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The huge explosion coming from the volcanic alarmed some of the people who were training near the volcanic. They all thought that Qin Feng had obtained some kind of treasure from the volcanic, which would cause the volcanic to erupt.

He immediately decided to snatch the treasure that Qin Feng had obtained.

"Qin Feng, stop."

"Qin Feng, were you the one who caused the explosion in volcanic?"

Two youths dressed in bright clothes blocked Qin Feng's path and asked.

"So what if I am? So what if I am? What does it have to do with you?" Qin Feng replied.

"According to the records, that volcanic hasn't erupt even once every thousand years. Did you take some sort of treasure to cause that volcanic to erupt? This time, the outbreak of the volcanic caused a large area of disaster.

Do you know what you have done? Not only did you burn a large number of Demonic Beast, you almost touched us! " A tall and skinny Young people pointed at Qin Feng and said.

"I did indeed take the treasure, but when I entered the volcanic, I did not sense any living humans or Qi s around.

I would believe it if you say that the Demonic Beast was burned to death, but it would be a little fake if it affected all of you right? " Qin Feng heard the hidden meaning in his words, and immediately he was no longer courteous.

"Hand over the treasure you have obtained!"

On the other side, a fat and short Young people saw that his intentions were exposed and did not beat around the bush anymore.

"Hand it over?" I obtained the treasure by relying on my own strength. It's impossible for you to make me hand it over with a single word. " Qin Feng said with a hint of coldness in his voice.

"Hmph, Qin Feng, it's your fortune that we brothers took a liking to your things, don't fail to appreciate my kindness."

"Exactly, quickly hand it over, or else I'll cripple you today."

Qin Feng's eyes turned cold, and said with a low voice: "What did you say just now? Say that again! "

"Are you deaf? I just said you need to hand over the treasure or I'll cripple you. " The skinny man said again.

"If it wasn't for the fact that you're a Young Master of the Qin Family, I wouldn't even bother to talk to a waste. If you're smart, quickly hand it over so that I don't have to personally do it." The thin man continued.

"Heh heh, Skinny Monkey, there is definitely more than one treasure on this brat's body. Did you see that white wolf? It's impossible to subdue it with just this little brat. He must have some sort of treasure on him, right?" The short fatty beside the thin man said.

Qin Feng's expression became even more sinister and scary, these people actually plotted against Xiao Jin. Even though Qin Feng had endured repeatedly, they were overbearing, and even insulted him with their words.

Qin Feng was not a bloodthirsty person, but he was not afraid of killing people.

Even though he had retracted the gun, if someone else insisted on shooting him, he could not be blamed.

Thinking about that, Qin Feng moved, with a few flashes, he appeared in front of the skinny man. The Tyrant Fist directly broke the skinny man's front teeth, and the remaining force directly sent him flying, the body smashed into a large stone.

As for the short fatty, he never thought that Qin Feng would make a move, the moment he regained his senses, he was already restrained by Qin Feng.

Qin Feng stepped on the short fatty's head and coldly said: "You want my spirit pet? "Yes, but you have to use your life in exchange."

The short fatty struggled to get up, but Qin Feng sneered and kicked his lower abdomen. The short fatty spat out a mouthful of blood and cursed at Qin Feng.

Qin Feng was so angry that he stomped his feet hard. The short fatty's head was smashed into pieces like a watermelon by Qin Feng, and his brain and blood flowed onto the ground.

"Qin Feng, Ni, you actually killed him!" The skinny man crawled up from the ground, his mouth full of blood s, his teeth broken, unable to speak clearly.

"It'll be your turn soon!" Qin Feng appeared in front of the skinny man in a flash and threw out a punch.

He thought that Qin Feng's sneak attack just now was the reason why he was injured, but looking at it now, whether it was Qin Feng's speed, explosive strength or Power, they were all on par with him.


Qin Feng bellowed, the gale in his fist was tyrannical, a fist covered with gold light struck at the skinny guy's head, if this punch was solid, the skinny guy would most likely end up with the same fate as the short fatty.

"It won't be that easy to kill me!" Suddenly, the thin man's entire body was covered in a hazy crystal glow.

Not long after, a set of yellow battle armor formed and protected her tightly.

"Hmph hmph, Qin Feng, although I don't know what you borrowed to obtain this Power, but you definitely won't be able to break through my thick earth battle armor." As matters stood, the thin person still thought that Qin Feng had borrowed strength from an external force.

After all, Qin Feng had shouldered the name of the waste for so many years. If he hadn't seen him reborn with his own eyes, no one would believe that it would take just a short month to go from a powerless waste to a violent killer.

"Humph, take this, Earth Elemental Spear!"

The lanky man shouted, his hand fiercely hitting the ground, causing the ground around the body to boil. Then, one by one, sharp thorns rushed out from the ground, explosively shooting towards Qin Feng.

Qin Feng took out the Meteor Sword, clenching his fists tightly, a familiar feeling of heaviness came from his hands, causing his body to sink a little.

"Haa!" Overlord Sword, slash the horde of demons! "

This was the new sword technique Qin Feng had learned, named Overlord Sword.

The heavy sword swept out horizontally, breaking all of the earth spikes that shot at it. Qin Feng hacked out a black Sword Light towards the skinny man once again.


The lanky youth was sent flying, but he immediately jumped up from the ground, the Light armor on his body flickered and he was actually not injured at all.

"Could this be a spirit weapon?" Qin Feng frowned slightly.

