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"Yes, I have double-engraved the Inscription and used a blood essence that contained a trace of the bloodline power to completely stabilize it before injecting it into the Soul Power."

Qin Feng said to the Elder Mu.

Elder Mu also nodded his head in gratification, he did not expect Qin Feng to find the reason so quickly, and overcome it. This, was truly too rare.

Moreover, a trace of the evil god bloodline power was added to the original foundation, this Explosion was truly an improved version.

A few more days passed.

"Teacher, I think we should be able to refine that Violent Ape's demon core now." Qin Feng who was seated cross legged on the ground said to Elder Mu.

"After you refined the Soul Devouring Flame, you were actually able to refine it."

The Elder Mu said.

Qin Feng took out the Violent Ape he had obtained initially, and felt the slightly warm crystallization of the Vicious Beasts in his hand.

The Light Light's eyes flickered. This Violent Ape was a Vicious Beasts of the ninth level of the Blood Refinement Realm, the energy contained within could only be described as terrifying.

Qin Feng's left eye flashed, and a cluster of black flame came out and wrapped itself around the demon core's layers.

The demon core emitted sizzling sounds under the terrifying high temperature. It was clear that even the demon core of the ninth level of the Refinement Realm would not be safe under the crazy degree of the Soul Devouring Flame's calcination.

The demon core that was wrapped by the Soul Devouring Flame seemed to have sensed an immense sense of danger and suddenly unleashed a wave of strong demonic energy, isolating itself from the Soul Devouring Flame.

"As expected of a Demonic Beast of the ninth level of the Blood Refinement Realm. Without a body, are the remaining demon core this powerful?"

Qin Feng gasped in admiration as the whole body gushed forth.

The Soul Devouring Flame that was originally separated by the demon core suddenly doubled in size and its temperature increased by multiple times.

Once again, the demon core was tightly wrapped up, and the sound of its burning became even louder.


Qin Feng suddenly heard an earth-shaking roar coming from the demon core, the rage contained within the roar was indescribable.

"Oh no, there's even a trace of Violent Ape hidden within the demon core."

Qin Feng cried out loudly. The left eye suddenly opened its eyes, and without holding anything back, the Soul Power rushed towards the demon core, wanting to suppress the wisp of berserk Demonic Soul.

At the same time, the Spiritual Energy also rushed into the Soul Devouring Flame even more crazily. With the crazy enhancement from Qin Feng's Spiritual Energy, the size of the Soul Devouring Flame increased yet again.

"Roar!" Roar! "Roar!"

The voice from the demon core was even more deafening, as if it had suffered endless pain. The berserk Demonic Soul broke out from the core and crazily struck the Soul Devouring Flame, wanting to create a crack.

While the Demonic Soul was crazily clashing internally, Qin Feng, who was outside, was sweating profusely. His eyes were bloodshot and he was biting on the teeth and he did not even know that his teeth were bleeding.


The berserk Demonic Soul endured the heat of the Soul Devouring Flame's burning pain, and crazily roared at Qin Feng with an earth-shaking roar.

The roar was like a Mystical Thunder from the ninth heaven, piercing through everything like a sharp sword straight towards Qin Feng's Sea of Consciousness.

Qin Feng's entire body shivered, as though he was looking at a berserk peerless berserk beast, crazily biting and tearing at him.

The Demonic Soul's roar exploded in Qin Feng's Sea of Consciousness, making him feel like he was struck by lightning, his entire body convulsing non-stop.

Following that, a big mouthful of blood s spouted out, their faces were extremely pale, with a loud roar, the Demonic Soul s directly exploded Qin Feng's Sea of Consciousness, and even the soul was severely injured.

"Wow, puchi!"

Another big mouthful of blood s spouted out, causing Qin Feng's Qi s to become sluggish and the Spiritual Energy's output to become weak. Without the support of Qin Feng's Spiritual Energy, most of the Soul Devouring Flame shrunk.

In addition to the crazy impact from the Demonic Soul, the Soul Devouring Flame was like a candle in the wind, about to be extinguished.

"Ah, Teacher, help me."

Qin Feng roared, the left eye flashed, and Elder Mu flew out.

