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A long while later.

"Phew, I finally succeeded. This is too thrilling." Qin Feng's entire body collapsed and he laid on the ground, gasping for breath.

"I never thought that this Violent Ape would actually hide a residual soul. If it wasn't for the help of the [Soul Controlling Technique] and the Teacher, I would have died a long time ago."

Qin Feng struggled up from the ground and said to Elder Mu.

"Eh? It's really strange, why are Cultivation Level's realm still in the Fifth Sky of Blood Refinement after you absorbed the gigantic Power? "

Elder Mu looked at Qin Feng and asked.

"I don't know either. Just now, I clearly felt my Cultivation Level was rising rapidly, but right now, I can't feel anything."

Qin Feng helplessly said as he spread out his hands.

"This is truly strange. In all my years of cultivation, I have never seen such a situation."

Elder Mu was also puzzled.

The current Qin Feng had long been completely immersed in the evil god's Eye, he believed that the main culprit would definitely be the evil god's Eye.

Qin Feng's consciousness kept going deeper and deeper, as if he was walking through an unfathomably deep corridor.

Finally, Qin Feng saw a ray of light. He increased his speed and rushed into the glowing exit.

What appeared in front of them was a huge and imposing Temple. The Temple was entirely made of glazed glass, sparkling with a golden light, but it gave off an extremely domineering and ice-cold feeling.

"Why is there a Temple here?"

Qin Feng entered the Temple and discovered that it was completely empty. There were only nine incomparably huge pillars supporting the Temple.

Qin Feng curiously touched a pillar with a Azure Dragon coiled on top of it.

In a split-second, the pillar containing the Azure Dragon released a burst of cyan light, firmly absorbing Qin Feng's palm. Moreover, it was constantly absorbing the Spiritual Energy in Qin Feng's body.

After obtaining the pillar of the Qin Feng Spiritual Energy, the green light became even more dazzling, and the Azure Dragon on the pillar actually showed signs of awakening.

Ah!" What the hell is this? It actually absorbed my power, hateful!

Qin Feng roared, and then he punched towards the pillar with all his strength.


The dull sound echoed in all directions within the Temple, but Qin Feng's palm was still pressed tightly against the pillar.

"Damn it, why is this pillar so hard?" Qin Feng cursed angrily as all the Soul Power frantically rushed out, wanting to cut off the suction force coming from the pillar.

Just as Qin Feng's Soul Power touched the pillar, he seemed to have heard an earth-shaking Dragon's Roar. A three thousand meter long huge dragon appeared and soared above the Jiu Xiao.


The huge dragon roared angrily. Qin Feng felt as if a heavy bomb had exploded in the Sea of Consciousness, causing him to fly out of the Temple as he vomited blood.

"Damn it!"

Qin Feng held his head and struggled to stand up.

"This colossal dragon is truly terrifying. Just a roar is sufficient to render me helpless."

Qin Feng said with a lingering fear in his heart. If the gigantic dragon wanted to kill Qin Feng, he would have already been turned into ashes.

"Could it be that a giant dragon absorbed all of the demon core's Power?"

Qin Feng had a faint answer in his heart. This incomparably large Temple, and the pillar with a green dragon coiled around it, were all filled with oddities.

Qin Feng wanted to go in again to take a look, but when he was just three hundred meters away from the Temple, he felt an extremely berserk fluctuation of the Space.

If he were to forcefully barge in, he would definitely be torn to shreds. Therefore, even if he was unwilling, he wouldn't dare to barge in.

Just as Qin Feng was about to turn around and leave, a rough and aged voice came out in his mind.

"Kid, are you this generation's evil god s?"

Hearing that, Qin Feng was immediately shocked, the other party had actually ran into his Sea of Consciousness at some point in time, but he still respectfully replied:

"Yes, Predecessor, boy Qin Feng, does indeed have evil god's bloodline."

"I am one of the three great Dragon King s, the Holy Beast Azure Dragon." The rough and ancient voice sounded once more.

However, it had given Qin Feng a shock. Upper Ancient Dragon? Holy Beast Azure Dragon? This was a race that had disappeared for countless years in the legends, yet now they had reappeared in this world.

"My dragon race has served the evil god for generations, and only my Dragon King can become a guard for the evil god. My Paleogene is one of the evil god's personal nine dragon guards, this is the glory of my life."

This time, Qin Feng was so frightened that he almost fell to the ground. Upper Ancient Dragon had actually served evil god for generations, and only Dragon King was able to become a guard.

The voice paused for a moment before continuing:

"The nine of us are ordered to wait here for the evil god's inheritor s in order to fulfill our duties and restore our former glory."

Although Qin Feng was shocked, he quickly recovered and asked the Azure Dragon:

"Predecessor means that you will serve me as your master?"

"That's right, but you're too weak now, so I won't recognize you as my master. Once you can truly bring out the evil god's bloodline in the future, the nine of us will worship you as our master for all eternity."

Holy Beasts had the pride of a Holy Beast, so they would not allow themselves to bow their heads to someone from the Fifth Sky of Blood Refinement.

"That Senior Azure Dragon, are you awake now?" Qin Feng asked.

"Right now, I only have a single wisp of dragon soul left, the Sea of Consciousness that will be staying with you. Don't worry, I won't harm you in the slightest.

The Azure Dragon said indifferently.

"Then Predecessor, can I ask you a few questions?" Qin Feng said.

"Go ahead."

"Did the demon core that this junior refined was absorbed by the Predecessor?"

"That's right!"

"What's the name of this hall?"

"Hall of Nine Dragons!"

"Since the Predecessor is an ancient almighty being, then can you return the Power that you absorbed from me? I worked hard to refine it, it really wasn't easy."

After knowing the whole story, Qin Feng was no longer afraid of the Azure Dragon. Since the other party had served the evil god for generations, then they would serve him in the future, because she was inheritor's inheritor.

"How hard is that? However, the star Power, since it has already recovered, what can you do about it? As the evil god, I will do everything I can to help you! "

With that, the Azure Dragon flew out of Qin Feng's head and circled around him a few times before transforming into a three hundred meter tall dragon.

"This is only a strand of my residual soul, the amount of energy I can provide you is limited. The Power that your demon core has transformed into is too huge for you, I have already refined it so that you can better absorb it."

The Azure Dragon in the air opened its mouth and spat out a beam of light, enveloping Qin Feng who was below, and wave after wave of pure Power s poured into Qin Feng's four limbs and hundred bones.

Qin Feng felt that every cell of the body was crazily devouring the energy, and his Qi was constantly growing stronger.

Qin Feng operated the evil god's Eye, and a suction force surged out, swallowing the energy Whale inside. In an instant, the left eye flashed, like a gold-plated gem, it was extremely dazzling.

The entire process continued for an hour. When Qin Feng opened his eyes, he discovered that his realm had increased by two small points, directly reaching the middle stage of the Blood Refinement Realm. However, even the eighth level of the Blood Refinement Realm expert was not Qin Feng's opponent.

Qin Feng then immediately observed the changes in the evil god's Eye, but he was disappointed as the eyes of the evil god did not awaken and evolve again.

But he did not lose heart, this was the eye of the evil god, which meant it was a divine eye. Presumably, this little bit of energy was not enough for him to awaken once again.

"Kid, I still have something to tell you."

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