"Haha, Qin Feng, I've said it before, you absolutely cannot break it. Once you're exhausted, I'll teach you a good lesson." The thin man let out a smug laugh.

That yellow armor was obviously a spirit weapon for defense. Although the Meteor Sword's grade was higher than it, with Qin Feng's current strength, he was still unable to unleash the abilities of a Meteor Sword.

"Since that's the case, then let me try out the abilities of the left eye today?" Qin Feng's mouth curved into a smile.

"I'll see through it!"

Qin Feng slowly closed his right eye and within the left eye's pupils, the complex golden rune began to spin slowly. Immediately, a heat sensing image appeared in Qin Feng's mind.

"Mn, his Power s have started to gather at their feet, and a few of them have gathered at his hands." Qin Feng curled his lips into a smile.

The skinny guy's next move was already seen through by Qin Feng.

"Hey, Earth Rifle!"

Qin Feng pretended to wave his sword, causing all the earth spikes to fall beside Qin Feng, raising a large amount of dust, but he did not know, that Qin Feng's sword did not come out, the thin man thought Qin Feng had been tricked.

With the power of his legs, he rushed towards Qin Feng, wanting to subdue Qin Feng using the one move.

"Hehe, I've been waiting for you?" Qin Feng tightly gripped the Meteor Sword with both hands and fiercely hacked out three Sword Light s.

When the scrawny youth saw three black Sword Light s suddenly charge out from the dust cloud, he was immediately scared out of his wits. However, their charging speed was too fast and he could not focus on defending.

Qin Feng seized the opportunity and stepped on the ground fiercely, borrowing the force to rush towards the skinny man!


Qin Feng raised his sword and slashed, the thin man was proficient at long range attacks, but when his body was in close range, his earth spear was useless.

"Hehe, let's see if your defense is stronger or my attack is stronger!" Qin Feng hacked crazily at the scrawny guy, like a crazy beast.

Ka-cha! *

Qin Feng swept the lanky youth flying with his sword. The Meteor Sword stabbed into the ground as it gasped for breath.

But her eyes flashed with excitement.

Ever since he had obtained the Cultivation Level, this was the first time he had fought with the Meteor Sword to his heart's content.

But he had also used the evil god's Eye and Overlord Sword, which could be considered as his first time encountering a strong enemy.


The skinny man crawled out from the rubble, the armor on his body was already broken into pieces, and the chest s had a terrifying wound.

The blood continued to spew out blood, and one could vaguely see the beating heart.

"Hah, Qin Feng, no matter where you obtained the Power, you have truly defeated me. I, Hou Jie, admit defeat today."

As Hou Jie spoke, he spat out another large mouthful of blood, and among the blood, there were also pieces of heart.

"Hmph, I obtained my Power with great difficulty, not by borrowing strength, but since you can admit defeat of your own volition, proving that you still have some dignity of a Fighter, I will give you a quick death!"

After Qin Feng finished speaking, he dragged the Meteor Sword and walked toward Hou Jie.

"Hahahaha, I never thought that I, Hou Jie, would actually die in the hands of a waste I looked down upon, what a great irony!"

As death approached, Hou Jie was not afraid anymore. He raised his head and laughed, his laughter filled with desolation and self-mockery.


Qin Feng swung his sword and cut off Hou Jie's head.

"Seeing that you still have some dignity as a Fighter, I'll bury you then!" Qin Feng said to himself.

Then, he used the heavy sword to dig a hole on the ground, and looked at the broken armor on the ground, Qin Feng shook his head regretfully, "Sigh, it's a pity that this spirit weapon, it's useless now, I'll let you go with your Master!"

Actually, Qin Feng's heart was bleeding. This was a spirit weapon, he would not be able to find three of them in the entire Tianfeng City.

However, Qin Feng also realized that there was a serious problem. Since the Tianfeng City didn't have many spirit weapon, then where did Hou Jie get them from?

Unless he wasn't a member of the Tianfeng City, and was probably a Gongzi from another clan somewhere.

Qin Feng thought.

Ten thousand miles away.

Inside a spacious Mansion


The sound of a teacup breaking came from the study.

"Jie'er! Who killed you? I, your father, will definitely avenge you! "

In the study room, a tall and sturdy middle-aged man trembled as he held a cracked jade token in his hand. Surprisingly, there was a large word written on the jade token.

On the other side!

"Feng Zi, now that we have the spiritual fire, we can start training in it. But before that, we need to prepare something!" Elder Mu said.

"What is it?" Qin Feng asked.

"Ice Spirit Liquid?" Elder Mu said.

"Where can we find Ice Spirit Liquid?"

"In the depths of the frozen spring, it is said that even soul can freeze and injure themselves!" The Elder Mu said.

"You want to use this Ice Spirit Liquid to aid your training?" Qin Feng asked.

"That's right, this Ice Spirit Liquid has the freezing energy of the extreme cold, and can be used to lower the temperature of the Soul Devouring Flame. Otherwise, once you start cultivating, your soul will be burnt to ashes by the Soul Devouring Flame!" The Elder Mu said solemnly.

North of Secret Realm, in a world of ice and snow!

"B-Teacher, is there really a Ice Spirit Liquid here? I, I'm afraid I'll freeze to death before I find it. " Qin Feng's teeth chattered.

He was surrounded by a vast expanse of snow-white mountains, without any signs of life.

"Don't worry, with This Old Man's sensing ability, the Ice Spirit Liquid should be somewhere nearby." The Elder Mu laughed.

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