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"Dad, Mom, no, no!"


Qin Feng fell off the bed, faintly opened his eyes, and the corner of his mouth couldn't help but form a bitter smile. "How many times has it been? "Hehe."

Ever since the incident at Parents, he had nightmares about the Parents dying a horrible death in front of him.

"I hate him!"

"Young Master, are you alright?" When the servant, Qing Qing, came in, and saw Qin Feng lying on the ground, he was startled and hurried over to help Qin Feng up.

"I'm fine." Qin Feng said.

Seeing that Qin Feng was alright, Qing Qing sighed and did not say anything. She knew that Young Master was a bitter person, and must be sad by himself again because of Parents's death.

"Qing Qing, help me go see Grandpa." Qin Feng said.

"Young Master, the sky is still dark, why are you going to see Family Head so early?" Qing Qing said.

"Help me."


"Grandpa, please help Feng'er one last time." Qin Feng kneeled on the ground, facing a Old Man whose hair was all white.

Old Man was dressed in green and his build was tall and sturdy, exuding majesty without a hint of anger. However, there was a hint of sadness between his brows as he softly said, "Sigh, Feng'er, the ground is cold. You should get up first!"

"Grandpa, I want to enter the Secret Realm, I want to become strong, I want to take revenge for the Parents!" Qin Feng said in pain.

He had already endured enough. Killed by his parents, the waste, the Qin Family's Worms, these "beautiful names" were like mountains, pressuring him to the point where he could not breathe.

"Feng'er, I do have a command tablet left behind by your father that will allow you to enter the Secret Realm, but to you, that would be a narrow escape from death! I cannot let Tian'er die without descendants!"

When Qin Feng heard this, the oculus also dimmed.

Qin Family Qin Tian, who broke through the tenth level of the Blood Refinement Realm at the age of nine, was the strongest person in the Qin Family, even in the entire Tianfeng City.

Qin Feng, a full waste, could not feel any spirit energy from it even at the age of fifteen, and was unable to channel spirit energy, much less cultivate.

Qin Feng, who had grown up under the influence of his father, had the treatment that ordinary people did not have, and at the same time, had the pain and suffering that ordinary people could not experience. His father's Genius was powerful, and formed a stark contrast with his own trash, causing many people to gossip behind his back.

Until one time when Parents went out to search for medicinal ingredients for him and wanted to help him improve his physique. He was ambushed by an enemy accidentally, and although Parents fought with bloodshed, in the end, he was outnumbered and died under the enemy's hidden arrows.

When the news of Parents's tragic death spread back to the Qin Family, it made the usually stern Grandpa feel as if he had aged a decade in an instant. Many people were grieving, but at the same time, many people were rejoicing.

Qin Tian's death meant their rise to prominence. All these years, Qin Tian had been too domineering. Not only was he strong, he was also unanimously chosen as the next Family Head, suppressing all the people of the same generation.

Now that he was dead, those who were once suppressed by Qin Tian all felt like they had seen the light of day again.

Thus, the people who were suppressed by Qin Tian back then, vented their anger on Qin Feng without restraint.

If not for Family Head, Qin Feng would have been dismembered long ago.

But even so, he was still ostracized within the family.

Even some relatives of the families started to distance themselves from him. In their eyes, Qin Feng, who did not have Qin Tian's support, was merely a powerless waste.

In this World that was respected by the strong person, there was no value in it at all.

Thinking about the various humiliations he had suffered in the past and the deep hatred he had for this Parents, the expression in Qin Feng's eyes gradually became determined and filled with a stubbornness that refused to admit defeat.

He looked at Qin Family and said, "Grandpa, Qin Family does not have any waste. If I unluckily die in Secret Realm, it will also be my life. I have no regrets, my father will not be shamed because of me."

Seeing the determination in Qin Feng's eyes, the old man laughed bitterly and shook his head: "Have you really thought about it?"

"I've thought about it."


The old man let out a deep sigh, and took out a light green command medallion from his bosom.

"Is this the Secret Realm Token?"

Qin Feng looked at the palm-sized medallion in Grandpa's hands, his eyes flashing with madness. He wanted to enter Secret Realm, he wanted to change his fate, he wanted to become the Fighter, he wanted to make all those who looked down upon him regret!

The next day, early in the morning.

