Arrogant CEO and His Beloved Wife/C7 Divorce Is That What You Mean?
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Arrogant CEO and His Beloved Wife/C7 Divorce Is That What You Mean?
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C7 Divorce Is That What You Mean?

The advanced VIP ward was more than one or two grades higher than the previous wards.

The area of the room alone was two large rooms in the collective ward, and there was a guest area in particular.

Gu Zhangning carried Bai Yin into the room. Although his expression was not gentle, his actions were very gentle. He gently placed Bai Yin on the bed.

While she was getting up, she saw Bai Yin's skinny collarbone with a condescending glance. She didn't know why, but the feeling of scratching her heart and scratching her liver instantly disappeared.

"Gu Zhangning thought for a moment," "Are you still hungry? Let me buy you something to eat." "

Bai Yin looked down. "Forget it, I'm not hungry."

"Then she said," "Gu Zhangning, I think we can sit down now and have a nice talk." "

Gu Zhangning paused, then chuckled, "Oh?" "What about?"

"Bai Yin said in a serious tone," "Gu Zhangning, don't tell me you think I've forgotten everything that happened today."

Gu Zhangning walked to the reception area and sat on the sofa with his legs crossed. He didn't look ashamed or conceited at all. "So this is what you mean."

His tone was too calm.

Bai Yin stared into Gu Zhangning's eyes. "Gu Zhangning, you always knew what kind of person I was. After what happened, there was only one path left for us to walk."

Gu Zhangning was silent for two seconds before he suddenly asked, "Weren't you on a business trip? Why did you suddenly come back?"

If I hadn't suddenly returned, how would I have known that not only you, but also our big bed is dirty?

However, the words lingered on her tongue for a long time. In the end, she swallowed them back. Some words, no matter how unpleasant it was, could not change the current situation. Instead, it would make her look even more miserable.

Therefore, Bai Yin faintly said, "It's just that I suddenly remember what day it is today."

It was also because he suddenly understood why Gu Zhangning's face looked so ugly when he told him that he was going on a business trip today.

Bai Yin suppressed the pain in her heart and continued the previous topic, "Okay, Gu Zhangning, if Grandpa comes over later, I will tell you about this." She looked at Gu Zhangning's unchanging face and said, "Don't worry, I won't say what happened today. We already have so many problems between us.

Gu Zhangning stared at Bai Yin with rapt attention for five to six seconds before he sneered loudly, "Do you want me to thank you for this?"

Bai Yin put her hand under the blanket and slowly touched her ribs. She felt around between layers of gauze, but it was hard to tell if it was ribs or chest pain.

"Think what you want, that's all. I'm sleepy and I want to sleep."

After Bai Yin finished her sentence, Gu Zhangning suddenly stood up, scaring Bai Yin.

Gu Zhangning walked straight in front of Bai Yin. The faint ridicule in his eyes disappeared and was replaced with a steep expression. "Divorce?" "Bai Yin, is that what you mean?"

Bai Yin didn't know how to react when she saw Gu Zhangning like this. Gu Zhangning had always been amiable towards her, when had he ever revealed such a sharp expression?

Bai Yin didn't know why she was suddenly a little speechless. It took her a moment to realize that she had really not made any headway. The person who had done the wrong thing was him, but why was he still so confident?

However, before the two could continue their argument, Bai Yin's attending physician came over again. However, this time, he had Bai Yin's case file in his hand, which should be a routine examination.

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