Asura Continent/C10 Wise fighting
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Asura Continent/C10 Wise fighting
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C10 Wise fighting

The morning sun shone on the earth, and a new day began.

Lu Yang was still lying in front of the cave. His eyes twitched and he suddenly opened them. The first sentence he said was, "Father, father, where are you ?"

Lu Yang's voice echoed on the mountaintop. Other than an echo, no other sound could be heard.

"Father, father ?" Lu Yang had thought that his father would hold him tightly in the cave after he lost consciousness. Even if his father wasn't in the cave at night, he would still find him when he arrived in the morning. However, Lu Yang was disappointed. He slept for an entire night outside the ice-cold cave and didn't see his father. Only now did he suddenly remember that his father hadn't come to visit him these past few days.

Lu Yang began to worry. His father was his greatest reliance. If his father wasn't here, then it would mean that he had left the Lu Manor. Since that was the case, Lu Tao and the rest were even more reckless in their actions. What if they found this place and killed him by force? The moment this idea appeared, a rumbling sound came from Lu Yang's stomach before he could continue thinking about it.

Lu Yang was hungry. Having not eaten for such a long time, no matter how healthy he was, he wouldn't be able to take it, let alone a thirteen year old child. However, Lu Yang's perseverance could not be compared to that of an ordinary teenager. He tenaciously stood up, looked around, and prepared to go to the mountainside to find some wild fruits to satisfy his hunger.

An hour later, Lu Yang arrived in the forest halfway up the mountain. He quickly found a few green fruits and ate them in one gulp. After eating the green fruit, Lu Yang felt that he had some strength left in him. Just as he was thinking about what he should do next, he suddenly heard a series of footsteps on the mountain path nearby. He immediately held his breath.

Other than his father, the rest of the people in the back mountain were not allowed to come. Even if they had the command medallion, they could only come during the day.

Even if the person with the command medallion had arrived, only one person would have been able to come, and there would never have been the sound of footsteps.

Lu Yang didn't know how strong Lu Tao was or why he brought so many people here, but he was sure that these people would definitely come to kill him. Lu Yang did not panic. He quietly approached the side of the mountain path and used the surrounding trees to hide his figure. In the blink of an eye, Lu Yang arrived at the side of the mountain path. Through the crevices between the leaves, he saw a young man leading more than ten palace guards and quickly running towards the mountain peak.

These guards were all experts in the mansion, and each of them had the cultivation level of a Xuan grade. They moved very fast, and in the blink of an eye, they had covered hundreds of feet. Lu Yang looked carefully and saw the face of the youth leading them. That youth was none other than Eldest Young Master Lu Tao's trusted subordinate, Sun Fei. This also made him very sure that the person who killed his mother was most likely Lu Tao.

Lu Yang's eyes flashed with killing intent. He wanted nothing more than to kill Sun Fei right now and avenge his mother, but he did not do so.

Sun Fei ran towards the top of the mountain while commanding the crowd. He said in a stern voice, "When we get to the top of the mountain, be more quick-witted and don't let Ninth Young Master escape. "The Eldest Young Master has said that anyone who can catch Ninth Young Master, give him a Bone Refining Pill. If you cannot find Ninth Young Master, you will be punished when you go back tonight."

"Yes sir!" The guards replied in unison. They only listened to their master's orders, and did not care why they did so.

Although Lu Tao was the successor to the Lu family, he was still too young and didn't have any power. It was impossible for him to mobilize so many Lu Mansion guards. With so many guards moving together, even if one used their toes to think, they could guess that the First Lady of the Lu Manor, who was also Lu Tao's mother, was the only one with the authority to order these people to search in the back mountains.

If it was only Lu Tao who wanted to kill him, he would still have a slim chance of survival. Now that the Lu Manor's first lady had given the order, if he couldn't escape the Lu Manor, he would definitely die. Lu Yang had told him that he must not die and that he had to survive. He also wanted to avenge his mother. Gritting his teeth, he ran towards the foot of the mountain.

During this period of time, due to his Body Arts Fist cultivation, Lu Yang often ran around the back of the mountain. He had been to almost every place on the mountain. Besides running and exercising on the mountain every day, Lu Yang also needed to solve his hunger. The wild fruits on the mountain were the best food. If he was lucky, he would find some wild fruits that contained spirit energy and make a profit.

Therefore, Lu Yang was very familiar with the topography of the back mountain. Right now, there was only one way to successfully leave the Lu Manor, and that was to head towards a river at the foot of the mountain and swim outside the river. When Lu Yang first saw the direction of the river, he knew that this moat was a branch of Chu Tianhe. If he swam along the river, he would definitely be able to escape into the outside world.

Lu Yang did not know how to swim. Jumping into the water was no different from courting death. However, if he did not swim out from the river, he would die if he stayed in the Lu Manor. Lu Yang decided to take a gamble because he had read that if he fell into the water, if the river rushed him he might still be washed away. As long as he could get out of the Lu mansion, he might be able to reach the shallows.

Lu Yang quickly ran through the forest. After running for about two hours, he finally arrived in front of the river.

Beside the Chu Tian River, Lu Yang stood by the river, looking at the one hundred zhang wide river that led to the empire.

He didn't know if Lu Yang's luck was too good, or if there was some sort of divine will hidden in the shadows, but the originally calm river water had actually become turbulent. The current was very fast. If it were to flow at this speed, it was very likely that the water would rush out of the Lu Manor after falling into the water. Lu Yang glanced at the center of the river and took a deep breath, preparing to jump into the water.

