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Elder Mu flew out of Qin Feng's left eye and said.

"How?" Qin Feng asked.

"Receive my one move. If there's no blood, it means that it's okay," Elder Mu said.

"Teacher, you have recovered your Cultivation Level?" Qin Feng was shocked.

"One in ten thousand" Elder Mu said. Ever since he left the cold pond, his strength had started to recover slowly.

"Then let Teacher come!" Qin Feng said to the Elder Mu.

Elder Mu slowly raised his hand, and five small sword condensed in his hand.

"Sword of Wind, cut!"

The Elder Mu said indifferently, the small sword in his hand shot towards Qin Feng.

Qin Feng crossed his hands to block, and the small sword flew in front of Qin Feng, then suddenly exploded, turning into more than ten wind blades, continuously cutting at Qin Feng.

Puff puff!

Qin Feng's tyrannical body had a dozen of red marks cut out, giving off a fiery sensation.

"En, not bad, not bad, being able to withstand the Wind Sword's cut, not bleeding at all. Seems like this Heavenly Thunder Tyrant Body is a lot stronger than This Old Man had imagined."

The remaining four small sword s dispersed. Elder Mu walked towards Qin Feng and patted his shoulder.

But Qin Feng didn't seem to be satisfied. Just now, Elder Mu had held five small sword s in his hands, but he had made Qin Feng feel a burning pain just by using one. If all five were to go together, Qin Feng was not sure if he could endure it.

"Hehe, Feng Zi, when you're able to take five of my Wind Swords and leave the body unscathed, it will be time for you to truly learn how to become a Heavenly Thunder Tyrant Body," Elder Mu laughed.

"Five? Qin Feng's expression was somewhat bitter.

A single Wind Sword from Elder Mu was enough to instantly kill a Martial Cultivator with Fifth Sky of Blood Refinement. It would not be an easy task to cut all five of them at the same time, and he had to wait until he cultivated them to that degree.

Elder Mu's strength would definitely recover even more, and at that time, the Wind Sword would not be able to be compared to his current strength.

However, Qin Feng was not discouraged. One must know that during the time of the Elder Mu s, they were a super strong person with peerless Psionic Imperial Peak.

His path had just started and no one knew how far he would be able to go in the future. Thus, the first stage of his training was not the end. Instead, it was just a small beginning.

Once he cultivated the Heavenly Thunder Tyrant Body's highest realm in the future, he did not know to what extent his physical body would be terrifying.

After Qin Feng rested for a while, he stood up. Thinking about it, he had already been in Secret Realm for almost a year.

Compared to others, what he lacked the most was foundation. Although he had great potential, if his foundation was insufficient, his future achievements would be limited.

"Teacher, I feel that my realm has already settled down.

The reason why Qin Feng had spent one year of time precipitating his realm was because he was afraid that his Cultivation Level would grow up too quickly while he lacked its form and spirit.

"Mn, Feng Zi, you have been suppressing your realm for a year now. You have sufficient comprehension of the realm, so you can make another breakthrough," Elder Mu laughed.

The path of the Fighter, was one where one had to walk one step at a time.

In the next few days, Qin Feng was in the midst of closed door cultivation to break through.

In the cave, Qin Feng sat cross-legged with the Power of thunder and lightning above him. Suddenly, Qin Feng opened his mouth and spat out a ball of black flame.

Immediately after, a cold light flashed in his right eye and the Ice Soul Flame formed by the Ice Spirit Liquid floated out.

Ice, Fire, Lightning

Qin Feng had grasped the three most extreme Power in the natural world, so the Power he needed to break through realm were three times more common than normal profound practitioners.

Qin Feng operated the evil god's Eye, releasing a strong attractive force from the left eye, causing the spirit energy in the area to be drawn in, and absorbed into Qin Feng's body, helping him to break through.


Qin Feng bellowed, and sucked all the Power back into his body. His body seemed like a volcanic that was in the process of being nurtured.

"Break for me!"

