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"Kid, I still have something to tell you." The Azure Dragon said.

"What other instructions does Predecessor have?" Qin Feng cupped his hands and said.

"The nine of us have been here since we were heavily injured in the ancient war, and we have lived for hundreds of thousands of years." The nine of us have been here since the ancient war, and we have lived for hundreds of thousands of years.

The Azure Dragon's voice was filled with vicissitudes of life and sorrow. Paleogene's injuries could not be considered the heaviest, so after absorbing enough energy, he recovered. However, the eight of them were not so lucky, their bodies were completely destroyed, only the residual soul remained attached to the Hall of Nine Dragons's pillar.

"Don't worry Predecessor, this junior will definitely give his all to help Predecessor." Qin Feng said.

It had to be known that this was an ancient sacred beast, and there was more than one at that. If it could be completely revived and made to worship him as its master in the future, let alone taking revenge for the sea of blood, even defeating Three Holy Grounds would not be impossible.

Thinking about it, Qin Feng's heart burned with passion, he almost wanted the other eight Holy Beasts to revive.

Outside Qin Feng's body.

Elder Mu was anxiously waiting for Qin Feng, and when Qin Feng suddenly broke through two small realm earlier, it made Elder Mu even more uneasy.

Just as the Elder Mu was getting anxious, Qin Feng who was sitting cross-legged on the ground slowly opened his eyes.

"Feng Zi, are you alright? You just ? Elder Mu said anxiously.

Qin Feng smiled at Elder Mu and said, "Just now, I had a fortuitous encounter and obtained the Power of the original demon core. That's why I made a breakthrough."

"What's going on?" Elder Mu asked.

"I met an Ancient Azure Dragon Holy Beast!" Qin Feng said.

"What?" Ancient Azure Dragon Holy Beast? Where is he? " Elder Mu was also shocked. Ancient Azure Dragon Holy Beast, this name was scary enough.

Qin Feng's left eye flashed, and a spirit body flew out, transforming into a burly brawny man dressed in green, with a rough face.

Elder Mu looked at the Azure Dragon vigilantly and said: "You are the Azure Dragon Holy Beast? Why are there no Dragon Qi? "

"Hmph, how could you mortals be able to sense my divine might?" The Azure Dragon seemed to be extremely disdainful towards the Elder Mu as he lightly said.

He pointed at the Azure Dragon and said, "I don't know what method you used to confuse This Old Man's youngest son, but you can't fool This Old Man. What exactly are you, quickly show yourself."

"What?" "You insult me. Good, good, good. Today, I will swallow you, you arrogant fellow!"

Being insulted by the Elder Mu, even if the Azure Dragon was an old monster that had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, it would still go crazy.

Qin Feng's hand stroked his forehead, he was in a bit of a mess, how was this still a super strong person that could rule the world? He was just a child bickering.

"Senior Azure Dragon, Teacher, both of you stop arguing!" Qin Feng came out as the mediators.

"Shut up!" The two of them said at the same time.

"Feng Zi, don't worry about it. This evil creature dares to make a move on me when I am too old. I will skin him alive today, if not, how can I live up to your name, Master Mu?" Elder Mu's hair fluttered, it was obvious that he was going to get serious.

"Hmph, you want to skin me alive? You don't even have to be afraid to move your tongue. Today I'll let you experience the might of a Saint Beast! " The Azure Dragon roared, transforming into a three hundred meter tall huge dragon as it charged towards Elder Mu.

Elder Mu's pupils dilated. He never thought that it would actually be a dragon, but then he calmed down. Tao

"Haha, Holy Beast Azure Dragon? The power of your dragon race lies in your body, do you think that a little residual soul like you would dare to clamor about it? "


The Azure Dragon roared, it's draconis radix was filled with, it's huge tail swept towards Elder Mu.

"Hmph, since you have a body, I am actually a little afraid of you. Right now, same spirit body also dares to be so arrogant."

Elder Mu sneered. A white great sword around the size of a Meteor Sword condensed in his palm, and slashed heavily towards the dragon tail that was sweeping towards him.


The dragon's tail and the white great sword collided fiercely, stirring up a terrifying gale. The Azure Dragon's terrifying draconis radix weaved with the Elder Mu's strange Soul Power, and wherever the two of them went, a massive crater of over three hundred meters deep appeared.

"Who exactly is this guy? He's also a damaged soul body like me, but his strength is on par with mine. I don't remember there being such a strong person in Heavenly Spirit Continent."

Although the Elder Mu had relied on the strange and ever-changing Soul Power to force the Azure Dragon to the disadvantageous position multiple times, as a spirit body, its battle power could not be sustained for long, so delaying it for a long period of time was extremely disadvantageous for him.


The two of them exchanged blows again, and both retreated several hundred zhang back.

Teacher, he really is a Holy Beast Azure Dragon. Senior Azure Dragon, this is my Teacher, he's not a bad guy.

Qin Feng stood out once again to become the peacemaker. Although the battle between the Armored vehicles s was very rare, but the two were both spirit body s. If they continued to fight, it would not benefit both sides.

The Elder Mu flew back to Qin Feng's side, vigilantly looking at the Azure Dragon on top of the Sky, "Feng Zi, is he really a Holy Beast?"

"Yes, Teacher, the history of the Senior Azure Dragon is a little complicated, we will explain more about it later, let's stop the war for now."

Qin Feng said.

Elder Mu also nodded his head, and said to the Azure Dragon: "Old ghost, I am not afraid of you, I am only giving face to my disciple, and will let you off for now."

When the Azure Dragon heard, it became even angrier, as though it needed someone else to plead for it to be let go.

He then roared at the Elder Mu:

"Old thing, do you think you can defeat me? If this brat didn't come out to cause trouble, you would have already been swallowed alive."

"What?" You dare to call me old? If you truly are a Holy Beast Azure Dragon, then you have lived for even longer than I have.

Elder Mu was like a cat whose tail has been stepped on. When he heard the Azure Dragon say that he was old, he immediately went crazy.

"Hmph hmph, with the age of humans, do you dare to say that you're not old?" The Azure Dragon sneered.

"Even if the This Old Man is old, what about you? You're the old monster. " The Elder Mu retaliated.

"You call yourself a This Old Man, and you still say that you are not old? "What a joke." The Azure Dragon seemed to have grasped the Elder Mu's weakness and attacked it mercilessly.

"You, old bastard, old bastard, old insect!" Elder Mu's current mischievous temperament completely exploded as he pointed at the Azure Dragon and cursed angrily without any grace.

Qin Feng, who was at the side, stared dumbfoundedly at Elder Mu. His head was spinning, a Armored vehicles was actually pointing at other people's nose and cursing at him?

If he did not see it with his own eyes, Qin Feng would not believe it even if he was beaten to death.

"You ? You're pissing me off!" The Azure Dragon was scolded to the point that its face turned white. Although its state was originally very white, it had indeed turned even whiter now.

The Elder Mu opposite of him continued to curse at the Azure Dragon. The words he used to curse continuously shot out like a cannon, causing the Azure Dragon to tremble from his anger.

The more Qin Feng heard about it, the more confused he became. So it turns out that not only was Teacher terrifyingly powerful, his mouth was also capable of killing people without seeing any blood.


The Azure Dragon could no longer endure the scolding and rushed towards Elder Mu at its fastest speed. But how could the Elder Mu be a mortal? His body quickly dissipated.

When he appeared again, he was already several hundred meters away from the Azure Dragon in the air as a barrage of angry curses once again entered his ears.


The Azure Dragon turned into its original form, roaring at the sky, the powerful draconis radix caused the earth to tremble.

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