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powder-faced teenager had set his eyes on Qin Feng and wanted to snatch him away for himself.

"Who do you think you are, asking the Young Master to pay respects to you!" Qin Feng shot a glance at the youth, and said indifferently.

Even though he was only a Young Master of a second-rate family, outside the Secret Realm, he would never dare to act so arrogantly towards Qin Feng. But now that he was inside the Secret Realm, he had to rely on his own strength.

Furthermore, Qin Feng still carried the name of the waste, which was why this youth dared to be so contemptuous towards Qin Feng.

"You are just a waste, what are you being arrogant for. Outside, I will obstruct your relationship with the Qin Family by letting you take three parts, but here, I will let you know, a waste can only be ridden by others.

I advise you to quickly hand over that Demonic Beast. This Young Master can let you go if I am in a good mood, otherwise, it would be the same as beating you until you're half dead before snatching it away. "

The oily and powdered youth pointed at Qin Feng arrogantly.

Qin Feng laughed coldly in his heart. The other party was actually plotting against Xiao Bai, and didn't even look at the few taels of meat on his body.

"You just said, who is the waste?" Qin Feng's complexion's gloomy voice even carried a tinge of chilliness.

"Is there something wrong with your ears? I said you are a waste, Tianfeng City's number one waste, haha. " The youth laughed loudly.

"You will pay the price for what you have said." Qin Feng said coldly.

"Haha, did you hear that? He actually said he wanted me to pay the price? Did he think he was his father, Qin Tian? Hahaha. Even if Qin Tian was here, he couldn't do anything.

To be able to give birth to such a son of the waste, I think he would be ridiculed in the underworld. "

powder-faced teenager pointed at Qin Feng and spoke to the people behind him.

Immediately, everyone burst out in laughter.

"Originally, insulting me was already a capital offense, but now you actually insulted my father. Today, I will make you die in the most painful way possible."

Just as Qin Feng finished speaking. He jumped up from Xiao Bai's back, his five fingers were like an eagle's claw, grabbing towards powder-faced teenager's neck.

No one expected Qin Feng to suddenly make a move, and when they reacted ?

Qin Feng had already raised the youth's neck with one hand.

The teenager held his breath until his face was completely red. He did not expect that Qin Feng would suddenly attack, nor did he expect that he would actually be caught by Qin Feng without any resistance.

"Qin Qin Feng, you, how did you know that?" powder-faced teenager said with difficulty.

Qin Feng coldly looked at the blushing youth in his hands, reached out with his left hand, and broke one of his arms.

Ah!" "It hurts so bad!

The youngster trembled in pain as beads of sweat the size of beans trickled down his forehead.

"Young Master, Qin Feng, you dare?"

The young man's companion rushed forward to save him, but just as he took a step forward, his upper body was bitten off by Xiao Bai, leaving behind empty legs.

Seeing that, those who had wanted to take action at first, obediently stood there, staring at Qin Feng and Qin Feng, their eyes were filled with shock and fear.

Qin Feng did not stop because of that person's words. Instead, he grabbed onto the other arm of the man and crushed the arm inch by inch.

The youth currently in Qin Feng's hands had long since fainted due to the pain. Qin Feng slapped him on the face, immediately jolting the youth awake from the pain.

The sharp pain that came from the two arm s caused the youth's face to turn pale white, and the gaze he looked at Qin Feng with was filled with even more intense fear.

Qin Feng looked at the half dead man in his hand, and then a burst of energy rushed into the body, causing its blood vessels to burst out, the body was like a leaking water pipe, continuously spitting out blood s.

The meridian vessel all exploded as powder-faced teenager was thrown in front of Xiao Bai like a pile of mud. Xiao Bai opened his big mouth and quickly ate the beast.

"How, how is this possible!" The others all widened their eyes in disbelief at this scene.

It had only been a few minutes since what had just happened, and everyone present still hadn't reacted to it. That youth had already fed the Demonic Beast.

"Quick, run!" The Demonic Beast ate the human! " It was unknown who shouted, but it was only then that everyone recovered from their shock and fled in all directions.

"Run!" The demons are killing people! " People were usually pampered, so when had they ever seen such a bloody scene?

"Want to run?" Have you asked me? " Qin Feng waved his hand at Xiao Bai, causing him to understand what was going on, transforming into a white flash of lightning, he chased after the group.

"Ah, damn, how can this Demonic Beast be so fast? Ahhh, no!" Miserable screams came from afar, and before long, the air was filled with the faint smell of blood.

"What's going on? Even from such a distance, I can still see them. " Qin Feng was still able to see the scene of Xiao Bai ripping a person apart even from a hundred meters away

Is the power of the evil god's Eye beginning to show?

As Qin Feng was operating the left eye, he actually saw a heat induction diagram. He was able to see every bone, meridian, and vein in his body clearly.

"Is this the power of my left eye? "Even the Power's movements within their bodies could be clearly seen." Qin Feng was pleasantly surprised.

If he could even see the movement of Power, then wouldn't he only need to see the direction of the flow of Power in his opponent's body to determine the opponent's next move?

"From the looks of it, this evil god is not only a training cheat, but also a battle cheat." Qin Feng said in pleasant surprise.

"This shouldn't be all of the divine eye's abilities yet. I can feel that your divine eye is still trying to level up its Space." Elder Mu said at this time.

"Mm, I can feel it too. I wonder what new abilities will be available the next time I awaken!" Qin Feng was a little excited, and felt that his left eye could still be awakened another step.

"We should also set off to find the spiritual fire, hoping that we can successfully cultivate it as soon as possible." Elder Mu said.


