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C2 Starfall

The air conditioner was a little cold.

The foot maid was like a layer of silver wrapped around the blanket, cool and cool. The blood was not willing to run. It was because there were too many particles that it could not turn around like a maze. The aorta artery in her heart could not be looked at. She tried her best to pull it back. Even if she shook the 'settling knot' like a swarm of bees and sent bubbles flying, she could still see through it.

"Come, my wife." Chen Ziye quietly turned off the remote control of the air conditioner. He stroked Ruan Nong's hair and put his arm under her neck. "It's a little cold, isn't it?"

"No..." Ruan Nong was lost in her thoughts. She could only feel his fingers stroking her hair.

"Be good. Don't keep blowing on the air conditioner. You will catch a cold." Chen Ziye's breath was like the tide under the moonlight. It rose and fell. It caused ripples around Ruan Nong's body. She could not get rid of her longing. The stars in the sky suddenly turned upside down and fled. Countless rays of light crisscrossed and cut the sky into a huge net, shaking and shaking in anger. It was on the verge of collapse.

A wave of pain pierced through her body, and blood gushed out from Chen Ziye's outstretched arm. His crushed eyes grabbed her deeply, burning bit by bit and breaking in an instant.

The red light soared to the sky and the heat flowed. With a violent twist, it rushed out of Chen Ziye's temple.

"Ya!" Her throat seemed to have swallowed something, and she almost could not breathe through it. Her eyelids were about to burst open, and the rumbling sounds continued for a long time.

Ruan Nong looked around in a daze, and the girl beside her was still sleeping soundly. The sound of the iron tracks shook violently like the heavy breathing of a beast that was temporarily resting. She subconsciously touched her neck. In her dream, Chen Ziye's arm seemed to be unwilling to let go of its heat. It circled around the back of his neck with a stinging pain.

The carriage was dark. The sound around them was accompanied by a heavy mechanical sound. It was like a toy train that was about to wind up. It was weak and repetitive. It dragged Ruan Nong through the night that was engulfed by darkness. Her consciousness was stubbornly throwing a tantrum in her dreams. She was beating her nerves and insisting that she pacify herself.

Her throat was burning with pain. She pushed herself to the ground, flipped down from the upper bunk, opened the lid of the mineral water, and drank it in one breath. That bit of consciousness was instantly beaten to the point that it was scared out of its soul, and it was filled with resentment and silence. The world outside the window was dark and unreal. It seemed that the veins on the back of the mountain had disappeared. Under the dry moonlight, a shadow was left struggling.

In an instant, confusion and softness intertwined and circled in the darkness, moving along the tracks. In the dream, Chen Ziye's attachment and determination were firm. In reality, he was determined like a ferocious beast, cold and violent, wanting to be separated from her. Ruan Nong did not dare to face such a person. He was so strong and stubborn, so hard that he insisted on all the willfulness and powerlessness of his master. He would only use harsh words to cut each other. There was no room for self-improvement or leeway. No matter what, Ruan Nong was unable to forgive him for having made up his mind, and she was even more unable to tolerate the matter between the two of them. He insisted on making a decision by himself.

He would make a decision if he made a decision. Ruan Nong did not want to think about why. Now that things had come to this, let's have a good time. Coming from a thousand miles, she actually had the courage to go alone. She wanted him to personally say a good word to her. Even that sentence from a few months ago could be accepted.

She wanted him to say it in person.

Ruan Nong could not control the spasms of her fingers. Her entire body was burning with anger and she could not control it.

She had never come to this place before. She had thought about everything and neglected the city of his university. After being together for so long, Chen Ziye always said that he would bring her to the university campus to hold hands and walk around. She did not expect that this place would actually become their final destination.

The people arranged by Zhuang Binn brought her into the hotel. This small city was warm and rainy. At this time, the sky was dense and gloomy, and a storm was brewing. They entered the room. The phone was already ringing, and on one side of it was the student feedback. On the other side was the message from the homeroom teacher urging class and adjusting class. Ruan Nong sat on the bed in dejection. She was a little gratified and full of desolation. She did not dare to recall how she had spent the past hundred days. She was a little weak. She looked forward to giving each other some time to calm down. She hoped that he would change his mind. She couldn't find out why he was so determined. They could not find a way to reverse the situation in Ruan Nong's mind.

Zhuang Binn called the room directly and forced Ruan Nong to use silent mode to control the world outside her body. It was impossible.

"Two days, quickly solve it." Zhuang Binn's words were straightforward.

"Didn't you say he changed his number?" Ruan Nong could not help but change the topic.

"I can't go to Singapore. Ruan Nong, there is no one else to let you go on this matter. " I have to come to a conclusion. I can't stop you, but it's a must to stop you in time. " Zhuang Binn did not hesitate and sped up.

