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Qin Feng had seen the power of Explosion before, so if he could inscribe it, it would undoubtedly be of great help to him in his future battles.

"The so called Inscription, is to use the soul as the brush, blood as the ink, gather the Soul Power and use the blood as the medium. Right now, I am only a spirit body, if there are no blood, I can use soul power to replace it." The Elder Mu finished.

He stretched out his index finger and pulled the soul power out.

Qin Feng immediately copied Elder Mu and cut his own finger. He concentrated and transferred the blood out.

"Follow me. When you can keep up with my speed by half, it will be proof that you can perfectly draw a Explosion," Elder Mu said solemnly.

Immediately after, a huge Soul Power erupted from the Elder Mu's body, and blood that wrapped Qin Feng began to draw her complex Inscription as if it was flowing water in the air.


Elder Mu shouted loudly and a shining Talisman condensed in the air. The whole process actually did not take more than three breaths of time.

No wonder the Elder Mu said that being able to catch up to half of one's speed would allow one to perfectly draw Explosion s.

Qin Feng was also shocked in his heart, no wonder even though the Inscription Master's combat power was not very strong, no one dared to make him their enemy. With such speed, the enemy would not even have time to react before they were blown into the sky.

Qin Feng started to draw according to the appearance of the Elder Mu, but the result was ?

Boom ? ?

Before he could even draw halfway, the Explosion exploded. Qin Feng continued to draw with his face covered in dirt.

Boom ? ?


Boom ? ?

"I don't believe it!"

Boom ? ?

Qin Feng's clothes were tattered and he looked like a beggar, but he gradually grasped the technique, and the number of explosions decreased.

Half a day later, Qin Feng exhausted all his spiritual force and sat down on the ground with his butt, causing the complexion to turn pale white.

Only now did Qin Feng realize that the three Inscription slabs that the Elder Mu had given him were not on the same level as the Explosion s. He was still proficient in drawing those three slabs, but the Explosion s were different.

The amount of soul power required was more than twice that of before. Even the spirit energy absorbed by the evil god's Eye could not be converted into Soul Power to replenish itself.

Feng Zi, let's stop here for today, we'll continue tomorrow, your mastery of the Soul Power will increase compared to the previous times, work hard! The Elder Mu said.

The current Elder Mu no longer had his previous mischievous personality. In terms of drawing Inscription, he appeared to be meticulous, just like a strict teacher.

Qin Feng fell into a deep sleep. He had overused his spiritual force, so the best way to recover was through sleep. Qin Feng slept in the cave for an entire day.

He didn't wake up until the afternoon of the next day.

"You're awake? "How do you feel?" Elder Mu asked with concern.

"It feels good. The body is full of energy again."

Qin Feng jumped up from the ground and demonstrated a set of Tyrant Fist. He felt that he had completely recovered spiritual force, and even his Soul Power had improved, so he immediately continued to cultivate his Inscription.

This time, Qin Feng successfully drew the Explosion, and showed it to the Elder Mu.

The Elder Mu shook his head lightly and said, "This is indeed a Explosion, but its carving is too rough, it is completely unable to meet the explosion requirements. At most, it can only kill a chicken."

Hearing that, Qin Feng did not feel dejected at all. He knew that he was trying to stabilize himself quickly and had ignored the quality of the Inscription.

After knowing the problem, he drew it again. Finally, after he finished drawing the last line, a glittering Talisman appeared in front of Qin Feng.

"Teacher, is this considered as a pass?" Qin Feng respectfully presented the completed Explosion to Elder Mu.

Elder Mu took a look and said:

"Hehe, Feng Zi, all of the Soul Power in your Inscription has disappeared. It won't be long before even your Talisman disappears."

Qin Feng was shocked upon hearing this, and said, "That's impossible, I just finished drawing it, how could it be?"

Your Inscription is still too rough, causing the Soul Power to be unable to be kept for a long time. The Inscription is a one-time use Inscription, if something like this were to happen while fighting the enemy, what do you think would happen?

Hearing Elder Mu's explanation, Qin Feng was so shocked that cold sweat broke out all over his body. If such a situation really happened when he met a strong enemy, Qin Feng would know the consequences without thinking too much.

"Feng Zi, you don't have to be discouraged. In merely three days, you will be able to inscribe a Explosion. As long as you continue to work hard, I believe that with your innate talent, you will definitely be able to do it perfectly."

Elder Mu knew that in order for a Inscription to cultivate, other than having talent that was different from ordinary people, it would also need a tenacious and tenacious willpower in order to succeed.

Thank you, Teacher, for your guidance. Qin Feng respectfully said to the Elder Mu.

Qin Feng spent the rest of his time in the cave carving Inscription s.

"The Soul Concentrating Pen, Ink of the Blood, void as a board, turn into talismans!"

Qin Feng roared out, and his Soul Power rushed towards the Talisman floating in the air.

"Buzz!" Buzz! "Buzz!"

"Not good, it's about to explode."

Qin Feng executed Light Flowing Shadow and instantly escaped out of the cave. Just as Qin Feng came out of the cave, a huge explosion rang out.

The powerful scorching air wave blew Qin Feng several tens of meters away, and his entire body was sprayed so high that he turned into a gray person.

"Ahem, this power is quite strong. It has already surpassed the power of ordinary Explosion. It's just that it's so unstable. Before I can use it to fight the enemy, I'll probably explode and kill myself."

Qin Feng sighed, he was not happy with the power of the Explosion, on the contrary, he was worried.

"The problem is that the Inscription are unstable, the amount of Soul Power injected can't withstand the pressure, and the quantity is too little to reach the standard. To be able to master the size of the Soul Power, one must also focus on drawing the Inscription, multitasking, what do I do?"

Qin Feng sat down on the spot, completely disregarding the fact that he looked like a beggar who hadn't bathed for more than ten years.

He touched his forehead and tried to think of a way to solve this problem.

"Ah, there it is. Since I'm still unable to control the size of the Soul Power at will, why don't I try and do that?" Qin Feng fiercely slapped his thigh.

He patted off the thick dust on his body and ran towards the cave that was still emitting thick smoke.

Elder Mu, who was at the side, shook his head and said, "Did something happen to him? Why are you so shocked? "

At this moment, inside the cave.

Qin Feng sat cross-legged in the air, cut his finger, lured out the blood, and began drawing the mysterious exploding Inscription rapidly in the air.

However, the time used this time was clearly much longer than the last time. Nearly a day's time had passed.

The next morning.

Qin Feng who was seated cross legged in the air suddenly opened his eyes, his hands quickly forming a seal.

"Talisman Form!"

Qin Feng roared, he bit his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood essence, wrapped them up with Soul Power and rushed into the center of the Talisman.

Immediately, the Explosion fluctuated and even the Space rippled.

An extremely strong burst of Qi charged towards him, causing the cave to be filled with heat.

Qin Feng withdrew his Soul Power. With a suction force from his palm, he sucked the Explosion into his palm and felt the exploding Power inside. Qin Feng knew that he had succeeded.

"Feng Zi, I sense something unusual about your Talisman." Elder Mu had been keeping an eye on Qin Feng at all times, and when he came out of seclusion, he immediately rushed over.

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