Asura Continent/C11 It is difficult to escape death
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Asura Continent/C11 It is difficult to escape death
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C11 It is difficult to escape death

"Splash!" Lu Yang fell into the water, splashing water everywhere.

Seeing the place where Lu Yang fell into the water, Sun Fei clenched his fist in regret, "Damn it, he actually let him run away..." He stood by the river and watched for a while. He sneered: "I didn't expect you to not know how to swim. Even if you jumped into the river you would not be able to escape death."

When he arrived in front of the bamboo forest, he stopped and said to Wang Feng and Zhang Hu, "Eldest Young Master told me to tell you two, that you are not to tell anyone about what happened today. I know that you are the servants of the old master, but the heir to the Lu family is the eldest young master. If you tell the truth about what happened today, I won't need to explain the consequences of the young master's actions in front of the head of the family! "

Wang Feng and Zhang Hu were both stunned. When they saw Sun Fei leading a group of guards to search the mountain this morning, they felt that something was amiss. Normally, they would immediately notify Lu Zhentian. But now, Lu Zhentian was not in the mansion because of some matters, and since Sun Fei had the token, they had no way to stop him.

Now that they heard this, Wang Feng and Zhang Hu looked at each other. No matter how foolish they were, they could guess what was going on. They cupped their fists and said at the same time, "Brother Sun Fei, reply to Eldest Young Master and don't worry. We didn't see anything. However, if someone asks us about Ninth Young Master's disappearance, how will we answer that? "

Sun Fei coldly snorted, as if he had seen through their thoughts, and warned them: "You two are the best not to speak carelessly, as the saying goes, seeing is believing, hearing is believing, and what you don't know, don't make wild guesses. Also, what has Ninth Young Master's matter got to do with me? I haven't seen Ninth Young Master for a long time. Maybe he really has disappeared! "

Having said so, Sun Fei glared at the two of them. With a wave of his sleeve, he turned around and left without looking back.

After Sun Fei left for a long time, Wang Feng also curled his lips and said unhappily, "What are you pretending for? If it wasn't for the young master protecting you, you wouldn't dare to speak to us like this."

Zhang Hu's eyeballs rolled in his eye sockets. He couldn't help but ask, "Brother Wang, I have a feeling that something isn't right. Could it be that they really killed Ninth Young Master?"

"With Eldest Young Master's temper and his current ability, there is a possibility of him killing Ninth Young Master. "If nothing unexpected happens, Ninth Young Master is already dead." Although Sun Fei did not like Lu Yang, he hated the bullying Lu Tao more in comparison. If Lu Tao had become the head of the Lu family, the first thing he would do would probably be to kill them because they knew this secret.

Although Zhang Hu had already guessed that possibility, when Wang Feng said it, he still found it hard to believe. He exclaimed, "It can't be! Did the eldest young master really kill the ninth young master? Didn't that brat Sun Fei want us to keep our secrets? Even if the Old Master asks, are we going to pretend that we don't know? "

Wang Feng nodded and said helplessly, "What else can we do? The eldest young master even dares to kill the Ninth Young Master. Do you think he will kill us too if this is to blow up? " He paused before continuing, "We are now guarding the back mountain. Eldest Young Master doesn't dare to do anything to us. If Eldest Young Master finds an excuse to make us leave, killing us would be easy."

Zhang Hu thought about it and felt that it was logical. He nodded his head and said, "That's right! If he truly wants to kill us, are we still afraid that he will not be able to do so? "

Wang Feng looked at him and gave him a look that said "don't worry, don't worry. Do you know why Eldest Young Master still doesn't dare to kill us? If he were to make a move now, then the Ninth Young Master would also be dead, and as long as we weren't stupid, we would all be able to think of the reason. On the other hand, if we were to conceal something, even if the Old Master had doubts in his heart, he would not pursue it.

"Brother Wang, you're right. What if Eldest Young Master finds an excuse to drive us away?" Zhang Hu's brain wasn't sharp enough, so he rarely thought about such things.

Wang Feng waved his hand and said without worry, "If Eldest Young Master is smart, he wouldn't attack us now. We can pretend that nothing happened and help him trick Master. If an excuse is found to drive us away, we will immediately inform the Lord, and even if the Lord does not believe, we will still be able to keep our lives. "

Wang Hu nodded and said, "That's for the future! First Young Master has become the Patriarch, wouldn't we ? "

"Patriarch?" Wang Feng sneered, and said with some disdain, "It's not that I look down on him, Lu Tao. If it wasn't for him having a good mother, how could he have become the Patriarch just like that? However, if he wants to be the Patriarch, he will need to wait for at least ten years, or maybe even longer. Can't we get rid of his control after so long? As long as he leaves the Patriarch to cultivate his body technique, we will apply to the Old Master to leave the Lu Manor. "

Poor Lu Yang, at this time, did not know that his disappearance and his mother's death would become a mystery within the Lu mansion in a short period of time. Other than Lu Zhentian, no one else wanted to solve this mystery. They all felt that there was no need to do this for a bastard. Even though Lu Zhentian was the head of the Lu family, he had no reason to investigate Lu Yang's death.

