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Asura Continent/C12 flight with severe injury
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C12 flight with severe injury

Indeed, Lu Yang did not learn to swim. After he fell into the water, he drank a few mouthfuls of water and quickly fainted.

Not knowing whether Lu Yang's luck was good or not, he followed the turbulent waters of the river and finally reached the riverbank. The morning sun shone down on the land, and a new day had begun. There were many birds flying by the river, drinking and chirping at the same time.

Although the sound wasn't loud, it still echoed in the quiet early morning. Some bold birds even flew to Lu Yang's side. Perhaps they also wanted to know if this youth by the river was alive or dead. Lu Yang's eyelashes twitched. He immediately felt an itch on his face and subconsciously raised his hand. Just as he raised his hand, intense pain came from his shoulder.

This pain made Lu Yang want to wake up completely. The moment he opened his eyes, a thought echoed in his mind: "I'm not dead yet?"

Realizing that he wasn't dead, Lu Yang stood up with much difficulty and looked around.

Those birds were also frightened by Lu Yang's actions. They flapped their wings and flew up to the treetops not far away.

The river in front of him was already in the lower reaches of the Chu Tian River, there was a shallow bank here, if the river water rushed in here, some things could be washed ashore. Lu Yang looked around. There was junk everywhere, including animal bones, rotten wood, and some old clothes. He could even see rotten big fish, emitting a putrid smell.

Lu Yang took a deep breath, his thoughts instantly returning to what happened before he jumped into the water. Those things quickly flashed through his mind like a play, especially the words his mother said before she died, they were engraved in his heart. Lu Yang felt his heart ache and he felt suffocated. He clenched his fist and roared towards the sky before turning around and walking towards the shore.

Lu Yang's originally naive eyes turned deep. He didn't look like the eyes of a thirteen year old child at all. The changes of a person often began with the unforgettable events, causing him to slowly mature and become a boy or a man. The death of Lu Yang's mother had matured him in advance and he had begun to think independently.

Lu Yang looked up ahead and saw a dense forest not far away. He hesitated for a moment before finally deciding to walk into the forest. He was not dead yet, as long as Lu Tao was not a fool, he would send people to search downstream along the river. If he was still wandering by the river, he was not sure when Lu Tao's men would find him.

Lu Yang felt waves of intense pain coming from his body. The place where the thorns cut through had already turned white after soaking in the water for a long time, and he was limping as he walked. Lu Yang gritted his teeth and endured it, not allowing himself to make a sound. After walking for about half an incense's time, Lu Yang felt that his surroundings were safe. He quickly arrived in front of a large tree and suddenly exerted strength under his feet. He placed his left foot on the tree and took a step forward.

In the air, Lu Yang waved his right hand and grabbed a few green fruits on the tree. By the time he landed, those fruits had already landed in his hands. However, after he landed, his legs trembled and blood flowed out from the wound, quickly dyeing his pants red. Under the intense pain, Lu Yang staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Lu Yang took a deep breath, gritted his teeth and bent down. After putting down the green fruit, he tore a strip of cloth from his sleeve and quickly bandaged the wound. These actions could be said to be as smooth as the flowing clouds and flowing water. It was unimaginably skillful. If someone who was not familiar with Lu Yang had seen this, they would have thought that he had done this more than once.

But was that really the case?

The answer was naturally no.

It was Lu Yang's first time being injured, so he was first to be bandaged. However, he had done this many times in the back mountain.

Su Rui told Lu Yang about these survival skills when he had nothing better to do. At that time, although Lu Yang listened carefully, he didn't take it too seriously. He believed that the possibility of using it was close to zero. Now that he thought about it, Lu Yang knew that his mother had already thought of today's scene and told him these survival skills in such detail.

Lu Yang was truly regretful. Back then, why did he not listen to his mother's words and reject his father's suggestion? He had originally thought that it would be a good thing. He had originally thought that he would be able to leave the Lu Manor with his mother after learning martial arts. However, he did not expect this would be the result. His heart was ice-cold. At this moment, he only had one wish, and that was to avenge his mother.

