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"Hmph, Old Misgurnus anguillicaudatus, did you think that you're scared of the Roaring Great This Old Man?" Elder Mu said as he looked at the furious Azure Dragon.

A trace of killing intent flashed past his eyes, he had no idea how many years it had been since he had had the urge to kill.

The Azure Dragon opened its huge mouth, and all the spirit energy within a radius of fifty kilometers wildly gathered into its mouth, forming a light green energy ball.


Following the Azure Dragon's furious roar, the huge sphere of energy shot explosively towards Elder Mu like a cannonball.

"Is this Old Misgurnus anguillicaudatus really mad?" Elder Mu secretly cursed, and immediately began to form a strange seal.

"Soul Controlling Technique, Thousand Layered Soul Shadows." Elder Mu roared out, his body shook, and thousands of identical soul bodies appeared in an instant.

But it was not the end, following that, the technique that he used last time to test Qin Feng appeared in Elder Mu's hands. Sword of Wind, but at the moment, Sword of Wind was no longer the small sword, but a longsword the width of a palm.

The other thousand soul fragments did the same.

"Sword of Wind, pierce!"

The swords of wind in the hands of a thousand Elder Mu s were instantly released, and the sword shadow that covered the sky and blotted out the sun was pierced through the Space, fiercely shooting towards the rapidly approaching light green energy ball.

"Bang!" Bang! "Bam!"

Countless of swords collided onto the energy Sphere and immediately broke into pieces, while the energy Sphere continuously trembled after being cut, and finally, when it approached the Elder Mu, it was hacked open by the Elder Mu.

"Old Misgurnus anguillicaudatus, even if you are the real Holy Beast Azure Dragon, since you have set your heart on killing the This Old Man today, you cannot be spared."

While Elder Mu was speaking, dozens of swords of wind appeared in his hands, but this time, the swords of wind turned into small sword s one after another.

It was clear that after the explosion just now, the spirit body state Elder Mu had expended a lot of energy and even the thousand soul shadows had been reduced by half.

The Azure Dragon saw that its attack was broken, and was extremely shocked. This energy ball was its strongest attack, but it was broken by the human in front of it. It could only be said that in its prime, this human must have been an extremely terrifying super strong person.

But at this time, Elder Mu had already made his move, without giving the Azure Dragon the time to think, his dragon tail shook, and he soared into the sky, transforming into a green bolt of lightning, slashing across the Space, causing it to tremble violently wherever it went.

The Elder Mu revealed a sly smile, and the small sword Sword in his hand flashed with a strange Light s.

"Ten Thousand Swords!"

Elder Mu shouted, the remaining five hundred soul shadows released their swords, and the hidden sword shadow appeared once again. Sword Qi whistled as it cut across the horizon.

Just as the sword neared the Azure Dragon, the low roar of the Elder Mu came from above the Sky.


Hundreds of small sword s lit up at the same time and exploded, releasing a powerful energy Storm that engulfed the entire Sky.

Boom!" BOOM! "Boom!

Small mushroom clouds rose unceasingly, and the Azure Dragon that was in the midst of the explosion was blown away by the explosion. The body was thrown out by the powerful air wave and smashed into the mountain peak below.

The attainments of the Elder Mu's Inscription was extremely terrifying, to actually carve the Explosion's Inscription onto the sword blade without anyone noticing, catching the Azure Dragon by surprise.

Qin Feng looked at this battlefield that was riddled with scars after the great battle, his heart bitter. He had finally found a peaceful place that was ruined by these two old urchins, the others in the Secret Realm would definitely rush over after hearing such a big commotion.

At that time, it would be impossible to avoid a conflict, so it would be better to leave early. Qin Feng did not have any good impression of those people.

"Teacher, Senior Azure Dragon, he ?" Qin Feng asked the Elder Mu who was flying down.

"No worries, if he really is a Saint Beast, then this little bit of strength won't even kill him. Heng, you dare call me old?" I'll knock out all your teeth. " The moment he thought of the Azure Dragon saying that he was old, the Elder Mu got angry.


