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C5 Hospital

Bai Yin woke up in a daze and saw herself lying on a hospital bed, the IV bottle in her hand still dripping with blood.

Looking around, she found that she was staying in a multi-room ward. At this moment, the same room was already filled with people.

Compared to the others who were accompanied by their families, she seemed rather pitiful.

However, Bai Yin did not care about this.

Seeing that she had woken up, someone quickly came over and said, "Hey, you're awake. Your attending physician just left. It seems that she has already checked you in."

Bai Yin's mind was preoccupied with something else. She turned around and asked in a hoarse voice, "Where is my phone?"

The family member nibbled on the apple and answered vaguely, "Oh, it might be your attending doctor who took it. He just used your cell phone to call you, it seems like he contacted your family members."

Bai Yin was stunned. "Contact my family?"

That person nodded, "Mhmm, but it seems like no one is listening."

Bai Yin sneered. She knew who the call was to.

Gu Zhangning did not answer her call.

It seemed normal as he hadn't answered her call since a long time ago. Sister Qing was the one who passed on the news.

Bai Yin struggled to sit up, but the family member stopped her when he saw her. "Hey, don't move. Your attending doctor said that you have broken ribs, so it's not appropriate for you to do anything for now."

Bai Yin suppressed the pain in her body and groaned. She recalled what happened before. Although she lost consciousness later on, she also understood that there was a car accident.

There was no need to think about it at this point. The one who was making the mistake was definitely her. She didn't even notice the car coming from the opposite side.

Bai Yin lowered her gaze and stared at the blanket that covered her, unable to tell what it really felt like in her heart.

If her front foot grabbed her bag husband out of line and her back foot was in a car accident, could she be any more weak?

Back in the day, she, Bai Yin, was publicly acknowledged as the best woman to live.

To be able to marry the Gu Clan's Second Young Master was the dream of countless women.

What was laughable was that she felt the same way before. But now, she really wanted to show those people who used to envy her what kind of life she was leading by marrying Gu Zhangning.

However, she didn't suffer any mental injuries for long before the door to the ward was opened.

At first Bai Yin paid no attention to the sound of the door, until she heard a familiar voice.

"How come it's a multi-person ward?"

Bai Yin looked up and saw Gu Zhangning standing at the door of the ward with both of his hands in his pockets.

Gu Zhangning was cold to begin with. If he did not have an expression, it would be difficult to get along with him. Therefore, when he stood at the door of the ward with a displeased expression, the previously lively room instantly became silent.

The one standing behind Gu Zhangning should be Bai Yin's doctor, because Bai Yin saw the phone in his hand.

Gu Zhangning looked at the faces of everyone in the room, then he walked towards Bai Yin.

Perhaps the aura was so strong that all the patients and their families' gazes followed Gu Zhangning's footsteps and landed on Bai Yin.

Gu Zhangningying frowned heavily and looked down at Bai Yin. She said very indifferently, "I was wondering why you didn't attend the family dinner. So that's what happened."

He said it so lightly that Lili suspected she might not have hurt herself.

The doctor behind Gu Zhangning glanced at Gu Zhangning and then looked at Bai Yin. His tone remained indifferent as he said, "Miss Bai, you have completed the procedures for your stay in the hospital. Here is your number. Please understand that you lost consciousness earlier and took your things automatically."

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