In the Lu Manor, a burst of excited laughter came from Lu Tao's room, "Sun Fei, I heard from the guard that you've found that trash. Now that you're back, are you going to tell me the good news?"

Sun Fei's expression turned ugly. He wanted to say that Lu Yang was dead, but if Lu Yang was not dead, then who would be responsible for this crime? He understood the temperament of the Eldest Young Master. As a subordinate, he could be useless, but he could not deceive his master. Once he was deceived, the consequences would be severe, and he might even be killed on the spot.

All of these advantages and disadvantages flashed through his mind, and he finally decided to speak the truth. He clasped his hands and said, "Eldest Young Master, your subordinate was incompetent and did not kill that trash ?" As he spoke, he knelt down on one knee.

Lu Tao was about to announce that tonight, they would be rewarded with a feast, but he didn't expect to hear such a sentence. His eyes suddenly widened as he angrily said, "What did you say? That trash isn't dead?"

"Yes, he did not die." Sun Fei lowered his head and said.

Lu Tao looked at Sun Fei in disbelief and said in a daze, "Impossible, how could he not have died? Could it be that father appeared?"

Sun Fei wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead. He knew that Lu Tao was thinking too much and quickly said, "Eldest Young Master, please calm your anger. Your subordinate ?"

"Calm down, calm down my ass! Do you think I can quell the anger in my heart? " If not for Lu Tao's severely injured body, he would have gotten up a long time ago and attacked Sun Fei mercilessly. He angrily glared at Sun Fei and angrily laughed, "How did you promise me last night? He said that he would definitely be able to kill that brat, but now he's telling me that he isn't dead. "You should know my temper. If you don't tell me why you came here later, you can cripple your own arms!"

"This subordinate knows that he was wrong. What cannot be done will never be done in the future." Sun Fei acknowledged his mistake and explained the situation in detail. Then, he said, "Eldest Young Master, although your subordinate did not see that trash die on the spot, I observed him by the river for a period of time. He did not swim, so it would be difficult for him to escape death..."

"Can't escape death?" Lu Tao was currently infuriated. Although this news was not bad, he was still a little worried that he didn't kill Lu Yang. He snappily said, "Yesterday you already told me that it would be hard for that piece of trash to escape, and today you also told me that it would be difficult to escape death.

"This ?" Sun Fei did not dare to speak carelessly. If Lu Yang really did not die, he would really cry.

Lu Tao stared at Sun Fei, then slowly said, "Sun Fei, you have followed me for so many years, and you know my temperament. You can say whatever you want, and I won't blame you. There are quite a few open spaces outside the Lu Manor. Could it be that you also want to go and be fertilizer? "

"This subordinate does not dare, and this subordinate did not exaggerate anything just now." Sun Fei was quite frightened. He knew that he was wrong about one thing and that his life was going to stay here, so he quickly said, "That waste doesn't know how to swim, so the probability of him surviving is not high. However, there is a possibility of him surviving due to the rapid flow of the river. This subordinate recommends that we send someone to search the lower reaches of Chu Tianhe. If that trash is still alive, the chances of catching him are very high. "

Hearing this, Lu Tao's face eased up a lot. He waved his sleeves and said, "I'll leave this matter to you. Remember, if you want to see someone alive, if you want to see his corpse. If this matter is successfully completed, I will definitely pass on to you even more powerful martial skills. If this matter is not done well, then when that trash becomes stronger in the future, it will not only be me who will suffer, but the rest of you as well. "

"First Young Master, don't worry. We will do our best." Sun Fei and Wang He clasped their fists and bowed before turning around to leave.

The two of them brought over a hundred guards and left the Lu Manor. When they reached the lower reaches of Chu Tianhe and were about to split up to search for him, Wang He found Sun Fei and asked in a low voice, "Brother Sun, what do you think is the probability of that piece of trash surviving? If he's dead beyond a doubt, wouldn't it be a waste of time for us to search for him like this? "

Sun Fei's face sank as he said with dissatisfaction, "You have forgotten what Eldest Young Master said just now. Let go of the tiger and return to the mountain, there will be endless troubles in the future. If that trash becomes stronger in the future, we will all die?"

Wang He snorted disdainfully: "To be honest, it's not that I look down on him, but even if he doesn't die this time, he will still be a vagabond in the future. Without an identity or a position, even having a meal was a problem. How could he become strong? Do you think it's possible? "I'll look along the river and bring the body back when I find it. If I can't find it, then forget it, what if the fish or shrimp eat it?"

Sun Fei's eyebrows twitched. Actually, he was thinking the same thing. It was just that under the pressure from Lu Tao, he had no choice but to bring his men out to act. Since even Wang He thought so, there was no point in continuing to persevere. After hesitating for a moment, he sighed and said, "Let's search for a while longer! "Even if we can't find him, we can't go back and meet up here in three days."

Sometimes, when Lu Yang was in trouble, there would also be times when he was loved by the heavens. If not for Sun Fei and Wang He giving up searching the surrounding forests, even if he had ten lives, he wouldn't be able to escape the pursuit.

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