"I heard that this time, there's a hundred year old Blood Ginseng in Secret Realm. If I can get it, I can definitely break through to the zang-fu stage successfully!" A young man from Qin Family said excitedly.

"With just you? A voice sounded. Everyone looked over and saw a white-robed youth and a group of Young people s slowly walking over.

This group of people were from one of the Four Major Families of the Tianfeng City, led by the number one Gongzi, Bai Sen.

"Sigh, look, who is that, Qin Feng, the number one waste of Tianfeng Clan, Qin Feng!"

It was unknown who shouted, but everyone turned to look at Qin Family, only to see a young man with thin and thin clothes slowly walking over. He was Qin Family's number one waste, Qin Feng.

Seeing everyone's eyesight, Qin Family quietly distanced himself from Qin Feng.

Seemingly unwilling to stand together with Qin Feng, the waste, and the disciples of Qin Family, who were afraid of being ridiculed by others, all moved a distance to the side, isolating Qin Feng.

Although he was called the waste, Qin Feng's appearance became the center of attention, causing quite a commotion, everyone started to discuss.

Many people ridiculed Qin Feng loudly in front of him, they were not afraid that he would hear them. Someone said: "Could it be that he wants to enter the Secret Realm? "Is this waste courting death?"

"Haha, I think he's an idiot. Who doesn't know that Great Young Master Qin cannot cultivate? I think he's just going to do a good deed, right?" Someone mocked, and emphasized the words Great Young Master Qin.

"What good can he do?" someone asked.

"Hey, Demonic Beast, hahahaha!"

"Haha, this is indeed a good thing. Once the waste is full, we will be safe. I never thought that the Qin Family would give birth to such a great savior. It will truly benefit the disciples of the various great families. "

Another round of laughter rang out. Hearing that, Qin Feng clenched his fists tightly, his fingernails piercing into his palm, bringing with it a heart-wrenching pain, but it was as if he did not know, that the binocular was only staring intently at the Secret Realm which was about to open.

"Big Brother Feng!" A voice that sounded like a oriole coming out from a valley entered Qin Feng's ears.

Hearing this voice, Qin Feng unconsciously smiled. Currently, the only person who was willing to be so close to him was the young miss of the Luo Family, Luo Shuiyi.

Luo Family was also one of the Four Major Clans in the Tianfeng City and her talent was even more monstrous. At the age of fourteen, he had already broke through to the Viscera Refinement Stage and her talent was only stronger than Qin Feng's father's.

At the same time, he was also a famous beauty in the Tianfeng City who was secretly viewed as a goddess by countless of older brother Gongzi.

But the goddess only looked at Qin Feng in a different light, this made many Young Master s of large families even more furious at Qin Feng.

"Big Brother Feng, you came too." When Luo Shuiyi saw that she wanted Qin Feng, he was slightly surprised and even more surprised and concerned, "Do you have the order badge? How about I give you the token? In any case, I'm still young, so it's fine to wait until the next time to go in. "

Luo Shuiyi knew how much of a need Qin Feng had to enter the Secret Realm to become a true cultivator. He would rather give his precious command medallion to his and give up on such a great opportunity.

Qin Feng shook his head, feeling extremely moved in his heart. Luo Shuiyi's aptitude was very high, but if she didn't enter the Secret Realm this time, no matter how many years passed, her aptitude would still be greatly shaken by her peers.

For her sake, she was actually willing to give up such a precious opportunity. Qin Feng thought to himself: Xiao Yi treats me with such affection, even if I, Qin Feng, lose my life for her, I will not harm her in the slightest.

He said to Luo Shuiyi: "Thank you, Xiao Yi. Don't worry about me.

Saying that, Qin Feng took out the order badge he got from the Grandpa.

Once the order badge appeared, everyone in the Qin Family team exclaimed, "Why does Qin Feng have the Secret Realm order badge? Could it be that Family Head gave it to him? "

"It must have been given by the Family Head. Otherwise, with Qin Feng's strength, how could he have gotten the order badge?"

Amongst the people of Qin Family, Qin Feng's cousin Qin Huai had a trace of jealousy in his eyes. His own father had spent a huge sum of money to obtain this medallion, but Qin Feng had actually easily obtained it from Old Man Qin.

This made Qin Huai very unhappy, as he felt that the old man was too biased towards this waste.

Qin Huai's father, Qin Hong, was the closest to him, so he naturally saw the change that occurred in the other party's eyes.