The binocular s of Qin Feng exploded as the Qi s emitted out from his body shattered the surrounding stone s. The place where he sat cross-legged also cracked like a spider web.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Qin Feng's Qi instantly rose sharply, and quickly reached the peak s. However, this wasn't the end, Qin Feng's Qi was still constantly getting stronger, and soon was about to break through to the Sixth Sky of Blood Refinement Realm's realm.

Elder Mu also looked at Qin Feng with some nervousness on his side. If Qin Feng could not resist the Power's enticement and continuously pursue breakthroughs, then Elder Mu would help to stop Qin Feng.

Because if Qin Feng pursued strength on the surface and ignored his own cultivation, then it would have a huge impact on him in the future.

Fortunately, Qin Feng was able to restrain himself. He made a seal with both hands, compressing all the Power s that were left over, and scattered them all over the whole body, using the other Power s to cultivate his flesh.

Qin Feng's Cultivation Level which was originally at the sixth level of the Refinement Realm once again fell back to the Fifth Sky of Blood Refinement but it was still extremely unstable. Under Qin Feng's constant adjustments, it finally found the most suitable balance and stopped at the Fifth Sky of Blood Refinement peak.

Qin Feng slowly opened his eyes and the Power in his body surged. A tornado, which was filled with Power of thunder and lightning s mixed in between the ice and fire, swept in all directions with Qin Feng as its Center.

Several tens of breaths later, it gradually calmed down.


Letting out a light breath, Qin Feng felt extremely comfortable. Feeling the surging Power in his body, Qin Feng felt that he would definitely be able to withstand two sword strikes from Elder Mu without being injured.

"Feng Zi, with your current strength, you should be able to inscribe Inscription. However, whether or not Inscription is strong depends on how strong your Soul Power is," Elder Mu suddenly said.

"Teacher, I can finally start training the Inscription." Qin Feng was also very excited, after all the Inscription Master was too rare, Qin Feng did not even dare to think about it in the past.

"Carving Inscription s have extremely high control over their own abilities, and Cultivation Level s are second. You have cultivated the Soul Controlling Technique.

Soul Power is the strongest amongst those of the same cultivation level, and with the help of the divine eye s that specialize in soul, they should be entering the sect very quickly. "

Elder Mu said as he took out three stone tablets engraved with Inscription s and handed them over to Qin Feng.

"This is the Inscription board. When can you finish drawing all of the Inscription on it in one go? I'll teach you the next stage!"

The Elder Mu said.

When Qin Feng took the Inscription s, just as he was about to touch the Inscription s with his Soul Power, he felt that his soul s were like mud being thrown into the sea, they were all devoured without a trace.

"No wonder Teacher said that drawing Inscription s has very high requirements," Qin Feng was secretly shocked.

In the next few days, Qin Feng devoured Inscription s, forgetting to eat and sleep.

Three days later.

"Teacher, I succeeded!" Qin Feng's joyous shout came from inside the cave.

"So fast?" Eh, you, you are Feng Zi? " Elder Mu was dumbstruck, because the Qin Feng in front of him right now had a head full of messy hair and the binocular was covered in blood threads. He no longer looked like a high-spirited teenager, but instead looked like a prisoner that had been imprisoned for more than ten years.

"Teacher, of course it's me! I've been inscribing Inscription for the past few days, and today, I can finally finish inscribing these three pieces in one go," Qin Feng said excitedly.

"You haven't rested these past few days? "Your Soul Power shouldn't be enough to support you for that long," Elder Mu felt that it was a bit strange.

"This is all thanks to the Soul Controlling Technique. I found out that this Cultivation Methods and my evil god's Eye are extremely compatible, and cultivation is twice the result with half the effort. Furthermore, the recovery of the Soul Power is also abnormally quick," Qin Feng said excitedly.

"Un, no wonder, not bad, you can enter another stage now. I will teach you how to draw some simple Explosion now," Elder Mu said indifferently.

"Explosion? Was it used by Qin Huai last time? " Qin Feng asked.

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