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"Hmm? "What's going on?" Qin Feng was shocked by the roar. He jumped onto a tree and looked more closely. There was actually a Violent Ape standing on a rock several tens of meters away.

"Decline God's Possession!" The moment I came out of seclusion, I encountered a Violent Ape at the ninth level of the Refinement Realm. " Qin Feng turned his body and was about to leave.

"Wait a minute, there seems to be a Demonic Beast, let's take a look first!" At this time, the voice of the Elder Mu came to his ears.

Hiss! Hiss!

Behind the rocks, another python as thick as a bucket crawled out. The python's two fangs that were as sharp as knives glinted with a cold light, and its tongue kept spitting out.

Its entire body was emitting a terrifying aura, and it was actually also a ninth level of Refinement Realm Demonic Beast.

The Violent Ape leapt tens of meters forward and pounced straight towards the python, its two eyes flashed with a brutal and vicious light.

Roar! Roar!

Hiss! Hiss!

An ape and a python engaged in a wild battle.

"So they are hunting each other!"

Qin Feng sat on the tree and prepared to take advantage of the situation.


The two Demonic Beast fought incessantly.


The Violent Ape's voice was like thunder, and with the momentum to open up the mountain, it ruthlessly struck the python's body. The python felt pain, and the body that was tightly wrapped around the Violent Ape let out hissing sounds.

Qin Feng watched the battle between the two Demonic Beast and felt his heart churning. If this was just an ordinary Demonic Beast, then what about the powerful Demonic Beast in the depths of Secret Realm that were fighting to such an extent?

But Qin Feng was not discouraged, on the contrary, he was getting more excited, this was a battle! Watching the two Demonic Beast fight, Qin Feng's blood began to slowly boil.

"There will be a day when I, Qin Feng, will have a Power that I respect!" Qin Feng's binocular shone with a determined light.


The Violent Ape s used both hands and feet to tear off a large part of the python's scales.

Just as expected, after an hour, the Violent Ape had already torn the python into several pieces, and dyed a large piece of the ground red. The blood also had one last breath of life left, and at this time, Qin Feng jumped down from the tree and arrived in front of the dying Violent Ape, took out a sharp dagger, and stabbed it fiercely into the Violent Ape's brain.

The two Demonic Beast died.

Qin Feng dug out two Demonic Beast s, this was a good thing, if he could refine them, it would benefit Qin Feng greatly.

"Qin Feng, put down the demon core in your hands. You are not fit to take it!"

Qin Feng looked at the person who spoke. It was a small Young Master from a second-rate family.

A few clan guards followed behind him.

"Qin Feng, quickly put down the demon core. You are not worthy of it!"

Qin Feng said: "I discovered it, I should be the one to take it, and whether I am worthy or not, it is not up to you to decide!"

"Did you discover it first?" Who can prove it? Why don't you call that demon core and see if it will answer you? "

"Haha, what an idiot. Even he, wants to take the demon core." Everyone laughed.

The killing intent in Qin Feng's eyes became thicker and thicker, he clenched his fist lightly.

"What, you, this waste, still want to hit us?"

"Him? Then why don't you teach him properly today? "

"Go, beat him to death!"

No matter what, he is Young Master's Young Master. If he wants to kill him, it would be hard to explain to Qin Family's old man! The little Young Master came out at this time.

"Young Master is right. Although he is a waste and no one wants him dead, he is still a Young Master!" The guard said.

"Then let's give it a try," Qin Feng sneered.

The group of guards were all enraged, they had actually been looked down upon by the waste.

Just as he was about to make a move, the second rate family's little Young Master suddenly stretched out his hand to stop the guard beside him.

"Qin Feng, leave the demon core to me and kowtow three more times. I'll spare you for the sake of Old Man Qin."

"Young Master!" The guards said simultaneously.

They did not want to let Qin Feng go that easily.

The little Young Master also didn't want to let Qin Feng go easily, but before he left, his father warned him to never provoke anyone from the big families, and seeing how confident Qin Feng was, could it be that he had something to rely on? Thinking about it here, he decided to stop the guard and check if Qin Feng had any trump cards to play.

Although Qin Feng was a waste, he was still a member of one of the Four Major Clans, so he might have some kind of communication rune or something like that. When the rest of the Qin Family arrived, it would be bad news, and although Qin Feng was a Qin Family, he was bullied by an outsider.

"Young Master, you don't have to worry about anything. It's just that you arrived a bit late, and did not see anything. Actually, Qin Feng came in by himself, and did not come with Qin Family."

A guard with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks seemed to be able to see through the little Young Master's worries, and said.

Qin Feng, you, a waste, actually dares to come to Secret Realm yourself. I wonder if I should call you stupid or not?

After knowing that Qin Feng was alone, the little Young Master's tone of voice immediately changed.

Qin Feng sneered, he had just watched the battle between the two Demonic Beast s and knew that the blood was still boiling, so he asked:

"Since you have delivered yourselves to my doorstep, I shall first take this blood to wash away the humiliation that you have received in the past few years."

"Take our blood? What big words you have there, you are clearly a waste, yet you still dare to boast so shamelessly. Come, take it down, I want to see who took whose blood! "

Hearing the order, a few young guards rushed towards Qin Feng.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Ah, my hand, ah!"

"Ah, Qin, Qin Feng, how could you!" The little Young Master was filled with disbelief.

Qin Feng had actually killed two fourth stage Blood Refinement Realm cultivators with a single punch, as well as a arm that had broken all of its Fifth Sky of Blood Refinement.

