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The next day!

"Un, but what is going on with the inscription array? Isn't Inscription different from a formation? " Qin Feng asked.

"Hehe, this inscription array was created by a Ghost Genius Inscription Master of the Paleogene. He ingeniously combined the Inscription and array to create this inscription array.

But the inscription array is different from the array, the array can change its shape according to the user's will, and can be used multiple times, and the inscription array will be a one-time use, when the Inscription runs out of array, it will disappear, and it cannot change the array's shape. " The Elder Mu explained.

Half a day later, on the peak of a mountain.

"Feng Zi, take this, stick it on your body, this is a Lightning Summoning Symbol that I carved. After a while, the heavenly thunder will be attracted by this Lightning Summoning Symbol, you better be prepared." Elder Mu said.

"Lightning Summoning Symbol? This Inscription really has a lot of uses. " After he sighed with emotion, Qin Feng found a place to sit cross-legged.

Then, Elder Mu began to inscribe the inscription array. After around an hour, Elder Mu walked in front of Qin Feng and returned to Qin Feng's left eye.

"Feng Zi, I am going to protect your soul now, you can start summoning thunder, the lightning devouring array will help you weaken the heavenly thunder, now it's up to you." Elder Mu's aged voice sounded out in Qin Feng's mind.

"Are you trying to draw in thunder to temper your body? I will definitely succeed. " Qin Feng placed the Lightning Summoning Symbol on top of his body. Elder Mu slightly injected some of the Spiritual Energy, causing the Lightning Summoning Symbol to suddenly flourish.

Rumble rumble rumble!

looked at the black mass of thundercloud, and couldn't help but feel his scalp go numb. Such a massive formation, could it be that this was the legendary Five Thunder Dojo?


A row of heavenly thunder slashed down, and the inscription array around Qin Feng suddenly lit up, forming layers of protection. The heavenly thunder s were continuously weakened, the originally thumb sized Lightning was now as thick as a chopstick.


The Lightning that was as thick as chopsticks struck onto Qin Feng's body, causing the latter's body to tremble continuously.


Qin Feng screamed in pain. At this moment, not only was the whole body smoking from the cut, the Power of thunder and lightning had also entered Qin Feng's Sea of Consciousness and started to wrap around the soul.

However, just as they were about to touch Qin Feng's soul, they were cut off by a bizarre Power. It was clear that the Elder Mu's protection had worked.

"Feng Zi, quickly activate the Heavenly Thunder Tyrant Body s according to the chant and draw the lightning into your body!" Elder Mu's urgent voice came out.

"How could I give up just because of this little bit of pain?" Qin Feng clenched his teeth, and used the last of his will to activate the cultivation method of the Heavenly Thunder Tyrant Body.

The originally berserk Lightning gradually calmed down, and started to temper Qin Feng's body and meridians according to the circulation route of the Cultivation Methods.

The thundercloud in the sky slowly dissipated, Qin Feng laid on a rock with his upper body bare, gasping for air.

"Huu huu, this training method is simply masochistic!" Qin Feng laughed bitterly.

"Hehe, the rumors say that this Heavenly Thunder Tyrant Body was created by a crazy blacksmith. Its cultivation principle is exactly the same as the smithing, and it needs to be continuously refined from the inside out, turning the body into a living humanoid weapon." The Elder Mu laughed.

"This blacksmith is truly crazy. Who would dare to try this kind of cultivation method?" Qin Feng said helplessly.

The path of the strong person was filled with thorns.

"The benefits you've obtained this time are not small. Take a look at your meridians!" Elder Mu said.

Hearing that, Qin Feng looked inside again.

Originally, the awakening of the evil god's Eye had already allowed him to be reborn. The meridians in his body were now five to six times thicker than others, and now that the heavenly thunder's body had been tempered, his meridians were actually doubled in size.

