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Qin Feng raised his fist, and used Tyrant Fist to smash towards the ice cube.


A deep voice rang out.

The ice was still intact, but Qin Feng's arm was covered in a thin layer of frost, and the cold yin energy continued to seep in.

The chilling power of this ice cube was actually this terrifying!

Qin Feng's spirit energy surged, shattering the ice on the arm. If it was frozen any longer, even Qin Feng, this body that had been tempered by the heavenly thunder before, would not feel good.

"I don't believe that I won't be able to break through it!" Qin Feng clenched his teeth, and his fist became a blade.


Qin Feng bellowed, the Power all over his body gathered onto his hands, he raised it above his head and suddenly slashed at the ice.


The area where the hand knife and the ice block had clashed actually released a burst of sparks, the recoil causing Qin Feng to feel numb.

"Damn, this ice cube is so hard!"

Qin Feng sighed.

He continued to hack, clang clang!

The sound of metal colliding could be heard incessantly from the bottom of the huge spring.

Finally, under Qin Feng's crazed chop, this ice cube that was as hard as steel finally cracked to the size of a palm.

Qin Feng then took out the Soul Devouring Flame that was sealed, and carefully unsealed it before fiercely throwing it into the hole. Only by letting the Soul Devouring Flame enter the inside of the ice cube, would the melting speed up.


The released Soul Devouring Flame released a monstrous fire, and in an instant, the flame swallowed the ice. As if sensing the danger, the Ice Spirit Liquid frantically released the cold energy to resist the Soul Devouring Flame's all-pervasive flames.

"Hehe, since you guys want to fight each other, then I'll just sit back and watch!" Qin Feng laughed.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of burning could be heard incessantly.

Under the Ice Spirit Liquid's resistance, the size of the Soul Devouring Flame had clearly decreased quite a bit. Fortunately, however, the ice cube was only two-thirds of its original size.

Qin Feng continuously surged with purple Light, strengthening the protective shield so that the Soul Devouring Flame could completely break through the defense.

Gradually, the Soul Devouring Flame had completely disappeared and a thin layer of frost had formed on its body. The Ice Spirit Liquid, on the other hand, no longer had the previous cold air and was instead emitting a faint warmth.

"Ha ha, as expected of something that reacts with each other!" Qin Feng directly grabbed onto the two great treasures. The two great treasures were currently in an extremely weak state, unable to resist Qin Feng at all.

"Feng Zi, we need to leave quickly. The cold air is still very cold and this protective shield won't be able to hold for long." Elder Mu hurriedly said.


Then, he brought the Ice Spirit Liquid and swam towards the exit.

Within a cave.

"Feng Zi, now that you have all the requirements, you can start cultivating the divine fire clone." Elder Mu said.

The divine fire clone required one to swallow the spiritual fire into their body and refine it before they could cultivate their avatar. In other words, trainer had to endure the pain of being burned by raging flames.

"Take out the Ice Spirit Liquid!" Elder Mu said.

Qin Feng took out the Ice Spirit Liquid s.

"Swallow the Ice Spirit Liquid and the Soul Devouring Flame together!" The Elder Mu said in a serious tone.

Qin Feng completely trusted the Elder Mu, so he opened his mouth and swallowed the fire and ice, two extremely powerful substances.

The instant the two treasures entered his stomach, a wave of extreme cold energy froze Qin Feng. In his heart, his body, on the other hand, was like a piece of red-hot iron, emitting an astonishing amount of heat.

A large amount of Soul Power continued to surge out from the Elder Mu, protecting Qin Feng's soul from harm.

"Feng Zi, quickly mix the cold yin energy within your body with the Soul Devouring Flame outside your body. Otherwise, your body will not be able to take it."

Elder Mu's urgent voice resounded in Qin Feng's mind like a thunderclap.


Qin Feng opened his eyes with difficulty. Even though he already knew that the process would be extremely difficult, he never thought that it would actually be so difficult.

Qin Feng's left eye violently throbbed as a purple colored Light gushed out and slowly suppressed the two violent waves of extreme cathode yang energy.

"Feng Zi, take the chance now!" Elder Mu shouted.

Qin Feng tried to circulate the Soul Power with all his might, wanting to pull the two Power together.

Qin Feng's face turned white on one side and red on the other, making him look extremely strange.

Finally, under Qin Feng's steel-like willpower, the two Power finally started to fuse together according to Qin Feng's wishes.

"Feng Zi, you must remember that this Ice Spirit Liquid is only used as a support. After you refine this Soul Devouring Flame, you must immediately expel it, otherwise, if you lose the suppression from the Soul Devouring Flame, it will freeze you to death!"

The Elder Mu reminded.

But at this time, Qin Feng was no longer able to speak, his whole body was almost burnt to a crisp. If not for the fact that they could vaguely see his heart beating, no one would have thought that he was human.

With this determination, Qin Feng tried his best to circulate the Cultivation Methods, and the Soul Devouring Flame finally began to slowly be refined. Waves after waves of pure Power began to feed back to Qin Feng, repairing its broken body.

At this time, the eyes of the evil god slowly closed as well. It had consumed too many Power and also needed a rest.

"Next is the harvest!" Elder Mu stroked his beard and chuckled.

Half a day later.

Qin Feng who was seated cross-legged on the ground suddenly opened his binocular, which had turned into a bizarre purple color.

Qin Feng closed his eyes once again, sensing the changes in his body. The body that had originally been destroyed was now completely recovered, this was all thanks to his tyrannical bloodline!

Not only that, it could feel that while its left eye was refining the Soul Devouring Flame, it had absorbed a portion of the Soul Devouring Flame, and now, the portion of the Soul Devouring Flame that had been absorbed had fused into the left eye.

"Feng Zi, how are you feeling?" Elder Mu asked with concern.

Qin Feng's heart warmed. Other than the Parents, only this master called Elder Mu was concerned about her. Thinking about it here, Qin Feng's heart suddenly flashed with a beautiful image ? ? Luo Shuiyi!

"The refinement was a success. Although it was a bit painful, it did not fail the mission!" Qin Feng said.

"Hmm? What about the Ice Spirit Liquid? You didn't expel it? " Elder Mu noticed the problem and immediately asked.

"Is it? It's here! "

Qin Feng pointed to his right eye. Suddenly, there was a change in his right eye, which turned into a sky blue, and in his pupil, there was also a white Ice Spirit Liquid that formed a circle, which looked very strange.

"So this guy had already developed intelligence. After seeing the evil god's Eye absorb the Soul Devouring Flame, it wanted to break out of his body. However, I took the opportunity and refined it into my right eye."

Seeing Elder Mu's shocked expression, Qin Feng slowly explained.

"Strange, it's really strange, Feng Zi, you have let me see too many things that are unbelievable!" The Elder Mu sighed.

People who had the Divine Veins could not be judged by common sense!

"Then now?"

"Now that this Fire of Ice has been completely refined by me, it seems to be able to coordinate with the ophthalmic pupil and launch an attack!" Qin Feng said.

"Oh? You can display it for me to see! " The Elder Mu was also interested.

Qin Feng's right eye instantly changed as a surge of extreme cold power surged. A transparent pupillary fire was instantly released, turning the stone in front of him into an ice cube.

"Haha, not bad, not bad!" The Elder Mu laughed.

"En, this Ice Spirit Liquid is indeed not bad, we can go and find something to eat now!"

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