I know." Ruan Nong touched her hot forehead and wanted to find some cold medicine to take.

"You won't be in trouble, will you?" Zhuang Binn suddenly felt a bit conflicted and could not say anything. He tried to confirm, "If you are in trouble, you will let me down to help you."

"No. I will call him right away. I will solve the problem today." Ruan Nong did not dare to feel it anymore. She was afraid that a little bit of feeling could make her lose all her courage and release her anger.

"Then do as I say." Zhuang Binn thought for a while and said word by word, "No matter what Chen Ziye says, don't be stubborn. Everything you say is right."

"What?" Ruan Nong did not know what was going on.

"No matter what situation he is in, why or how he feels. If he is willing to see you, no matter what you say, you only say that I love you. I cannot be without you."

"What a joke. If I dare to come, how can I not leave him?" Ruan Nong's anger instantly became like a raging monkey.

"You can leave. Is there still a need to make this trip?" Zhuang Binn hit the nail on the head. He took a deep breath and said, "This is not a loss of value, not a matter of dignity, and it is not a matter of anger. Ruan Nong, even if it is a injury, it must be reduced to the minimum acceptable range. Moreover, what does he think? You have to give him a chance."

Ruan Nong rolled in pain in the silence. She fiercely suppressed all kinds of anger, unwillingness, and despair. The transparent gas cover on her head violently sprayed out mist.

"You need to control yourself in order to make the other party lose control." Zhuang Binn was calm and serious. He was abnormally firm. He had known her for too long. Weakness and courage tangled with each other in her body. A painful Ruan Nong appeared.

"I will listen to you. Bear with it." Ruan Nong did not care about her high fever and started to think about the next step. "What if he doesn't see me?"

"Do you need me to tell you?" Zhuang Binn smiled. "If Ruan Nong doesn't turn around, Earth will explode. "You are a person who maintains world peace. No matter what, you must bring yourself back in one piece. If I don't see him, he won't be Chen Ziye anymore. "

"I'm really worried..." Ruan Nong actually did not have confidence and began to suppress her inferiority and entanglement. Her suspicions were confirmed.

"Too exhausting! So you are willing to face it directly. I also admire you. " Just make all the necessary preparations. " Even though Zhuang Binn was on the other side of the phone, he could feel that she did not dare to overflow at this moment. She could not help but feel her heart ache.

"Okay. Don't worry." Ruan Nong put down the phone and looked at the time. It was already 4: 30 pm. Without hesitation, she took the landline and dialed Chen Ziye's new phone number.

"Hello." On the other side of the phone, he was so agitated that he was full of violence and weakness.

"Chen Ziye." Ruan Nong said these three words and started to lose her momentum. It was as if she had cast a magic spell to cover the silence of the other side. "The number you saw was right. I am here. I want to see you."

"Okay." Chen Ziye did not say much. He was afraid that he would leak his breath, so he quickly stopped her. "Send me the address. You stay there. Don't move. I will go and pick you up."

"How long do you need?" Chen Ziye asked.

"I'll call you later. "You stay there. I'll arrange it." Chen Ziye looked flustered. His words were stiff. He wanted to hang up the phone.

"I have a fever. Get me some medicine," he said. Ruan Nong did not know where she got her reliance and weakness. Her voice was trembling.

"Are you sick?" In the end, he could not stop his tone, "I knew... you... Wait for me there. Hurry up and send the address. " Chen Ziye put down the phone and Ruan Nong's heart was burning. The strange tide was like silver under the moonlight in a dream. It rolled to the side and frowned.

Ruan Nong fell into a tearing silence. She looked at the phone blankly. All the information about him did not seem so redundant. She was disgusted. But everything that she thought of began to tremble again and could not be sorted.

In less than ten minutes, Chen Ziye called her new number and asked her to go out.

Clouds covered her head densely, and the light was dim. Everything around her was gray. Wet heat spread under her feet, making her unable to walk.

The sky had already started to drizzle. Ruan Nong heard Chen Ziye's horn honking in a thin layer of fog. He rolled the window open and only took a glance at her before turning his head. His silent face was like an air pump. There was no need to add pressure and it was just there. He switched off the gear and turned on the rain mist brush. There were only two people left in the narrow space.

"You just arrived?" Chen Ziye hesitated and opened the silence first. He felt a subtle aura around his body and tried to change the topic. "Let me take you to dinner first."

Ruan Nong was a little confused. Her complicated feelings and his cold reaction made her brain nervous, but she could not think of anything.

"Are you still burning?" In the end, he could not help but turn his head to look at her. He quickly retracted his gaze. In Ruan Nong's breath, she felt that the thing was too hot. She could not stop her heart from churning and she spoke incoherently, "How about... how about... we go to the hospital first?"

