Old Zhang go out and look for her? Maybe she's met with some trouble along the way."

Gu Zhangning frowned a little, but the words that came out of his mouth were still as cold as ice, "She can still get into trouble?"

It had always been her causing trouble for others.

Gu Zhangning stood there for a while and then finally lost his patience. He turned around and was about to walk outside.

The woman behind him also immediately moved, "Second Young Master."

Gu Zhangning suddenly stopped, turned around and looked at the woman behind him in surprise. His lips moved for a while before he finally made a decision, "You can stay here today."

The woman smiled. She didn't seem surprised at all. "Sure."

Gu Zhangning went out and got on the car. Old Zhang was already waiting for him. Seeing that Gu Zhangning did not have a good expression, he did not dare to ask what he wanted to ask.

For the past year, the mister and the missus had rarely smiled, which made them nervous every day.

The two of them clearly loved each other when they first got married, but after just three years, everything seemed to have changed.

Halfway there, Gu Zhangning still called Bai Yin. It was still connected, but there was still no answer.

Gu Zhangning dropped the phone on the seat with a "pa" sound and his eyes turned dark.

Old Zhang looked at Gu Zhangning in the rearview mirror and thought for a while. "Mister, Madam looks a bit tired recently. Maybe she didn't hear the phone."

Gu Zhangning snorted. He didn't say anything as he shifted his gaze to the outside.

The car arrived at the Gu household at a leisurely pace. There were already many cars parked in the courtyard.

He could feel the liveliness even from outside the door.

Gu Zhangning got out of the car, stood in place for a while before sighing and walked in.

The three concubines of the Gu family had gone abroad for nearly ten years. They had finally decided to return to their homeland. The happiest person in this matter was the old man.

When Gu Zhangning entered, he saw Old Man Gu holding Third Uncle Gu's hand, asking him how he had been these years. However, when Old Man Gu turned his head and saw Gu Zhangning, he cleanly let go of Gu De's hand and walked towards Gu Zhangning while leaning on his walking stick.

"Where's your wife? Why did you come here alone? "

Gu Zhangning smiled lazily: "She still has some matters to attend to. She came over after she finished her work."

The old tutor stared at him, "It's so easy to get together and then leave without coming back once a month. Looks like you really don't take me seriously."

But then, she continued to urge him, "Look at your Third Uncle, he's already a grandfather. Look at you, I ask you, when did you and Yin plan to have a child? You're not young anymore, and this kind of thing should be on the agenda a long time ago …"

With a smile on his face, Gu Zhangning seemed to be listening patiently to Old Master Gu's nagging. In fact, his heart had long since flown out of his chest.

Bai Yin had been out for almost two hours now, so she should have bought all the clothes she needed. It was not normal for her to be in an unanswered state; her job was more important than anything else.

The old man talked for a long time and saw that Gu Zhangning's expression did not change at all. He knew that Gu Zhangning did not listen to him at all. He then sighed, "Alright, alright, since I saw you like this, I'm too lazy to say anything to you."

The old man turned around and walked in another direction. Gu Zhangning's gaze followed the old man and saw Gu De, who was standing not far away with a little girl in his arms. His eyes were big and he smiled at everyone.


He quickly looked away.

However his heart couldn't help but beat.

He had planned to have a baby with Bai Yin today.

But that woman.

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but fall into a trance.

She had been gone for so long, so why hadn't she come over yet? Even if she wasn't willing to travel with him, she should have already come over by now.

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