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C1 Xia Zhi

It was four thirty in the morning when he woke up.

Outside the window, the rumbling sound of the garbage truck was moving forward in the thick night.

Every time at this moment, Ruan Nong's consciousness had the fat look of Zhu Bajie in Journey to the West. Zhu Bajie had turned himself and the raker into huge and opened up a path for Tang Seng in Stranglethorn Ridge eight hundred miles away. The master and disciple duo had only been able to pass through this difficulty when the heavens were responding to them. The lazy pig was finally irreplaceable in this chapter.

In the past 29 years, Ruan Nong had never felt that she had the fate of Zhu Bajie. At the very least, for life, even if Sun Wukong did not fight the heavens and the earth with valor and arrogance, it was not to the extent of using the smooth and sophisticated ways of the world to kneel on the ground and worship the high to resolve the grinding of reality.

Overall, she did not feel aggrieved.

But sometimes life just happened to be stuck here.

Ruan Nong tried her best to wake up the weak cells in her body and support them. Looking at the sky outside the curtains, her throat was dry and bitter. The furnishings in the bedroom had a curve in the dark night. When he looked at it quietly, it seemed to be flowing. It had a rhythm of quiet breathing. Everything was too familiar. This place... He had lived here with Chen Ziye for four years. It was not only the furnishings of the house, but also the chirping of the birds outside the house. When the streetlights lit up and went out, the cleaners used brooms to clean the floor. How could she not be familiar with it?

The phone screen began to light up. At this point, only Zhuang Binn would be willing to call.

"You didn't sleep well, did you?" Zhuang Binn was not used to using courtesy as an opening remark.

"Yes, I always wake up at four. I checked online and found out if it was depression." Ruan Nong's attitude was very casual. She picked up her phone and used her arms to prop up her numb joints. She kicked her slippers and walked to the living room.

"With your alertness, it is impossible for you to be depressed. If you can't find Chen Ziye, you can just be anxious." Zhuang Binn's words came out of his mouth, but he had been careful with his words.

"No, he disappeared after he broke up with me. I can't even report the case. " Ruan Nong was a little confused. She tried hard to hold her trembling hands.

"I will think of a way to find him!" Zhuang Binn immediately cut her off.

"126 days. I'd rather he didn't say anything. "In this way, I still have an excuse to tell myself that I was caught by the pyramid scammer. But he told me to break up with Ruan Nong. " Ruan Nong was a little powerless. No matter what, after 3024 hours, she had no choice but to calm down and see that the decisive person was Chen Ziye.

So there is no excuse to guess randomly. Just find the person. Just treat it as buying regular finances. Even if it is closed, there will be a day when it will be exchanged." Zhuang Binn sighed. He tried to calm Ruan Nong down with his laughter. He considered his words and said, "It is like this. I feel that something is not right. I thought about it and decided to tell you. I think it is better to throw away the tickets in my hands. "

"What is it?" Ruan Nong stood up and thought for a long time. Clearly, she could not catch up.

"I have been keeping an eye on the USB recently. Looking at the finger again, I feel that something is wrong. But I can't tell the reason." Zhuang Binn took a deep breath. He wanted to take a deep breath, but he could not stop himself from being careful. He changed the shape of his mouth and quietly sent his breath out.

"It took half a year for the plate to run from 2000 to 5000. It was indeed very urgent. But I don't have the blue chip in my hand, right?" Ruan Nong's mind was like a vibrating thread in the space. She would go here and there at a time. If someone pulled at the side, they would be able to squeak and hurt, leaving some empty loneliness.

"Chen Ziye added a lever. You should know that." Zhuang Binn thought for a moment. "By the way, has he moved recently?"

"He moved twice. Forty percent. " Ruan Nong sighed, "So, he is not in trouble. He is running away from me!"

"Then, the stock market has risen for three months. It is time to set off. You first release all the goods from his account. He will naturally jump out." Zhuang Binn felt that it was a little too much, but he could not help but ask, "Did you take away your ID, passport, and clothes?"

"Yes, there was no news from his father either. The clothes and documents disappeared as well. He had changed his startup board and was looking for a promotion. "If I help him get out, he'll only change the password." Ruan Nong's nose was sore and she could not control herself." Zhuang Binn, does he have someone else? "

"No man would easily use his resignation and property as the price to break up. Besides, it was easy to get money from his account now. " You are Ruan Nong, not anyone else. " Zhuang Binn did not dare to continue. He deliberately messed up the topic," Today should be the day for the students' class, right? What is the purpose of this kind of training class substituting classes? When will it be the first time? "

"We were supposed to catch up to the bull market this year. We bought a house and got married. It's going to be the first." Ruan Nong looked at the watch on the table and mocked herself, "Now she is an old woman and has no leader."