Originally, the rate at which Qin Feng's spirit energy was being absorbed was already ten times faster than others. But now that the heavenly thunder was tempering his body, the strength of his body was far stronger than others of the same level. Qin Feng believed that among the same level, there were not many people who were his match.

With the speed at which he absorbed spirit energy being ten times faster than others and the tyrannical Power s' bodies, the current Qin Feng could truly become one of the Genius.

"I should start searching for the spiritual fire now." Qin Feng moved the body around and felt very satisfied.

"Why don't we find a Demonic Beast and move it faster?" Qin Feng suddenly had a flash of insight.

It was a moonless night.


When Qin Feng arrived at a valley, the sound of wolves howling came from everywhere.

"This is?" Qin Feng's left eye felt a hint of bloodline power.


He only saw a white fur Moonwolf standing on top of a mountain peak and roaring at the moon.

"Is this a mutated Moonwolf that has reached the Sixth Sky of Blood Refinement Realm? Unexpectedly, its body has the faint fluctuations of a bloodline power, and it seems to have matured into a Space. Qin Feng suddenly had the urge to tame his.

"What are they doing?"

"This is the wolf clan's special inauguration ceremony. The young wolf king is going to accept the challenge from the 100 challengers. If it fails, the throne will change hands." The Elder Mu said indifferently.

"This really is a good opportunity. After they have fought to the point of both sides being injured, I will go out again. Qin Feng said. He had already made up his mind long ago to make this mutated wolf king his mount.

Woo! Woo! Woo!

The wolf king enthronement ceremony had begun.

One hundred wolves madly pounced at White Wolf King, who was completely fearless, revealing his fangs that were like sharp blades as he charged towards the wolves, choosing to face them in the most brutal way possible.

A large wolf battle was going on in the valley, but no one noticed that Qin Feng was hiding in the shadows.

Wolves were indeed famed for their ferociousness. Even though the White Wolf King had displayed the most brutal side, constantly tearing apart the challengers, there were still a lot of wolves that followed suit.

An hour later, the White Wolf King had finished settling all its challengers, but it was also dripping with blood s. Its Body was still standing tall and straight on the mountain peak, roaring at the moon, declaring its authority as a king.

After the enthronement ceremony ended, White Wolf King dragged the body that was riddled with scars back to his own cave as Qin Feng followed closely behind.

White Wolf King sensed that an unfamiliar Qi was approaching him and immediately adopted a fighting stance. A binocular's eyes flashed with a fierce light.

"Hehe, wolf king, the current you is riddled with scars, you are not my match." Qin Feng chuckled.

Seeing how its opponent looked down on him, White Wolf King also roared and charged towards Qin Feng. White Wolf King opened his bloody mouth, the cold moonlight shining onto the teeth in his mouth, reflecting an ice-cold light.

Qin Feng remained as unmoving as a mountain, allowing the White Wolf King to slam into his body ruthlessly.

Bang! Qin Feng was pushed away by White Wolf King a few meters. He did not receive any injuries, but White Wolf King was in a bad situation. He felt that he had rammed into a hard rock, and not only did he not harm his opponent, he even hurt his own head.

Qin Feng held White Wolf King tightly and flung him with all his might. White Wolf King was immediately thrown away by Qin Feng and Qin Feng quickly stepped forward with his leg kicking White Wolf King until he vomited blood.


The wolf king wailed. It was injured all over, its fighting strength was greatly reduced, and now that it was beaten up by Qin Feng, it did not even have the strength to stand up.

Qin Feng looked at the wolf king beneath his feet and said, "I'll give you two options. One, I'll kill you now, take out your demon core and sell it for a good price. Two, submit to me and become my mount."

How could the White Wolf King allow himself to become a human's mount? But he couldn't beat Qin Feng, so he closed his eyes and ignored Qin Feng.

Qin Feng went forward and fiercely punched White Wolf King on his wound, causing him to grimace in pain and struggle continuously. However, he could only whimper in pain under the control of Qin Feng's pincer like large hand.

