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"What's wrong with this guy?" Why do you call me whenever you see me? "

Qin Feng crawled up from the ground, holding onto the perishing star with both hands as he looked at the giant eagle in the sky.

"Maybe you have the scent of the Violent Ape's blood on you, since the Demonic Beast are very sensitive to this type of smell!" The Elder Mu said.

"This beast is different from the Demonic Beast I met before. It has Power s and speed, it is a hunter in this vast area." Qin Feng muttered.

"Teacher, what kind of Demonic Beast is this?" Qin Feng asked the Elder Mu.

"This is the Iron Claw Eagle, it likes to eat human flesh. With your current strength, dealing with it won't be a problem, I'll continue sleeping." Elder Mu said.

Qin Feng was speechless, how could he sleep with his own disciple fighting against a Demonic Beast outside?

As he thought about it, Qin Feng continued to stare at the Iron Claw Eagle in front of him as he tightly held onto it with both of his hands.

"Screech!" The Iron Claw Eagle released a long hiss, and grabbed towards Qin Feng with its pair of iron claws.

Qin Feng swung his heavy sword, and fiercely collided with the Iron Claw Eagle's claws.


There was a sound of metal hitting metal.

"So hard!" Qin Feng thought.

Qin Feng raised his sword once again, and a Explosion quietly appeared in his hand.

"Heh, this is the last Explosion, I'll let you, a beast with flat fur, off." Qin Feng said in a low voice.

After forcefully resisting the one move, Qin Feng threw out the Explosion that he had prepared a long time ago.


The Iron Claw Eagle was caught off guard by the explosion and flew out.

Qin Feng crazily slashed five or six times at the Iron Claw Eagle, each slash bringing up a flower of blood and flying feathers.

In the end, Qin Feng swept the Iron Claw Eagle away with his sword.

Hu hu hu hu! "This animal should die this time right?" Qin Feng gasped.

Using heavy sword to fight an enemy would consume a lot of stamina.

"Screech!" The Iron Claw Eagle flapped its wings once again and soared into the sky.

However, the Iron Claw Eagle's body was now covered with sword scars, and even its feathers had fallen off quite a bit. However, the ominous glint in its eyes did not diminish in the slightest.

"This beast's vitality is actually this strong, it can't even be killed like this?" Qin Feng almost bit his tongue.

In the past, the moment his heavy sword s appeared, there were not many that could survive five rounds under his sword. This Demonic Beast ?

"Feng Zi, now you know that there is a mountain beyond the mountain, but you are still young, it is good to have pride, but you cannot be arrogant, you can't be arrogant, but you can't be arrogant!" Elder Mu said angrily at this time.

Hearing this, Qin Feng also nodded slightly without a single trace of displeasure.

The accomplishments he had achieved in the past few days had indeed given birth to a sense of pride in himself.

A cold sweat broke out all over his body, this was even true for a Demonic Beast, what's more, this was an enemy who was countless times stronger than him, and who knew, in a situation where he was forced into a corner, he might not have any trump card.

"Hehe, Feng Zi, you're still young, and you want me to be the same. Seeing you is like seeing how I was all those years ago." Elder Mu smiled at Qin Feng.

"Mn, many thanks to Teacher for his timely teaching, otherwise this disciple would probably pay a huge price in the future," Qin Feng modestly said.

"This kid is worth teaching!"

"Teacher, in my opinion, the weakness of this Iron Claw Eagle lies in its eyes!" Qin Feng said.

"Yes, Iron Claw Eagle's speed is astonishing, and their pair of iron claws are invincible. Indeed, only the eyes are their weakness." Elder Mu said.

Qin Feng placed the Meteor Sword on the ground. At this point of time, Qin Feng no longer had the strength to wield the Meteor Sword anymore.

Qin Feng exerted force under his feet and his entire body shot towards the Iron Claw Eagle like an arrow that had just left the bow.

"Haa!" Overlord's fury will shatter mountains and rivers! "

Qin Feng struck out with his Tyrant Fist, and as expected, his fist landed on the head of the Iron Claw Eagle.

"Screech!" The Iron Claw Eagle felt pain as it clawed at Qin Feng's hand ruthlessly and ripped off a large chunk of his flesh. The excruciating pain made a fine layer of sweat appear on Qin Feng's forehead.

Qin Feng chose to use the most barbaric close-combat, but without question, he would have to kill the enemy one thousand times and wound himself eight hundred times.

A man and a beast fought from noon until dusk, and the outcome was still not clear.

In the end, when the Iron Claw Eagle knocked Qin Feng flying, it flew away without looking back.

"Ah, Brother Ying, the victor is not decided yet, please don't go!" Although Qin Feng's entire body was dripping with blood, but the fighting spirit in his eyes was extremely high, obviously addicted to fighting.

So much so that in the following half a month, Qin Feng scolded him at the entrance of the cave where the Iron Claw Eagle resided.

"Sigh, you flat-furred beast, soft-footed eagle, quickly come out and fight with Young Master! Today, I will pull out all your feathers and turn you into a bald tailed chicken!"

"Screech!" The Iron Claw Eagle naturally could understand Qin Feng's words, and immediately became enraged, clawing towards Qin Feng's face with its pair of iron claws.

"Haha, you little bird, you want to catch the Young Master? If you can keep up with me, then so be it!" Qin Feng laughed as he continued to throw stones at the Iron Claw Eagle.

Although it did not cause any damage, it had successfully angered the Iron Claw Eagle.

The Iron Claw Eagle started to chase after Qin Feng crazily.

