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Qin Feng went deeper into the mountain range, and the miserable wails coming from all directions.

"What is that sound?" Could there be a ghost? " Qin Feng said.

"Heh heh, you aren't even afraid of the living, how can you be afraid of death? Even if they are ghosts, it would be their bad luck if they were to meet This Old Man. " Elder Mu laughed.

"That's true, to you, Teacher, spirit body is indeed a great tonic!" Qin Feng laughed.

"It's just that the spirit body here are too few and weak, they're basically not of much use to me!" Elder Mu said.

"Be careful!" Elder Mu suddenly shouted.

Just as Qin Feng was conversing with the Elder Mu, a Shadow jumped out from the tree and attacked Qin Feng.

Although Qin Feng had already raised his guard up to one hundred and twenty thousand points, he was still scratched three times by the mysterious Shadow.

"Crunch! Crunch!" With the successful attack, the Shadow pounced towards Qin Feng again.

"Teacher, what exactly is this thing?" Qin Feng asked Elder Mu as he retreated quickly.

"This is a Man-Faced Demon Ape. It seems that it is hungry and wants to capture you for dinner." The Elder Mu laughed.

"Teacher is still laughing at a time like this, hurry up and tell me how to deal with it. This thing doesn't even hit the target, it's very troublesome to deal with." Qin Feng asked anxiously.

"These kind of creatures like to eat human flesh, and they are good at hiding their Qi, they are born to be assassins!" Elder Mu said.

"I don't want to understand its habits right now. Quickly tell me how to deal with it!" Qin Feng was a little mad at this point of time.

"Hehe, this thing is afraid of fire, just throw the Explosion you plundered from Qin Huai out to bomb it!" Elder Mu said.

Hearing that, Qin Feng took out a piece of Explosion and threw it at the Man-Faced Demon Ape.


The Man-Faced Demon Ape let out a shrill cry that sounded like a baby's cry before fleeing into the distance with all its might.

Seeing the Man-Faced Demon Ape escape, Qin Feng heaved a sigh of relief, "I never thought that this Explosion was so powerful, it's just that this thing can be used one time less, it hurts so much!"

"Hehe, it's only just a low level Explosion, I can easily carve a few hundred of them. Inscription Master's abilities are not limited to that!" Elder Mu said proudly.

This was just a low level Explosion. If it was a higher level Explosion, then wouldn't it be even more powerful? If it was used unexpectedly when fighting someone, it would undoubtedly have the effect of doubling the result by half.

At the same time, Qin Feng gained a deeper understanding of the Inscription Master.

"Let's continue going deeper. I sense that there are quite a few Demonic Beast inside. With your current strength, killing them shouldn't be a problem." Elder Mu said.

"En!" Qin Feng organized his thoughts and walked towards the depths of mountain range.

"Wait, take it. It's good for you!" Unknowingly, a completely pitch black great sword appeared in Elder Mu's hands, and the sword blade was even engraved with a mysterious and complicated Inscription.

"Here, take it!" Elder Mu threw the black great sword to Qin Feng.


Qin Feng reached out his hands to catch it, but felt as if his hands were holding onto a gigantic boulder.

"Old Teacher, what kind of sword is that? Why is it so heavy?" Qin Feng held his breath until his face was completely red.

"This sword is called the perishing star, it was created when Master asked someone to forge it using Outer Space Meteoric Iron. The sword itself weighs a full hundred thousand kilograms, and the Inscription on the sword was personally engraved by me. When the field of gravity was activated, the sword became heavier. The Elder Mu said indifferently.

"This sword came to war with me a long time ago, I wonder how many strong person blood s were drunk, and how many dead spirits were buried under the sword, don't you dare disgrace it."

Elder Mu looked at the Meteor Sword and his eyes flashed. He seemed to have thought back to his youth, how he fought against the entire world with the sword.

"perishing star, is that the sword that Teacher carried back then? Today, I, Qin Feng, swear that I will not disgrace you." Qin Feng caressed the sword body, and said firmly.

Buzz! Buzz!

"Hmm? "What's going on?" Qin Feng said.

"Could it be, hehe, old fellow, that you also saw that this boy is extraordinary?" It seems like decades have not dulled the sharpness of your sword! " Elder Mu was shocked, then laughed.

"Heh heh, Feng Zi, the heavy sword has a soul. Just now, it responded to your determination, and if you drip a drop of your blood on it, the sword will truly recognize you as its master." The Elder Mu laughed.

"Spirit? Teacher, what rank did this sword reach? " Qin Feng asked in shock. He knew, swords with intelligence were at least spirit weapon s, and in the entire Tianfeng City, there were no more than three of those.