"Luckily she's not married. Otherwise she would have to face a divorce now. This is worse than breaking up. " It really became an ST. " Zhuang Binn smiled and tried to comfort him. "It's nothing more than reorganizing your assets. It doesn't mean that your performance is bad. Ruan Nong, have some breakfast. I want to sleep for a while. It's summer. Take it easy."

When Ruan Nong stopped, she noticed that the glaring sunlight had already silently spread all over her body. It was only six o'clock. The summer solace was that it was clearly dark at four o'clock, but the sky was bright in an instant.

She had already drunk two large cups of water, but she still couldn't stop sweating and her heart was hot. The dust floating in the air seemed to be magnified as it coiled around his mouth and nose. The water flowing in the tap still carried the hot smell of yesterday's evening. She threw it onto her face and swallowed it with no strength. She no longer had any patience. She randomly washed up a few times and took out cold milk from the fridge. As she drank, she picked out the books for today's class and tried her best to recall the contents of each student's class.

From the moment she left the unit door, Ruan Nong's entire body seemed to be covered by an invisible steam cover. It was transparent and held her breath. And she seemed to have a stable and constant temperature in this space. The sunlight penetrated through the gaps in the leaves. It was bright and shiny. Like rays that were immediately released in the brain, they began to arrange, turn, repair, and revise. Yesterday's big plate index and the list of votes were like upside down bone cards that were flying around one after another. This kind of calmness, For a moment it was as if the heart were flowing through his body, filling him with an indescribable peace.

Yes, it was completely and utterly calm.

Until he stepped into the campus, this feeling was soaking in some sort of steam. The sleeplessness and sleeplessness intertwined with each other, gradually splitting and dying, forming some small foam flowers that slowly tightened and calmed down. Leaving behind a bit of an itchy feeling.

"Ms Ruan." Teacher Zhu, who was holding the patrol book, pulled her over.

"Darling, I'm all sweaty." Ruan Nong smiled and wiped her hands with the tissue in her hands.

"Your student is not here yet!" Zhu Yao was in the small reception room and adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner beside her, "Do you know how many KPIs the school booked for me this summer vacation?"

"50?" Ruan Nong was blunt and instantly felt a wave of cool. The wind in the air conditioner was adjusted just right by her.

"800,000!" Zhu Yao looked unsatisfied, "There are not many good students for me. If I don't need to stop class, I will need to activate it. Parents are hard to deal with. "High school?" Zhu Yao asked. "High school students can only attend classes in July. They don't have many holidays, so they can't afford to waste time in class. The renewal fees can be increased by a large amount. But if they don't attend, what's the use? In the end, the refund fee had to be refunded. One on one tutoring was this difficult to deal with. "I can't let any less students follow me. Who knows which student asked me to start."

Ruan Nong was very clear about Zhu Yao's plans. This kind of big organization that relied on its reputation to survive one-on-one was only responsible for fishing in the early stages of the consultation. The tutoring was the most important part of the process. If they did not make a fish pond, how could they increase the number of fish? Whether "feed" or "kill" all depended on the moment the tutoring master thought about it. As the last part, the teacher was merely playing the role of a bait or a fishing net. Zhu Yao always picked the most difficult high school students to deal with.

She thought for a few seconds and decided. "How many high school students do you have now?"

"There are five third-year students, and there are also students from the other grades. " They are either primary school students who crawl under the table in class, or third-year students who are in the middle of their youth. " Zhu Yao was not in a hurry. The words she said revealed a cold sense of humor.

Ruan Nong secretly counted the classes arranged by a few form teachers and was a little embarrassed. "Those five high school students of yours are all in language?"

"It's not hard for smart people to talk." Zhu Yao pulled the stool closer and quickly sent the students' scores to Ruan Nong's WeChat, "I knew you reserved a little. Did Huang Zijing take up all of your time again?"

"Do you think I have a bank reserve fund here?" Ruan Nong quickly scanned the scores and filtered out the names and schools. She quickly drew out the advantages and disadvantages of the students' respective subjects.

"Ruan Yuan, you are the only one who can help me." She looked at him with certainty, but she was very sincere in trying to please him.

"I can only give you three students. Every student will be given two times a week. Think of a way to let them expand their subjects. The ones that can be charged will only be seen when the time comes." Ruan Nong looked at the list of science students and did not pay attention to any of them. This was even more confusing than playing with the size of a sieve cup.

"This Sang Tian, you have to give me three points." Zhu Yao did not avoid it and spoke frankly about the difficulty, "I still understand this child. He is considered a second generation official. He is very smart, but he is lazy. During the summer holidays, he often stays at home. If his mother didn't make the decision, he would have a mysterious older sister, and his father wouldn't be able to get in. "He spent two years here, and he made up for his mathematics."