"No need." Ruan Nong was resolute and decisive. She could not stand his cold and hot mixing.

Chen Ziye did not respond. He drove for four or five miles before stopping at a medium-sized restaurant. He pulled down the handbrake and got out of the car without saying anything. He wanted her to follow him.

As he passed through the hall, the door of the private room opened. A group of people were looking at Ruan Nong behind Chen Ziye.

She hesitated and was surprised. In the strange atmosphere, she was stunned for a few seconds.

"Come in." Chen Ziye pulled her back and gave her a chair. The others' words forced Ruan Nong to be violent and calm. She pulled the chair next to the seat, unwilling to look at Chen Ziye's expression.

"These are all my classmates, friends." Chen Ziye introduced them one by one. His mouth was not clean and he was unfamiliar with the awkward situation.

For some reason, the provocation and indignation in his heart suddenly filled Ruan Nong's wildly jumping nerves. He ruthlessly and calmly held down the trembling hands under the table. He nodded with a smile and did not say a word.

Chen Ziye did not introduce Ruan Nong. It was as if he tacitly approved of the "friend setting" and did not add any notes. He did not even have the courage to consider it carefully.

"Okay, let's begin your performance." Ruan Nong said to herself in her heart. Suddenly, she felt that this was the most ironic and comical meal in her life. She looked at him, who was blushing and wrapped up in embarrassment.

"It is fate that we have the chance to get to know each other. Come, let's drink first. " Welcome. " His classmate was the first to stir up this cocoon like atmosphere. He quickly poured a cup for Chen Ziye.

Ruan Nong was at ease. She took a sip and looked straight at the dishes on the table but did not focus. All of her words were like the wind blowing past her ears. Chen Ziye's conversation with them did not even count as food. They walked around and could not get in.

Zhuang Binn saw that he didn't reply for a long time. I can't stop it. Ruan Nong pressed a finger and hung up. She did not say anything. She encouraged herself secretly. It was as if the moment she relaxed a little, she would be in chaos. An hour passed.

No matter how deliberate Ruan Nong was, she could not let this meal continue. She only smiled at Ruan Nong, who was as thrifty as a gold coin. Chen Ziye was a little discouraged. He drank a few cups but did not dare to look at her.

The arrogance and dissatisfaction in his heart had devoured all his patience. Ruan Nong thought it through and greeted him politely. She stood up and whispered to Chen Ziye, "Come out for a while."

He was flustered and helpless. He was stunned but his feet did not listen to his commands.

Ruan Nong pulled the door of the room from the outside and looked at Chen Ziye in front of her.

"I don't know what you want a group of people to eat with me. I don't want to know what it means. I can't understand you. "But Chen Ziye, I am here because of my determination. If you have anything to say, just say it." Ruan Nong said every word as she slashed down with her blade.

I, I don't mean anything. It's just a meal." He was flustered by her words, but he didn't want to avoid her eyes.

"Then since it's meaningless, I'll just say it directly. I'll give you face. " After an hour, it's about time. " Ruan Nong looked at him with determination and courage.

I know. I... I know. " He looked worried and begged, "Don't be angry. It's not what you think."

"There are two choices now. If you don't have anything else to say, give me today's meal. I understand what it means. "Now, I turn around and leave. Tomorrow until the next day, the two of us will be strangers on the other side of the world and will never be able to see each other again. I will completely erase you from my world. " She did not know where her courage came from, but every word she said caused the rivers to surge, as if they were flowing in.

Chen Ziye was silent as he looked deeply at her. He didn't even want to blink his eyes. His eyes carried bitterness and unwillingness as he stubbornly blocked Ruan Nong's words.

"The other one, now you give us the chance to speak alone. We'll talk clearly. The choice is yours." Obviously, Ruan Nong's words were filled with bitterness and unwillingness. Clearly, Chen Ziye was in a trance. His eyes were filled with complicated emotions. She could not find a real person. But it was clearly real! His brows, his face, everything about him stood towering before her, and it was muddy and soft and burning amidst the killing intent. The countless stars in his eyes shot out a hundred thousand zhang long beam of light, desperately tearing apart the chaos in this world. He was running so fast that his eyes were dazzling and he was panting heavily with a roar. He held onto her and didn't let go.

Ruan Nong held her breath and looked at him. She did not dare to believe that this was a real illusion like a dream. She quickly blinked her eyes, afraid that it would be messed up. However, the bright red light lingered and flowed freely, swallowing her anger and brutality.

"I... You...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you want me to do?" His voice was probably drowned out by the noise in the hall. It was barely audible. However, that stubbornness and willfulness did not seem to care about anyone else.

Why were tears welling up in his eyes?

Ruan Nong did not dare to look directly at him. She took a deep breath and insisted, "As long as you say that in front of me, I will leave. I will not pester you."