Soon after, the vast Soul Power rushed into Qin Feng's body, repairing the broken Sea of Consciousness and healing the soul's injuries.

, who had received help from the Elder Mu, caught his breath. The Spiritual Energy in his body once again surged out crazily, and the Soul Devouring Flame that had originally entered his body to extinguish started burning once again.

The blood s at the corner of Qin Feng's mouth continued to flow, the evil god's Eye continued to absorb Spirit Qi to replenish his body, but he was still unable to pay off his expenses.

"Feng Zi, I will help you increase the strength of the Soul Devouring Flame and you will use all of your strength to replenish the Spiritual Energy. Hurry up and refine it, my current Soul Power is not enough to hold it for too long!"

Elder Mu's urgent voice came out.

Qin Feng clenched his teeth, and activated the evil god's Eye with all his might. All of the spirit energy in the surrounding dozens of kilometers was sucked into Qin Feng's body crazily.

As for the Soul Devouring Flame, with the support of the Elder Mu's vast Soul Power, it burned even more vigorously.


The Demonic Soul roared towards the sky, its voice was filled with sorrow and unwillingness.

Very quickly, the Demonic Soul was completely refined by the roaring sound. Qin Feng recalled his Soul Devouring Flame back.

Right now, the green liquid that was floating in front of him was the product of refining the Demonic Soul and its refinement process.

"After wasting so much energy, I finally have something to return." Qin Feng opened his mouth and inhaled, swallowing the green liquid into his stomach.

A wave of powerful life Power spread out from Qin Feng's body, followed by an extremely berserk life Power that scurried around madly.

Qin Feng immediately activated the cultivation method of the Heavenly Thunder Tyrant Body, wanting to absorb all the powerful Power to every part of the body.

However, Demonic Beast of the Ninth Sky of Blood Refinement Realm simply contained too many energy s. Even though Qin Feng tried his best to guide and suppress them, the body was still riddled with holes from the impact.

Instantly, a large amount of negative emotions surged in Qin Feng's mind. Killing, resentment, destruction, greed, he took turns to corrode Qin Feng's soul.

This was a backlash!

If he was unable to withstand the emotions of that strand of Demonic Soul, Qin Feng's soul would be devoured, turning into a zombie that only knew how to kill.

This was the outcome that Qin Feng definitely did not want to see.

Qin Feng held his head with both hands, rolling on the ground, he cried out in pain. At this time, Qin Feng's eyes were blood-red, fangs slowly grew out, but his entire Cultivation Level realm was increasing rapidly.

In a split-second, Qin Feng released a suction force that completely absorbed the. During the entire process, Qin Feng himself did not notice, but only left behind the negative emotions of the Demonic Beast.

"Feng Zi, quickly circulate your Soul Controlling Technique and defend against the negative emotions in your heart."

Elder Mu's voice was as loud as a bell, directly rushing towards Qin Feng's Sea of Consciousness.

Qin Feng struggled in pain as if he was grabbing onto his lifesaver, and used his remaining will to activate the [Soul Controlling Technique].

Immediately, Qin Feng's Sea of Consciousness was like a raging tide as the violent waves of soul crazily washed over Qin Feng's eroded Sea of Consciousness. The entire process was naturally extremely painful.

The intense fatigue and intense pain almost made Qin Feng faint, but he knew that if he fainted right now, then everything would be over.

Qin Feng gritted his teeth. His eyes were already a patch of grey as his nails dug deep into his palms and the dripping blood s dyed his pants red.

The current Qin Feng was completely relying on perseverance to not fall.

Finally, under the crazily surging of the [Soul Controlling Technique], Qin Feng's Sea of Consciousness regained its clarity.

Relying on the miraculous effects of the [Soul Controlling Technique] and his own tyrannical bloodline, Qin Feng's originally dilapidated body was quickly recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In just a short half an hour, Qin Feng had experienced what seemed like ten centuries, the pain was unbearable for ordinary people, if not for the help of Elder Mu and the [Soul Controlling Technique], Qin Feng would probably only be able to refine the demon core after obtaining the Blood Refinement seventh heaven.

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