But at this time, a scene that Lu Yang did not expect happened. Sun Fei's voice suddenly came from behind, "Ninth Young Master, we have been looking for you for a long time. We did not expect you to be hiding here. Let me see, what do you want to do now? Did you know you were going to die, so you wanted to drown yourself? "Haha ?"

Sun Fei laughed brazenly. There were only a few guards standing behind him, so it was obvious that the rest were still looking for Lu Yang at the back of the mountain.

Lu Yang cursed silently and was about to jump into the river when Sun Fei's voice came again, "Ninth Young Master, I advise you not to jump into the river. Can you jump down as fast as my arrow? As long as I move my finger, the arrow will hit your body. Even if you jump down, there is no chance of survival. "

Hearing those words, Lu Yang's face darkened and he turned around unwillingly.

The next moment, Lu Yang saw that Sun Fei did not have a bow and arrow in his hand and angrily said, "You liar ?"

Sun Fei laughed loudly, a glint flashed in his eyes, revealing the wisdom that someone his age could not possess, "That's right, I am lying to you." As the saying goes, 'One should not be afraid of the enemy, but one should not be afraid of the enemy'. " With that, he pulled out the long sword at his waist and pointed it at Lu Yang, saying in a dense voice, "Ninth Young Master, you have lost your only chance to live. Now you can die."

Lu Yang subconsciously took a few steps back. He was getting closer and closer to the river. If he took just a few more steps, he would be able to jump into the river.

Sun Fei had already seen through Lu Yang's thoughts. He said coldly, "Ninth Young Master, I advise you not to retreat anymore. Do you want to retreat faster or do you want me to kill you faster? "You have to know that you are just a mortal, and I am a peak late stage Yellow Ranked martial artist. As long as you run away, I will be able to decapitate you."

Lu Yang halted his steps. He had to find a suitable opportunity to escape, and that chance could only come once.

As the saying goes, pressure can change a person. It can make a person fall, and it can also make them mature.

Lu Yang was the latter. He had already learned how to think and analyze problems independently. This was something he had never had before. Even if he had, he would never have thought about something so calmly. Lu Yang knew that now was not the best time to jump into the river. He had to make Sun Fei turn careless, so he asked, "I want to know, you guys want to kill us."

"Why?" Sun Fei looked at the guards around him and said, "You guys go back first and receive your rewards from the butler!"

"Yes sir!" The guards put away their swords and quickly left. In the blink of an eye they disappeared into the forest.

Sun Fei walked towards Lu Yang step by step. When he was still more than thirty meters away from Lu Yang, he stopped and jokingly said, "Ninth Young Master, you don't have to worry. I won't kill you right now. I know you have a lot of doubts, and I really want to know the reason behind them. I will make you die with grievances and leave this world without any regrets, haha ? "

"Oh, that's wrong. Your only regret is that you are unable to avenge your mother. I can't help you with that." Sun Fei coldly laughed a few times and continued, "In fact, if you have to blame something, you can only blame your bad fate." Sun Fei coldly laughed a few times and continued, "If you have to blame something, you can only blame your bad fate.

No matter how stupid Lu Yang was, he understood the reason behind this. He said resentfully, "I've never thought of fighting with him for the position of the successor, so I wouldn't do that ?"

Sun Fei coldly snorted and ridiculed, "Interesting, do you think we will believe your words? Who knows if you will secretly train your strength just like the other direct descendants and then compete with the eldest young master for the inheritance right when the coming of age ceremony? In order to be safe, in order to prevent future troubles, you have to die ? "

Lu Yang bitterly smiled and lowered his head as if resigned to his fate. He then raised it and looked at Sun Fei, "I know that I will definitely die. But before I die, can you promise me one thing?"

"Oh, you still have last words?" Sun Fei looked at Lu Yang in surprise and asked with interest, "Tell me! "I also want to know what you want to say. If possible, I will agree to it."

Lu Yang didn't waste any time and said seriously, "I hope you can bury my mother. Thank you." As he spoke, he cupped his fists and bowed.

Sun Fei was stunned for a moment and said in surprise, "Everyone says you are very filial. Seems like it's true. When you die, you are not thinking about how to escape, but how to care about your mother."

Lu Yang laughed self-deprecatingly and asked in reply, "Do you think I can escape?"

"You still know your own limits. No matter how capable you are, you won't be able to escape me ?" Sun Fei had just said this when he suddenly had a change in expression. His face darkened as he angrily said, "Little trash, do you think you can escape while I'm not paying attention?" As he spoke, he suddenly exerted force through his legs, jumped up on the spot, and slashed towards Lu Yang's back.

If this sword were to land on Lu Yang's body, then even if Lu Yang was the God of Heaven himself, he would undoubtedly die after falling into the water.

However, miracles always happened at the last moment. Lu Yang seemed to know that something like this would happen, and the moment he jumped into the river, he did a somersault in the air and actually flipped over. Then, Lu Yang quickly kicked out his right leg and kicked away the flying sword. At the same time, his left foot kicked Sun Fei's abdomen, borrowing the force of the kick to quickly fall into the river.

The moment he fell into the water, Lu Yang looked coldly at Sun Fei. What kind of pair of eyes were those? They were so cold that there was not even the slightest bit of emotion in them.

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