Assistant Affair/C2 Chapter 2
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Assistant Affair/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

James had no idea how she had known that the Pompadour was his favourite restaurant. Nor did he know how she had managed to get a lunch reservation for him.

He also had no clue how she knew the way he liked his coffee. He had never met the girl.

Currently he was sitting at a table for one in the Pompadour waiting for his lunch. A part of him was still fuming over his earlier introduction to Ms. Waverton. Where did she get the nerves to speak to him like that?

"Did you hear about Elizabeth Waverton?" He suddenly heard an elderly lady at a table behind him say. "What do you mean Elenor?" The other lady asked. Curiosity got the best of James as he started listening in on the conversation.

"Rumour has it she's going to quit her job." Elenor said. "O dear... She was one of the best things to ever happen to that company."

"I know, but apparently she doesn't' want to work for the new CEO." she continued.

"But how did she get to work there in the first place?" The lady who wasn't Elenor said.

"Ah now that my friend is an interesting story." Elenor giggled. "It was around three years ago when young Elizabeth Waverton walked into the McGregor building. At the time I was still working as the coffee lady, bringing it to Mr. McGregor himself.

I was in the lobby when she walked in. That poor girl looked hopelessly lost as she walked up to the front desk. Behind it sitting Natalie of course, she told her that her job interview would be on the top floor. Now Elizabeth was never anything business related, she was oh I don't know, some sort of thing that had nothing to do with corporate.

She went up to Mr. McGregor's office for a totally different job then she ended up with. Apparently there was no other job for her and Mr. McGregor said that he needed a PA. She told him that she wasn't cut out for that profession. But he needed one so badly that he told her he'd pay her double." Elenor laughed at that.

"So that was when the 'perfect' assistant was born," The other lady said sipping her tea.

"O lord no my dear, it took months for that to happen. At first, she was terribly clumsy the poor thing. Nothing seemed to go right, nor did she dress and look the way she does now. I don't know how that happened." Elenor said.

Strange, James thought, so she didn't want to be a PA in the first place... He still didn't like her attitude at all.

It was five minutes to three when Elizabeth entered the office of the late Mr. McGregor's attorney. The grizzled old man looked up from his desk and said, "A little to early as always Ms. Waverton." with a chuckle at the end that turned into a cough.

"Early as always Mr. Jacobi." She said smiling as she walked over to the man. "Need any help with that sir?" She motioned to the large folder lying on the desk. "No no no my dear, what kind of gentleman would I be having you carry that?" He said giving her a kind smile.

Together they talked and walked over to the larger conference room were the will would be read. It was when they walked in when someone cleared their throat.

"A Mr. McGregor, good to see you again son." Mr. Jacobi said as he laid down the folder. "My condolences." He said shaking his hand.

"Good to see you too Mr. Jacobi." He said flashing a rare smile. "Ms. Waverton." He said, losing the smile and nodding at Elizabeth. "Mr. McGregor." She said nodding back.

"Now all we need to do is wait for the rest, and then we'll begin." Mr Jacobi spoke sitting down.

It was an hour later when the reading of the will was nearly finished. That the first mention of Elizabeth's name came. In all honesty she wouldn't have even come if it wasn't for Mr. McGregor asking her personally.

"And last, but not least, my dear assistant and friend, Elizabeth Maria Waverton. To Elizabeth I leave my penthouse in the city, which I have tried to give her for the last three years but she never accepted.

Furthermore I leave her all the money in the bank account left in her name."

At this Elizabeth frowned, he had never talked to her about a bank account in her name? Why would he do that?

"Other than that I leave her my BMW, a car which has been a favourite of hers for quite some time."

After that he finished reading the will, but Elizabeth didn't hear much of it. She was confused, why would her give her all of those things? Why would he do that for her?

She felt tears stinging her eyes as she tried to blink them away. Her hands went up to her eyes as she wiped them away.

"Ms. Waverton are you alright my dear?" Mr. Jacobi asked her with concern clear on his face.

"I... I'm fine." She said noticing that everyone was looking at her. Quickly composing herself she sat up straight, "I'm alright."

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