Yo, "Wang Yao said. This family has such an idea. Just calm down." Ruan Nong smiled and looked at the time. She leaned back in her chair, "Huang Zijing spent two million during the summer vacation. She did not say anything. How did she do it?"

You have a good relationship with her. You do not know? " Zhu Yao looked at the glass at the door from time to time. She lit the student and did not forget to draw a note on the book.

"You just broke through from the language. You are a bit of a deviant." Ruan Nong looked at Sang Tian's score and really did not understand that she had to pick up such a tough bone to chew on.

"I will leave the students to you. There are too many benefits. Giving out points is also convenient. At the same time, I'll change my learning habits. The third-year students and their parents were very realistic. If they didn't play tricks, they would just score. One test, two tests, three tests, which one wasn't a hard indicator? If they had points, they would do whatever they wanted. The renewal fees would come sooner or later. "This Sang Tian, take good care of it. It's definitely a big order of over a hundred thousand." Zhu Yao immediately opened a dialog box and began to consider her choice of words before sending it to the students.

"There are strategies and you also have foresight." Ruan Nong was a little proud. She stood up and pulled the door open, "You can trick me into working for you. You have to give me a whole halo when you leave after class."

"You have a halo." Zhu Yao came casually and naturally. But Ruan Nong believed that her compliment was true. Even the steam cover on her head shook three times.

In this school that could earn tens of millions from consulting and teaching operations at the end of the year, Ruan Nong admired people like Zhu Yao. The goal was clear. Her thoughts were clear and she never beat around the bush. He didn't take it for granted. Authentic Education was a well-known brand, and K12's general curriculum was one of the top three in the country. The reason why they were able to cultivate such a powerful sales team... Ruan Nong was also sometimes very confused. After staying for almost three years, she was the same as Zhu Yao. They worked together but did not go along with the flow. She only set the requirements for the students she wanted to take and the classes she could attend every day. She wanted this kind of organization to buy all of her time. It would be unfair to ask such an organization to buy all their time in exchange for less than a third of the student's time.

This was a newly promoted second-tier city. Teachers who had to pay 12 hours a day and ordered no more than 20 yuan per order, Ruan Nong admired and did not understand. She had calculated a sum according to the 30 days of a month. She did it according to the amount of time spent and the amount of money spent. A month's salary was only about 20,000 or so when taxes were deducted from the ceiling. But thinking, time, and physical strength were running and expanding in a way that consumed energy, slowly leading to exhaustion. This was a company's drain on employees. It was also an objective existence that a teacher was like a machine.

She didn't want to be a machine, and she tried to find a balance in real life. Her time had always been more valuable than the school fees. But what was she trying to do? From the moment Chen Ziye left, she started to feel hollow. All the beautiful expectations were in the kaleidoscope. They were pieced together and broken. There were all kinds of things that he didn't want to believe. After all, it suddenly became empty.

Clearly, the feeling in his heart wasn't like that. What exactly had happened to him? Where was he?

A hint of sadness and softness flashed across Ruan Nong's eyes. The mist crawled and it was hard to tell whether her face was covered in sweat or tears. Let it be. Anyway, it was "salty." It was a little bitter.

"Ms Ruan is good."

Ruan Nong looked up in a panic and saw the first student and her form teacher today. She smiled and flipped open the exam paper. Her brain spun rapidly. From eight in the morning to four in the afternoon, these numbers had already set her day of action.

That was good. At least these "words" did not need any emotional fluctuations. They could be counted as an exit. Two hours of good sleep in the afternoon. Everything would not be so bad. She encouraged herself secretly, but she was a little exhausted. Of course, when she smiled, it was still so gentle and fresh, with a layer of faint fog in it.

But when it was almost four in the afternoon, this kind of smile couldn't be squeezed out no matter what. There were all kinds of "one-on-one" noises in the classroom, which were mixed with English and mathematical symbols. In the dazzling light, it was like a concrete mixer. It was neither hurried nor slow, and it was boundless. From time to time, there were all kinds of "chemical" attacks.

"Little Ruan!" Zhu Yao was standing beside him at some point in time.

Ruan Nong wrote the list and entries for the students and did not bother to look up.

"Sang Tian is already here." Her tone was especially clear in such weather and it made a hole in the sticky space.

"I'll say it!" Ruan Nong did not want to flare up and instructed the students beside her to leave first. She lowered her voice, "Didn't you say to contact them first?"

"This is fate! He just happened to be tricked by me." Zhu Yao smiled very proudly, as if this number one contestant who was the hardest to defeat represented the opening of her own luck.

Today I attended three first class! " Ruan Nong did not have enough strength but could not shirk it. After all, she agreed too readily in the morning. The last batch of students was sent away on June 5th. Today would be the start of the next batch. "First class" had always been painful and hard to endure.