He stared at her in pain. His hands could not stop trembling. His eyes were full of determination. He did not dare to move a bit. He was trembling with fear.

"That, that is... It's not that someone is looking for you. His phone rang several times. In the private room, a person holding Ruan Nong's phone stood at the side and carefully passed it to her.

Oh, okay, thank you. " Ruan Nong looked down at the screen and turned it off. She looked up. Her eyes were still glued to the screen as if there was no one else around, causing her to be confused.

"Okay." Chen Ziye did not know what to do. No matter how he thought about it, he could not figure it out. He took a step forward and greeted his friends. He picked up the key and said, "Let's go. I'll go with you."

A few people followed Chen Ziye. Ruan Nong watched him struggle and make up his mind. She heard the sound of rain. She could not feel the traces of each other's heartbeats. She was helpless and in pain. She looked at his back and found it hard to resist her attachment.

When Ruan Nong got into the car, he did not hesitate to start the engine and run away. He ran away as if he was running away from those voices and the stickiness just now.

Countless rainlines crisscrossed and entangled the road ahead. It was like a maze interweaving in the yellow and brown road lights. Chen Ziye was dazed and confused. He felt a deep sense of helplessness and pressure. He turned the steering wheel but did not know which direction he should go. Finally, he stepped on the brakes, hit the rain brush, and swiped at each other's complicated breathing.

"Ruan Nong, I, we broke up. It's a must." His words flew out of the rain outside the window. He was definitely not afraid.

"Okay... Why?" Ruan Nong swallowed the love and hate in her heart and asked coldly.

"I, I can't give you happiness." He mocked himself, "I, I can't give it."

It was like a train passing through a tunnel and passing through a hall. Ruan Nong closed her eyes deeply, "What happiness do I want?"

"Don't ask me." Chen Ziye could not control himself. "I, I can't say. But if you can't give it to me, you have to admit it."

"You admit it? You want to break up for no rhyme or reason, and you still want to admit it? " How should I admit it? " Ruan Nong instantly felt wronged and regretful, "Breaking up is a matter of two people. You need to make a decision alone. Why don't you ask me if I love you and whether I can leave you?"

"What's the point of saying this now?" Chen Ziye's phone kept ringing. "Ruan Nong, let me go. Don't ask about this. I did not do well. I am sorry."

"No, I... I cannot leave you." Ruan Nong could not control the tears pouring down her face. It was not only pouring down, but it also could not resist the unwillingness and doubt in her heart.

When Chen Ziye heard this, he sat stiffly and tried his best to resist the defeat in his heart. He was stiff and firm. "I am not normal. Really, don't... lower yourself to my level. Don't be angry. Don't cry."

"But... What exactly are you going to do? You're always like this. " You will only tell me your decision with a stiff mouth. I love you, I want a future. Tell me, you can't give it to me. "

Chen Ziye was silent. He could not pick a single word. Maybe it was the violent sound of the rain that disturbed him. The pain was like numbness. He was in a daze. "But this is my decision."

"Okay. Your decision. We have nothing to say." Ruan Nong was almost driven mad by his actions. She opened the car door and wanted to rush out.

"Ruan Nong, Ruan Nong..." Chen Ziye desperately stopped her and begged helplessly, "You are burning. Don't be like this. I will send you back."

"Chen Ziye, I really don't understand you. The one chasing me is you. " You are the one who wanted to marry me, and you are the one who broke up with me. You're the one who broke up for no reason. Why is it still you? Are you Chen Ziye or not? I don't even know you anymore. I... Why did I lose you? I want to go to you. I don't want... don't... the current you... " Ruan Nong sobbed even harder and complained. She could not stop trembling as she curled into a ball.

"It's my fault. I'm not normal now. Don't cry, don't cry..." His heart ached and he did not dare to look at her. He allowed the rain brush in front of him to wipe him away.

"Let go." Ruan Nong realized he was holding her clothes.

"Okay," he said. He panicked and was at a loss for words, "It's my problem. I don't have the strength and I can't give you a guarantee of reality. I can't give you..."

"Happiness." Ruan Nong filled his empty space. He could not say anything due to the dead axis, "You are not normal? Sigh, I really failed. After being together for so long, I fell in love with one man, making a man not normal."

"No. I, I can't give it to you. I can't delay you. I can't give it to you..." In front of him, he was like a spinning top that was whipped, spinning back and forth, unwilling and unwilling to let go.

Ruan Nong looked at him in a daze. She quietly looked at him. As she recalled inch by inch, sadness suddenly came from within. Wasn't the gurgling blood running wildly in her dreams? Why did she have to pull it out of her throat? The pain could not be any greater.

The feeling of endless despair wanted to be recognized by her.

She was going to lose him.

He was no longer her.

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