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"Please advise me, Old Predecessor."

Qin Feng's tone also changed from the old man just now to the old Predecessor.

"Don't call me Old Predecessor. My surname is Mu, call me Elder Mu." The mysterious man Elder Mu said.

"If you want to learn my Cultivation Methods, you must acknowledge me as your master. Are you willing?" Elder Mu suddenly became serious.

"This old Predecessor is quite mysterious. From the moment he attacked, he produced a middle stage yellow grade Cultivation Methods. It can be seen that he has an extraordinary background."

Qin Feng thought.

Seeing Qin Feng's hesitation, the Elder Mu said again, "Rest assured little fellow, I will not harm you. Now that we are one, not only will I not harm you, I will also do everything in my power to help you. After all, only when you are strong enough can I remove the seal, so that I can regain my freedom."

After thinking about it again and again, Qin Feng finally kneeled on one knee, "Disciple greets Master."

"Haha, good, good. I never thought that in my later years, I would still be able to receive such a disciple. The heavens haven't gone too far with me, hahaha."

When the Elder Mu saw Qin Feng calling him master, he was obviously very happy.

"Then I'll call you Feng Zi from now on." Elder Mu said.

Qin Feng's lips twitched, Feng Zi? Why does this sound like cursing.

"Teacher, this Feng Zi ?"

"What is it? Feng Zi sounded bad? Or is it called Little Feng Feng? "

"Ah, no, no, no. Feng Zi is good, very good."

Qin Feng's face was filled with black lines, he could not tell that Elder Mu had the temperament of an old urchin.

Feng Zi, cut off these few mental shackles that the divine eye is using to bind me. This way, I can create your external body so that it will be convenient for you to guide you in your cultivation. " Elder Mu said.


Qin Feng cut off the mental chain that was binding the Elder Mu.

Instantly, a cloud of green smoke rose from Qin Feng's body, and before long, it slowly condensed into a Shadow with a head of white hair and beard in front of Qin Feng.

"Disciple Qin Feng greets Master." Qin Feng bowed to him once more.

"Hur hur, get up quickly."

Qin Feng looked at Elder Mu with a slightly astonished expression, and thought to himself: "Listening to the voice, I thought it was someone on the level of a Old Monster, how could he be so young?"

Seeing the look in Qin Feng's eyes, Elder Mu also smiled and said, "Do you think I'm very young? Hehe, I am actually more than two hundred years old, and can be considered to be at the Old Monster level.

As for her appearance, when the Cultivation Level reaches a certain point, her appearance can be fixed. I merely set my appearance at the age of twenty. "

So it could actually be like this, Qin Feng was relieved.

"Your divine eye is truly ruthless. Not only did it seal my soul's origin within your body, it also used five mental chains to seal my soul body," Elder Mu said as he shook his head.

"Heh heh."

Qin Feng scratched his head. Speaking of which, he really didn't do it on purpose.

"Alright, little fellow, have you heard of Inscription Master?"

Inscription Master. These three words couldn't help but cause Qin Feng's pupils to constrict.

Rumours said that the Inscription Master could draw complicated Inscription with strong Incantation Energy. Not only was it powerful in attack power, it could also be used for medical treatment and arrays.

As Inscription Master, all of them, without exception, would be roped in by the big sects. Even if they could not, they would do their best to express goodwill and would absolutely not be hostile to him.

"Teacher, are you Inscription Master?" Qin Feng could not help but be shocked.

"Hehe, This Old Man had a name back then called Master Mu." The Elder Mu laughed.

"Master Mu?" Isn't it Inscription Master? " Qin Feng was a little confused.

"Hehe, back then This Old Man's Cultivation Level was a supreme peak, so I can live up to my name."

Psionic Imperial Peak!

Qin Feng felt his mind buzzing. He also knew the path of cultivation, which was divided into blood refining, dirty refining, malleolus, pyridine, true spirit, heavenly soul, Celestial Realm,, Divine Spirit Realm, and nine great realm.

Qin Family s, which were also Qin Feng's Grandpa s, were only at the fourth stage of the malleolus realm, while Tianfeng City s were also at the seventh heaven of malleolus s.

As for the higher stages of the pyridine, those were existences that were as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns. And the Psionic Imperial Peak that Elder Mu spoke of, to Qin Feng, was simply not inferior to the realm of legends.

Elder Mu saw Qin Feng's astonishment and said smilingly, "Feng Zi, do you think that the realm I mentioned is very far away? Let me tell you, actually, in this Heavenly Spirit Continent of the Heavenly Spirit Continent, there is a place called paleodomain, and it is full of them. In that place, only those who have reached the spiritual realm of Cultivation Level can be considered as a first-rate strong person of the continent. "


Although Qin Feng was shocked, his eyes flashed with desire for the expression. The Center of the Heavenly Spirit Continent, the broader Heaven and Earth, if he could walk out of here, then what kind of wonderful life would that be?

"Feng Zi, since you have taken me as your master, I will naturally nurture you with all my might. This is an ancient scroll that I obtained in the past at a strong person, called the Soul Controlling Art, and it is a technique specialized in soul. It is very suitable for Inscription Master to cultivate with, and I relied on it in the past to earn my master's name."

With a flip of his hand, a yellowed beast skin scroll appeared in his hand, and he handed it over to Qin Feng.

"Cultivate this Soul Controlling Technique properly. If you want to become a Inscription Master, powerful soul's power is essential." Elder Mu said.

In the next few days, Qin Feng was completely immersed in cultivating the Soul Controlling Technique. His Soul Power was continuously strengthening and his own realm was also becoming more and more stable.

"I never thought that not only does the Soul Controlling Technique cultivate soul, it also has incalculable benefits for stabilizing one's own realm." Qin Feng said in pleasant surprise.

"This Soul Controlling Technique is extremely mysterious. Master has only cultivated it to the Xuan Rank back then, so I can't raise it any further. Maybe it's because of my innate talent."

"Xuan class? What's that? " Qin Feng asked.

"The soul s' realm are divided into the human, spirit, profound, sky, and emperor realms. Every single increase in realm is extremely difficult.

Qin Feng nodded, then turned to Elder Mu and asked: "Teacher, how can I remove the seal the divine eye is placed on you?"

When the Elder Mu heard this, his heart warmed as he thought to himself, "This kid isn't ungrateful after all ?"

"If you want to remove the seal on the divine eye, you must learn how to use it. From what I see, once your Cultivation Level becomes stronger in the future, you should be able to easily remove the seal. Why don't you first use your left eye s as a temporary shelter for now? " The Elder Mu laughed.

At this time, outside of the cold pond, at the main entrance of the Secret Realm, Shadow s rushed out one after another from the main entrance. After all the Shadow had come out of the main entrance of the Secret Realm, the main entrance slowly closed as well.

Everyone looked at the new World in front of them, looked at each other speechlessly, and went back to cultivating.

A few days after everyone left, not far from them, at a cliff, stood a cold pond.

Weng! * Weng! *


A Shadow rushed out of the pond.

It was Qin Feng.

"Phew, this cold pond is really deep. He actually let me crawl for that long."

Just as he finished speaking, the Qin Feng left eye flashed, and a spirit body floated out.

"Haha, it's been a long time since I've seen this warm sun. The human world, you're so beautiful!" Elder Mu said with slight agitation.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Just as Elder Mu was sighing emotionally, a heaven-shaking roar came from not too far away.

That roar was like that of the Mystical Thunder of the ninth heaven, it was extremely terrifying. Under its roar, the nearby grass and trees swayed incessantly, and the earth trembled slightly.

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