He immediately wanted to help his son vent his anger.

"Qin Feng, you should still hand over the order badge to me. It's useless in your hands!" Qin Feng's first uncle, Qin Hong, said.

"Uncle, this badge is my only chance. I won't give it to anyone," Qin Feng replied.

Qin Hong frowned, he was a waste that dared to disobey him, and immediately felt that he was losing a lot of face, and said angrily: "You are useless with this order badge, if you go in, you will be courting death, quickly hand it over. It can let the Qin Family have another elite to enter the Secret Realm!"

Qin Feng laughed coldly: "Elite? Is Uncle talking about your son? "For your own son, you actually came to steal my medallion. Uncle, you sure are impressive!"

Qin Hong had two sons, both of them were at the age where one could enter the Secret Realm to cultivate, but because of his limited financial resources, he was unable to obtain any more Secret Realm Medallions, so only Qin Huai could enter.

Hearing Qin Feng's mocking words, Qin Hong became enraged, raised his hand and struck, sending Qin Feng flying.

Just as he was about to snatch the order badge, a green clothed figure appeared in front of Qin Feng, and blocked his path.

"Hmm? Little kid from the Luo Family, you don't need to care about my Qin Family's matters, hurry up and get out of my way. "

"No! As an elder, you're actually taking action to rob a junior? You're not ashamed at all!" Luo Shuiyi said as she pointed to Qin Hong.

"I'd advise you to not meddle in other people's business, otherwise it might affect the peace between our two families."

Qin Hong was gloomy. Being criticized by a junior, he felt that he had lost a lot of face.

Luo Shuiyi was still standing in front of Qin Feng, unmoving, her eyes staring straight at Qin Hong.

"Shui Yi, get out of the way. I'll settle my own matters." Qin Feng stood up and said. No matter how useless he was, he, Qin Feng, could not stand behind a woman.

She also understood that Qin Feng was a person with a lot of self-esteem. If she let him stand behind a woman, it would be better to kill him than be protected.

But seeing Qin Feng being humiliated, Luo Shuiyi's heart felt as if it was being cut by a knife.

Qin Feng faced the rest of the Qin Family, the complexion was calm, but its heart was bleeding, so these were its relatives! Without power, even people with thicker blood than water would look down on him and step on him a few times.

If it was before, Qin Feng still had some hope for the members of the clan, now, they were all annihilated. At this moment, he finally saw the world clearly and clearly. Regardless of the person, as long as they didn't have absolute strength, they would be bullied by others.

The only way to not be trampled on was to become stronger! Although his aptitude was poor, after entering the Secret Realm, if he was lucky, he would still have a chance to become the real martial cultivation. This was the only chance he had to change his fate, and no one would be able to take it away!

His expression became incomparably gloomy. His eyes were filled with despair and resentment, as well as a sense of stubbornness that refused to accept his fate.

He coldly swept his eyes across everyone in Qin Family and questioned, "If it wasn't for my father, Qin Family would have already been exterminated. Now that his bones are so cold, are you not ashamed to persecute his bereaved? For Qin Hong to treat me like this, none of you are willing to stand up and speak out for me? "

The people of Qin Family felt uncomfortable looking at the eyesight that he interrogated. Many of them blushed, not daring to look at him.

The few clan elder s wanted to stop him, but upon thinking that the order badge was extremely precious, it would be a waste for Qin Feng and his waste to enter the Secret Realm. One of the elders said, "Qin Feng, I know that you are feeling indignant and indignant. Sigh, the Qin Family is in decline now. With one more order badge to nurture another elite warrior, the Qin Family will have one more hope to revive him. I hope you understand. "

"Alright, I understand. All you can do is think that I will forever be a waste and will not be able to become an artifact, so you all decided to sacrifice me. Since you all are so heartless and do not treat me, Qin Feng, as your son, then today, I shall cut off all ties with you, Qin Family. If you want the order badge, then dream about it! "

After he finished speaking, Qin Feng suddenly sprinted towards the still unsteady opening of the Secret Realm's Passage. As he was very close to the tunnel, no one could stop him even if they wanted to.

"Big Brother Feng, don't act recklessly. The gate is not completely stable yet, who knows where you will be teleported to?"

"Bastard, quickly stop."

Luo Shuiyi and Qin Hong shouted at the same time.

But it was already too late, the Space entrance had completely devoured Qin Feng's weak body.

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