"Come, Sang Tian." Zhu Yao directly confirmed Ruan Nong's "acquiescence" and called the boy over. She also handed over the copied paper along with it.

"Hello, teacher." The boy in front of her seemed weak. At least in Ruan Nong's chaotic field of vision, he did not have a place to stand. Only the red T was a little conspicuous. It almost made her stagger.

"Okay." Ruan Nong was a little helpless and could only sit down and take the scroll from Zhu Yao's hand. "How much do you usually take in language exams?" She raised her head and looked at him.

"More than 90 points." Zhu Yao was one step ahead of him. She was afraid that this student would not answer the question and incite Ruan Nong's impatience.

Ruan Nong was somewhat surprised by Teacher Zhu's sensitivity and anxiety. She smiled and looked at Sang Tian. "Your name does not seem to be only ninety points in language. Is it because you are not willing to take out your potential?"

Sang Tian's head seemed to be burning. He suddenly looked up and lowered his head. His voice was neither loud nor low. "I'm not the one who decides how much you can get. What is this name? It's not something I can decide. "

Zhu Yao looked at the conversation between the two of them and did not know how to respond for a moment. She simply left.

"This is probably my role. What I want to talk about next is how much the language test is. It can be decided by myself." Ruan Nong habitually spread out and took a pen to start drawing the script modules, "The language of high school is accurately divided into the exam system and the appreciation system. The school is talking about the appreciation system and the college entrance exam is the exam system. So you will find out that the one in class who is seriously listening may not be able to do well in the exam. Those who secretly read fantasy novels would sometimes get the first prize. "Why do you think so?"

Because language is too mysterious. " Sang Tian, on the other hand, was very interested in the hot air.

"No, the language of the college entrance exam is a very rational calculation system." Ruan Nong's finger lightly shook. "Seven modules. Other than the 60 points of essay and 5 points of silent writing, the other five are the reading of the five types of articles. Think about it, In a month, these five types of articles might not be able to read. Then in the third year of high school, for an entire year, He could read them no matter how hard he tried. This was something related to the habits and rules of reading. You only know strategy when you have a macroscopic understanding of the essence. Don't be too price-performance ratio! "

Are you sure you can let me read it like this? " Sang Tian laughed. "My reading comprehension is different from other people's. English is the same."

"That's just a matter of angle. The language examination question itself is not scientific. There are a hundred people who understand it, but the answer does not allow it. It only requires general understanding." Ruan Nong drank some water and could not help but sigh. She muttered to herself, "Life is not judged according to science. What we want is to grasp the rules and take the results to serve ourselves."

"Yes, that's why I can get points. I admit it too." Sang Tian was obviously not lying.

"You were forced to speak Mandarin?" Ruan Nong smiled, even though her eyes were full of fatigue.

"That's not it." He did not comment.

"Okay, let's start!" The following words were like rotten springs, no matter how hard they jumped. Every minute and second in this classroom, it became heavier and heavier. It was hard to breathe, and gradually, it was close to exhaustion.

Taking advantage of the time, he looked at the silent phone. Zhuang Binn's WeChat had very few words. Clearly, it was very powerful. It made the numb Ruan Nong feel pain behind her back.

"Found him."

Sang Tian's peripheral vision inadvertently circled around Ruan Nong, who was "mutated." He was a little stunned. The light in her eyes was flickering under the hot yellow light.

"How about..." Ruan Nong looked at the time. It had already been an hour. According to common sense, Zhu Yao should come and ask about the student situation and choose to continue.

"Let's stop here today. I am also in a hurry to go home." Sang Tian was too familiar with the procedures here but did not intend to look for Zhu Yao.

"You?" Ruan Nong suddenly could not decide whether he would eliminate her or continue.

"Sign the class schedule for two hours. This way you can explain to Teacher Zhu." He had clearly decided on everything.

"Alright then. Next time I find an opportunity, I'll make up for that hour." She understood that this child was thorough and thoughtful. She didn't want to say much and wrote down the list of materials she wanted to buy for him. She intended to say goodbye.

"That..." Sang Tian wanted to say something but hesitated.


"I didn't bring any change. My mom sent me here. I guess I can only take the bus back now."

Ruan Nong looked at him in the red clothes and did not react for a while. She subconsciously turned her bag to look for money. "I got a bus pass. How about this, I'll send you into the station first, then I'll leave."

The two of them were like children who had skipped classes, falling under the square sunlight and having a rare resonance. The tall buildings could not stop the heat of summer, but they could not stop the urge to run away.

At least, Ruan Nong's heart was burning furiously at this moment. She wanted to clean up all the complications of the past hundred days.

She had to be thorough and happy!

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