The Azure Dragon roared and flew out from the mountain peak, but it's huge size had long disappeared, and it had once again transformed into a human body.

"Old Misgurnus anguillicaudatus, are you convinced?" When the Elder Mu saw the Azure Dragon flying out of the broken stone mountain peak, he laughed.

"I admire you, my lord."

The veins on the Azure Dragon's forehead stood out, and at this time, it did not care about the demeanor of the Holy Beasts anymore, scolding the Elder Mu the moment it saw him.

"You old bastard, you still dare to talk back. Do you want to take another hit?" Elder Mu's expression changed from joy to anger, he raised his palm and was about to attack again.

The Azure Dragon only sneered, and said: "Old thing, don't think that I don't know, you are already at the end of your tether, aren't you? I don't believe that you can still use the same trick as before. "

"Waa, Old Misgurnus anguillicaudatus, you're calling me an old thing again? I'll blast you to death today!"

Hearing the Azure Dragon call him an old thing again, Elder Mu was immediately enraged. This was his reverse scale, no one could touch it.

"I am one of the Nine Dragon Kings s, and have experienced more battles than you can eat. You want to scare me? Come on, who's afraid of who. " The Azure Dragon crossed her arms in front of her chest, looking extremely arrogant.

"Under the evil god? Then you are evil god's little brother? Now that my disciple has a evil god bloodline, do you want to call him Master? " Elder Mu caught hold of the Azure Dragon's words and asked.

"Hmph, before he grows up, This King will not lower his head to him." The Azure Dragon still looked so arrogant that it was not afraid of being beaten up.

"Ayaya, you Old Misgurnus anguillicaudatus, I can see that you are an unloyal and unfilial person, and you dare say you are one of the Nine Dragon Kings s? Now that the successor of the evil god is here, you actually dare to say such words. " The Elder Mu pointed at the Azure Dragon, showing a look of pain.

"You, you really infuriate This King." The Azure Dragon was speechless. After a long while, you still waved your hand and turned around, no longer caring about the Elder Mu.

"What is it? Unconvinced? Again? " Elder Mu was like an old scoundrel, getting what he wanted, not giving the Azure Dragon the slightest bit of face.

"Hmph, This King has lived for countless years, how could I allow you to affect me?" The Azure Dragon snorted coldly.

"Aiya, who said just now that will infuriate This King." The Elder Mu imitated the furious look the Azure Dragon had as he spoke.

"You, why are you so shameless and the soul so powerful? You must have been a adults when you were at your peak, why are you so despicable?"

The Azure Dragon could not bear it any longer, the cultivation which it had maintained for hundreds of thousands of years was completely broken by the Elder Mu.

"Humph, Old Misgurnus anguillicaudatus, on the battlefield, as long as you can win, you are king. Can you not ask your opponents to not be despicable and shameless to you?"

The Elder Mu returned to his previous normal expression as he spoke to the Azure Dragon and to Qin Feng.

Immediately afterwards, the Elder Mu said:

"In this battle, other than seeing if you are a real Holy Beast, I have my own teachings for Feng Zi. That is, on the battlefield, the victor is the king, and the one who survives is the king. All that I have done is to survive, what kind of despicable words would that be?"

"Disciple understands!" Qin Feng said respectfully.

"You're using me as a gun?" The Azure Dragon at the side was enraged. Once the dragon claw appeared, they wanted to fight another 300 rounds with the Elder Mu.

"Look at him, I only scolded him a little, and he's already so angry. It can be seen from this, that even Azure Dragon Holy Beast is just an unenlightened old geezer."

The Elder Mu pointed at the furious Azure Dragon and lectured Qin Feng again.

"Ah, old fool, how dare you tease this king like this."

The Azure Dragon's entire body shone with a green light, an ancient green battle armor appeared on his body, the vast and mighty draconis radix once again filled the air.

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