"You, you really are Qin Feng? Aren't you the waste? " The little Young Master roared at Qin Feng, his voice filled with fear.

Qin Feng did not speak. Instead, he slowly walked towards the guard who was curled up on the ground, moaning in pain.

Qin Feng lifted his leg and stepped on Yue Yang's head.

"Didn't you just say that you were going to cripple me? Why are you stepping on me like a dead dog now?" Qin Feng ridiculed.

The man's head was almost stepped into the ground by Qin Feng. As soon as he opened his mouth to speak, he took a bite of the mud and could only whimper.

Qin Feng exerted a bit of force with his feet!


The man's head was shattered like a watermelon by Qin Feng, the blood's brain splattered all over Qin Feng's body.

"Now, it's your turn!" Qin Feng said.

"Qin Feng, I don't know what method you used to kill them, but it's still too early for you to want to take my life!"

The little Young Master took out a pill and swallowed it.

Then, his Qi actually rose from his Fifth Sky of Blood Refinement to the level of a peak.

"Hehe, Qin Feng, you actually forced me to eat this Qi Condensation Pill, although the side effects are huge, and it only has an effect for an hour, I have already taken care of you!"

The confidence of the s of the small families rose sharply, they increased their speed to the limit and rushed towards Qin Feng.

Qin Feng's eyes flashed with fighting spirit, the whole body focused on his fist, and the Tyrant Fist that carried a sharp fist wind shot out!


The two of them violently collided against each other. Powerful Spiritual Aura vibrated in all directions, causing massive spiderweb cracks to appear on the spot where the two of them stood.

Qin Feng's Power surged again, causing the little Young Master to vomit blood and fly backwards.

"Pfft, Qin Qin Feng, how is this possible!?"

"With the help of pills, you think you can kill me? It's laughable, Fighter's Cultivation Level all accumulated here bit by bit, the power of your pellet in the end is not yours! "

Qin Feng sneered.

Immediately after, with a few flashes, he appeared behind the little Young Master. With a hand knife s attack, he decapitated the little Young Master, causing the expression on the little Young Master's face to be filled with disbelief and dissatisfaction.

After Qin Feng killed the few of them, he found a quiet place to continue meditating on the Soul Controlling Art.

"Mn, it's already been half a month. I should go and find some Demonic Beast to kill so that I won't be empty-handed by then." Qin Feng said.

With that in mind, he walked towards the mountain range.

"Hmm? Is that Qin Feng? "

"Yes, that's the waste!"

"Qin Feng, stop!" Someone shouted from behind Qin Feng.

Qin Feng turned his head and saw that the one who had just spoken was Huang Family, one of the Four Major Families of the Tianfeng City.

"Qin Feng, this Gongzi told you to stop, yet you still dare to leave, is your skin itchy?" Huang Lin said.

"What do you want?" Qin Feng said.

"Brothers, are you tired? Why don't you come over and massage your backs and legs?" Huang Lin pointed to Qin Feng.

Qin Feng frowned and suppressed his anger: "My Qin Family is also one of the Four Major Families of the Tianfeng City.

"On what basis? Just based on the fact that you are a waste, you should be enslaved by the strong person! " Huang Lin taunted.

"Are you even considered a strong person?" Qin Feng retorted.

"What did you say?" The waste still dares to talk back, brothers, beat him up for me, if I don't skin him today, this Gongzi's surname will not be Huang! "

With that said, one of the people beside Huang Lin immediately rushed forward with his spear and attacked Qin Feng.

Qin Feng did not move as he coldly looked at the spear tip that was continuously growing bigger in his eyes, and gently threw out a punch.

Huang Lin and the others thought that Qin Feng was scared silly when he saw this, and actually used his fists to resist the steel spears.

"Hmph hmph, this waste dares to contradict this Young Master, you truly do not know your place, this Young Master will take you today!"

Ka-cha! *

"Ah, my hand!"

Before Huang Lin could finish his words, a sharp and clear scream interrupted him, and the Men who was holding onto his right hand curled up on the ground, fainting due to the pain.

On the other hand, Qin Feng was still standing there, perfectly fine. It was just that the latter's fist was currently glowing with a layer of golden Light.

With a punch, Qin Feng only used a single punch to break Men's spear wielding beast, and even the steel spear was cut into several pieces.

"How is that possible, the Lao Er must have been too careless, let's attack together!"

"Go, cripple him!"

The remaining three people rushed towards Qin Feng together.

"You overestimate yourself!"

Qin Feng bellowed, the golden light on his fist was dazzling, the Power s all over his body surged.

"Overlord ? Anger ? Breaking Mountains and Rivers!"



Accompanied by a few miserable cries, the three young cultivators pounced towards Qin Feng, flying all over like defeated grass.

After sending the three flying with a punch, Qin Feng's feet exerted force and closed in on a person. His fist that was glowing with gold light landed on the person's chest.

Puff! Ka-cha! *

The crisp sound of a fracture resounded in everyone's ears.

The person's entire chest was sunken in by Qin Feng, all of his internal organs were shattered into paste, and he was as dead as he could get.

"Eldest Brother!" The remaining two people rushed towards Qin Feng with red eyes.

"You're courting death!"

A cold light flashed across Qin Feng's eyes, he punched and directly sent the two of them flying out while spitting out blood.

Landing on the ground, he constantly spat out blood. From the looks of it, he would not be able to survive.

After taking care of the two, Qin Feng walked over to the injured Men who was lying on the ground and moaning with his spear. He raised his leg and ruthlessly crushed's head, his brain and blood flowing all over the ground.

"Now, it's your turn!"

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