"wolf king, if you don't agree, that's fine too. I will kill you right now and take your skin and demon core to exchange for money." Qin Feng threatened.

Qin Feng took out the dagger he brought along with him. Under the shine of the moonlight, the dagger edge shone with a chilling light.

White Wolf King still had his eyes closed, looking like he could die at any time.

"Feng Zi, it's useless for you to do this. Wolves are arrogant by nature, and would rather die than betray their dignity," Elder Mu said.

"Should I let go of this great opportunity?" Qin Feng was slightly unwilling, he did not expect the wolf king to be so proud, it would rather die than submit to him.

Qin Feng was enraged, his eyes staring at the wolf king lying on the ground, it erupted and instantly, a wave of bloodline s spread out. Qin Feng raised his fist, wanting to finish this wolf king, since it cannot be used by him, then he would have to eliminate it forever, otherwise, when this wolf king recovers, he would be hunted down by the entire Wolf Tribe.

White Wolf King suddenly felt a tyrannical bloodline power exploding out from Qin Feng's body. It was unknown just how many times stronger it was, it looked at the human in front of him in shock, and its body trembled. This was a pressuring from a high level bloodline.

Qin Feng looked at White Wolf King's shivering body, and felt that it was a little strange. He had only used a little bloodline power, why was it so afraid, it no longer had its previous arrogant look.

"Howl ~ ~"

The White Wolf King deeply lowered his head towards Qin Feng. This was the intent of absolute submission.

"Could it be that it is afraid of my bloodline power?" Qin Feng was a little surprised.

And then he said, "Are you willing to submit to me now?"

The wolf king laid on the ground and nodded continuously. The Demonic Beast innately worshipped the strong person, especially those who owned powerful bloodline like Qin Feng.

After that, Qin Feng signed a slave contract with the White Wolf King, a slave contract that targeted Demonic Beast s. After signing, the Demonic Beast had to obey the contract absolutely, and if the Master died, the Demonic Beast would also have to die with the.

This was an extremely unequal contract, but White Wolf King was not displeased at all. This was because the strong preyed on the weak, and the wolf clan only respected strong person.

After the contract was signed, Qin Feng gained a sense of control over the White Wolf King. As long as Qin Feng willed it, the soul would explode and die.

"Hehe, I'll call you Xiao Bai from now on," Qin Feng said.

"Mn, Teacher, is there any way to quickly recover Xiao Bai's wound?" Qin Feng asked. He wanted the White Wolf King because he had taken a fancy to its speed, so before he mastered the divine fire clone, they were all decent transportation tools.

If the injury was too heavy and he was unable to move, then he would lose his value.

"This wolf king's self-recovery ability is already very strong, it's just that its own bloodline is too sparse. You only need to feed it a drop of its own blood, and let it strengthen itself. Within half a day, its wound will be completely healed." Elder Mu said.

Then, Qin Feng cut his finger and placed a drop of blood into Xiao Bai's mouth.

In Xiao Bai who had just eaten Qin Feng's blood, the whole body's wounds were actually healing at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

Not long after, he stood up and raised his head to look at Qin Feng. His heart was filled with gratitude and excitement.

"My name is Qin Feng" Qin Feng communicated with Xiao Bai through his mind.

"I am the descendant of the Moonwolf, the one with the Moonwolf. My name is Kuang."

"I think it's better to just call you Xiao Bai."

Under Qin Feng's request, he quickly accepted the new name of Xiao Bai.

Qin Feng rode Xiao Bai to the foot of a living volcanic.

"Sigh, isn't that Qin Feng? What kind of Demonic Beast was he riding? It's actually a white wolf. " Someone saw Qin Feng and said loudly.

Qin Feng didn't pay any attention to them and continued walking.

"Stop, you actually dared to swagger away after seeing this Young Master? Come over here and pay your respects to this Young Master. " An oily and powdered youth shouted at Qin Feng.

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