"Wait, I sense a fire attribute Qi!" Elder Mu said to Qin Feng.

Hearing that, Qin Feng was overjoyed, riding Xiao Bai and ran towards the direction indicated by the Elder Mu.

When Qin Feng arrived at the entrance of the volcanic, the melts rolled about. The astonishing heat made Qin Feng not dare to go too close, and he could only wait at the edge of the volcanic.

"Hehe, Feng Zi, our luck is good, we actually found a Soul Devouring Flame!" The Elder Mu laughed.

"Soul Devouring Flame? "Is it very strong?" Qin Feng asked.

"This Soul Devouring Flame is an Innate spiritual fire, and is ranked in the top ten of the spiritual fire. It can cause huge injuries to the body and even the soul. It can't be better to use it to cultivate in the divine fire clone." The Elder Mu explained.

"Haha, this is truly a treasure that has fallen from the heavens." Qin Feng laughed.

"Don't be in such a hurry to be happy. This Soul Devouring Flame is hidden at the bottom of the volcanic. Its temperature is at least a few hundred thousand degrees. Elder Mu said as he looked at Qin Feng.

Seeing this, Qin Feng scratched his head, looked at Elder Mu and said, "Master, your inscription technique is so powerful, it can even weaken Power of thunder and lightning. Can you also draw a Talisman to resist high temperatures?"

"Master Talisman can indeed draw, but last time, because I helped you draw that Lightning Summoning Symbol, I still haven't recovered, so don't look at me again." Elder Mu said in a speechless manner.

"Then what should we do?" Qin Feng panicked.

Last time when you fell into the cold pond, it was this divine eye that saved you. Facing Qin Huai's Explosion attack, it was all thanks to the divine eye's defense, and now you can just rely on this divine eye to enter. Elder Mu said.

"But I don't know how to use it, I still haven't figured out the evil god's Eye's ability," Qin Feng said in a depressed tone.

In the past few days, Qin Feng was either busy cultivating or killing Demonic Beast. He did not even have the time to practice Inscription s, let alone using the evil god's Eye skillfully.

"This is your left eye. Feel it carefully, it definitely will work." The Elder Mu could only encourage him now.

Qin Feng had no choice but to close his eyes and ponder over the eyes of the evil god. After a long while, his eyes suddenly opened, and a purple colored Light instantly wrapped around Qin Feng's body, forming an oval shaped protective barrier.

"Then we can go down now!" Qin Feng muttered.

Then, he jumped down and submerged into the melts s that were rolling around.

"Chi!" "Chi!" "Chi!"

The intense heat was constantly eroding the protective shield.

"Feng Zi, we need to hurry up and find the Soul Devouring Flame, otherwise, when we lose the Power in our protective shield, things won't be good." The Elder Mu reminded.

Qin Feng used his strength and quickly shuttled back and forth inside the melts like a sword fish.

"Found it!"

The voice of the Elder Mu resounded in his mind.

Qin Feng suddenly rushed downwards. At the bottom of volcanic, he saw a cluster of black flame burning intensely, and the surrounding astonishing heat was being devoured by it.

"Looks like this Soul Devouring Flame has some intelligence. It is actually consuming the volcanic's heat and cultivating!"

As Qin Feng got closer, the Soul Devouring Flame turned into a ray of light and shot towards Qin Feng.

"Damn it!"

Qin Feng cursed.

He immediately took out the Meteor Sword and activated the field of gravity on it.

Weng! *

A circle of Dark Light s flew out from the sword blade, and the Meteor Sword in Qin Feng's hands became even heavier.

Being affected by the field of gravity, the Soul Devouring Flame slowed down greatly. Just as Qin Feng was about to retrieve it, the Soul Devouring Flame suddenly exploded.

"You actually have a backup plan? But today, you won't be able to escape from my grasp!"

Qin Feng suddenly retreated, taking out the Inscription he prepared beforehand, and with a chant, the eight Talisman immediately wrapped the wisp of fire within, forming a small scale inscription array.

Just as Qin Feng thought that it was a success, the inscription array twisted fiercely and a black flame rose up, engulfing the entire inscription array. In an instant, the black flame had turned into ten different strands, flying towards Qin Feng, and as Qin Feng was not in time, he was touched by a wisp of flame, causing a thumb-sized hole to appear in the protective shield, the terrifying heat also being Qin Feng's body.

At this time, Qin Feng released a strong suction force from his left eye. At the same time, he shot out a purple Light and wrapped it around the Soul Devouring Flame layer by layer.

Seeing that he had obtained the Soul Devouring Flame, Qin Feng heaved a sigh of relief and started to swim to volcanic's mouth with all his strength.


Qin Feng jumped out from within the melts and it steadily landed on a rock opposite him.

Due to the explosion of the Soul Devouring Flame just now, it had caused an uproar within the volcanic, causing the volcanic to immediately go berserk.


A column of fire hundreds of feet high shot up into the sky.

"Crap, the volcanic has exploded. We need to leave quickly!"

Qin Feng used his strength and rushed towards the exit like a vigorous leopard.

BOOM! BOOM! "Boom!

Just as Qin Feng ran out of the range of the explosion, he heard deafening noises, the entire volcanic erupted.

"Phew, luckily we ran fast!" Qin Feng said.

"Hey, look, that's Qin Feng right? Could it be that the explosion in volcanic was caused by him? "

"Could it be that Qin Feng obtained something from the volcanic that could cause the eruption of the volcanic s?"

"Let's go over and ask. If there's one, we'll snatch it away!"

"Hehehe, let's go."

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