A human and a beast started to fight intensely on the plain, but the result was the same, the victor was not clear, but Qin Feng could clearly feel that he was not in a passive position during his fight with the Iron Claw Eagle, and had instead gained the upper hand.

"Looks like finding this Iron Claw Eagle to temper my Battle skills is quite effective. My Tyrant Fist has now been trained to the third layer!" "It's done," Qin Feng said happily.

"The Cultivation Level has also reached the middle stage of the Fifth Sky of Blood Refinement. Seems like it's about time. I can't waste any more time here, I need to go look around."

The next day.

"Haha!" Soft footed eagle, Young Master is here again, quickly come out and fight with him. " Qin Feng shouted as he stood at the mouth of the Iron Claw Eagle's cave.

But this time, the Iron Claw Eagle refused to come out, it could feel that it was no longer Qin Feng's opponent. If it continued to fight, it would definitely be it, and although the Demonic Beast was not as intelligent as the humans, it was still somewhat intelligent.

"Have you transformed into a turtles, you soft-footed bird, a feathered animal? Hurry up and come out to fight with Young Master, or else I'll set a fire.

Suddenly, a huge force came from the cave entrance and pushed Qin Feng more than a dozen meters away.

"Screech!" The Iron Claw Eagle cried out in anger.

This was truly intolerable, even Aunty Yu couldn't tolerate it any longer.

"I've never seen anyone who bullies beasts like that. It's just that I've beaten you up once, do you need to come and scold me every day?" And you're also going to call back! " The Iron Claw Eagle thought bitterly in her heart.

However, Qin Feng was not able to hear these words, he just raised his sand-wrapped fist and smashed it straight at Su Yun.

A man and a beast began to fight again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A few muffled sounds could be heard, and the Iron Claw Eagle was beaten by Qin Feng until it laid on the ground unable to get up. Qin Feng walked over, although it was also in a sorry state, but it was not injured.

Looking at Qin Feng, the Iron Claw Eagle closed its eyes in despair, it knew what would happen if it fell into the hands of a human.

"Haha!" Brother Ying, I will have to trouble you for half a month. I will be leaving this plain today! " Qin Feng said.

Hearing this, the Iron Claw Eagle raised its decadent head. If its eyes could cry, it would definitely be crying right now.

This annoying brat was finally going to leave.

Then, he turned his head to look at Qin Feng, his meaning was obviously to leave quickly, I do not want to see you again.

Qin Feng waved his hands, organized his things, and left the vast plain.

Night came.

"Teacher, I feel that I have done enough on Power, but I can't keep up with my movement and defense. When fighting with others, I can't always use explosive force, that way, if I meet someone skilled in movement techniques, I can be dragged to death." Qin Feng realized his inadequacies in these few days of fighting and said to the Elder Mu.

"Yeah, I have indeed observed this these past few days. I do have a with movement skills and defense, but they are all incomplete and very difficult to cultivate, so why don't you?" Elder Mu said.

"Ye-yes. It's definitely going to happen. It's better to be damaged than not to have any." Qin Feng said happily.

"Close your eyes. I will pass on my cultivation method to you." Elder Mu said.

Qin Feng closed his eyes, following that, a message was transmitted into Qin Feng's mind.

Heavenly Thunder Tyrant Body!

Advanced Yellow Ranked Cultivation Methods

Drawing heavenly thunder to temper the body and cultivate to the highest level, the Thunder God's Tyrant Body. The heavenly thunder can attack and use the Battle skills as a defense.

divine fire clone!

Advanced Yellow Ranked Cultivation Methods

Cultivating requires swallowing a type of spiritual fire, allowing one to borrow the spiritual fire to travel between the ranks of spirit energy. Cultivating to the point where the mastery can condense fire into a human body is the same as moving a body, allowing the user to move around at will and ignore distance.

"These two Cultivation Methods s were all given to me by the strong person who begged me to carve the Inscription for them back then.

Initially, I did not want to accept it, but I heard that after gathering all of them, they can be promoted to Earth Rank Cultivation Methods, and it was only accepted on a whim, but now it seems that it is rather suitable for you. " Elder Mu said.

"Hmm, I understand the Heavenly Thunder Tyrant Body, but I do not understand the divine fire clone, is it not a clone? How can it be considered a Battle skills? " Qin Feng asked doubtfully.

"Hehe, this divine fire clone needs to devour a type of spiritual fire in order to be able to cultivate. After cultivating, one will be able to freely travel through the spirit energy and ignore the resistance of the spirit energy.

Do you know why Cultivation Level s can only fly through the air when they reach a certain degree? It is precisely because of the existence of the Spirit Qi resistance, that can only be broken through when the Cultivation Level reaches a certain point. The Elder Mu explained with a smile.

Qin Feng was shocked, and then ecstatic. Did that mean that after he mastered divine fire clone, his own speed would be number 1 on land?

He only had the first three levels, if he were to gather all of them in the future, how strong would this set of Cultivation Methods be?

It's just that there are currently no spiritual fire s, so I am unable to cultivate this divine fire clone, so I can first cultivate this Heavenly Thunder Tyrant Body.

Qin Feng immediately found a cave and started his closed door cultivation.

The Heavenly Thunder Tyrant Body was too tyrannical, ordinary people could not cultivate it at all. The first step of cultivation was to draw lightning to temper the body, allowing the body to have a certain amount of lightning attribute, and then introduce it into the meridians in the body.

The difficulty and pain were obvious.

"Feng Zi, later on, find a more spacious place and I will help you inscribe the inscription array. The Power used to weaken the heavenly thunder will then use my Soul Power to protect your soul. Elder Mu said.

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