"Hehe, I think he is comparable to the royal organ. This is not only a matter of the sword's grade, but also something related to the wielder of the sword."

royal organ!

Qin Feng felt that his brain wasn't enough, he had met with too many surprises in the past few days. First, he awakened the Ancient Divine Bloodline, then he obtained a divine eye, and then he took a Inscription Master who was once a's realm as his master.

Something that others might not be able to encounter in their entire lives was actually all owned by him, Qin Feng, in just a short month.

"Hurry up and bind it with blood!" Elder Mu reminded him.

"En, alright!" Qin Feng then came back to reality.

The palm of his hand made a small cut, and the blood dripped onto the sword, immediately, the sword released an extremely strong resistance, directly shaking Qin Feng and sending him flying.

"What's going on? The sword is resisting me? " Qin Feng asked curiously as he crawled up from the ground.

"Oh, I am truly muddleheaded, back then the sword had already recognized me as its master, and there was even my soul imprint within the sword, that's why it resisted you." Elder Mu slapped his head and laughed.

"I can forget that." Qin Feng was speechless.

Elder Mu waved his hand and caught the perishing star.

"Old partner, this is the new Master I found for you. I believe he won't let you be embarrassed." Elder Mu looked at the perishing star and muttered.

He then touched the sword blade with his palm, causing the rune to flash, and after a few breaths, it dimmed down again. The arm was once again thrown back to Qin Feng, and this time, Qin Feng did not dare to be so stupid as to use both of his hands to receive it.


The perishing star fiercely stabbed into the ground in front of Qin Feng.

A great cloud of dust rose.

Qin Feng once again dripped the blood onto the sword blade, and the Inscription on the sword blade seemed to come to life, wriggling, and not long after, it became calm.

Qin Feng and the Meteor Sword also had a special connection, he could almost feel the joy, anger, and sadness of the sword.

Qin Feng held the hilt of sword in both hands and started to circulate its spirit energy.


The sword was pulled out from the ground.

"Hmm? It's not as heavy as it was before! "

Qin Feng was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Meteor Sword was not as heavy as before.

"After this sword recognizes its master, it will be matched by weight according to the strength of the Master. This is also its spirit. But it's still very heavy! " Elder Mu said.

"Mm, it is indeed very heavy. With my current strength, I might just collapse if I were to swing it 10 times." Qin Feng said.

"Hehe, in the future, you can bring it along to train. It will be very helpful to you." The Elder Mu laughed.

Qin Feng carried the Meteor Sword on his back and continued to search for Demonic Beast that he could kill.

After carrying the Meteor Sword on his back, Qin Feng moved forward at a much slower pace. Everywhere he passed, he left behind a series of footprints.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

A Violent Ape that was at least five meters tall suddenly rushed out of the forest. Its egg-like eyes were tightly staring at Qin Feng, and within the pupillae, a vicious Light flashed.


The Violent Ape released a deafening roar, as if it was telling Qin Feng that this was its territory, and that humans were not allowed to stand.

"Violent Ape again? Violent Ape and I are really fated! "

Qin Feng stared at the Violent Ape, his mouth curving into a smile. This Violent Ape, the Cultivation Level had reached the step's Fifth Sky of Blood Refinement, but the Demonic Beast's physique was different from a human's.

Therefore, Demonic Beast at the same level as humans were often even stronger.

"Today, I will use you as an offering!"

A cold light flashed across Qin Feng's eyes, and he rushed towards the Violent Ape with both hands.

"Roar ~ ~ ~"

Seeing that Qin Feng actually dared to attack her, the Violent Ape was even more furious, it angrily pounded its chest, raised its thick fists and threw a punch at Qin Feng.


The heavy sword easily cut off the arm's rock-hard body.

"Good sword!"

Qin Feng praised.

"Roar ~ ~ ~"

The Violent Ape felt pain and rushed towards Qin Feng even more desperately. Qin Feng did not move as he gathered his strength in his hands and swept towards the Violent Ape's waist.


The Violent Ape was sliced at the waist by Qin Feng.

The blood had dyed the perishing star red.

"This Violent Ape's fur and teeth can be bought at a good price." After Qin Feng finished cleaning up the Violent Ape, he carried the Meteor Sword and continued walking deeper into the mountain range.

After Qin Feng left the forest, he came to an open area. As he was unable to endure the thirst, he looked around for water, and surprisingly discovered that there seemed to be a flash of a Shadow above his head.

Looking up, it was actually a gigantic giant eagle. The giant eagle swooped down towards Qin Feng and when Qin Feng lifted up the heavy sword, he was sent flying by the giant eagle.

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