Lu Yang understood in his heart that in the face of the huge Lu Family, there were only two ways for him to take revenge. The first was to find his father and tell him about his mother's death, so that he could help his mother. The second method was to learn a martial skill. When one's body technique reached the peak of the late stage of Heaven Stage, they could directly kill their way into the Lu mansion to find Lu Tao to settle the score.

The first method looked simple, but it was incredibly difficult to actually do it. First, not to mention whether he could enter the Lu Manor and find his father, even if his father believed him, would he be able to avenge his dead mother? His mother did not have any status in the Lu Manor and could not even be considered a concubine. Even if his father wanted revenge, the elders of the family would not agree.

When Lu Yang thought of this, he knew that the first method was not feasible. He had a big reason for his mother's death. If not for learning body techniques from his father, his mother would not have died. Lu Yang knew that it was very difficult to cultivate body technique fist techniques. It was extremely difficult to cultivate to an extremely high level. He was not afraid of anything and only wanted to find a place where he could cultivate body techniques.

At this time, Lu Yang remembered something his mother had said. If one day he left the Lu Manor, he could go find a small family. That family had some old friendship with his mother and would probably take him in. Lu Yang thought about it, it seemed like he really had to go to that family. Right now, he had to finish eating and dressing first before he could have the time to cultivate his body technique.

Lu Yang only knew of one address and no idea where that family was. He followed one direction and walked forward. After about two hours, he finally walked out of the forest. In front of them was an official road that was thirty feet wide. On the official road, one could vaguely see carriages passing by. There were also many middle-aged men carrying hoes on their shoulders and dressed like farmers.

Lu Yang knew that the identity of the people in these carriages were not ordinary. Who knows, there might be people from the Lu Manor in the carriage. He hid in the forest and waited until the carriages could no longer be seen on the official road before he ran towards the road. Lu Yang's speed was very fast. With a stride, he charged in front of a farmer. He had to return to the forest before the next carriage arrived.

It was an old man almost fifty years old. He was walking home with a hoe on his shoulder. His figure was still considered robust and his chin was full of sideburns. The wrinkles on his face were written with the vicissitudes of time.

The speed of Lu Yang's feet was too fast, and the old man didn't notice the situation around him. He was startled when a figure suddenly appeared and almost fell to the ground, "Are you a human or a ghost ?"

He was slightly startled. After all, he had been practicing body boxing for a period of time, so his reaction was still quite fast. He hurriedly raised his hands to support the old man and said: "Old grandpa, I'm not a bad person. I want to ask the way, can you tell me?" He held the old man's hands together and spread them out, indicating that he meant no harm.

The old man looked up and down a few times and said, "Little guy, why did you come here by yourself to play water? What if you fall into the river?"

Lu Yang smiled wryly in his heart. It turned out that the old man saw him as a child running here to play, so he said, "Old grandpa, I was silly for a moment and came out to play. I didn't think too much. Now I can't find my way home, can you tell me? I promise you, I will never come out and play with water again. "

Seeing that Lu Yang was an obedient and sensible child, the elder touched Lu Yang's forehead and smiled: "You're much more sensible than my kid. Since you know your mistake, tell me where and I'll take you there."

"Tianyuan County, Riverrun County, Duan Clan Manor." Lu Yang quickly answered the address. Seeing the old man's expression change, he hurriedly asked, "Old grandpa, what's wrong?"

The old man did not answer him. Instead, he nervously asked, "Your, your surname is Duan?"

"No, my surname is not Duan." Lu Yang understood what was going on in the blink of an eye and hurriedly said, "I'm not a member of the Duan Clan, and I have no relationship with the Duan Clan."

The old man frowned and asked in puzzlement: "You don't have anything to do with the Duan Clan, why are you going to the Duan Clan?"

Just as Lu Yang wanted to say something, he thought of something and swallowed the words that were about to leave his mouth. He changed his tone and said, "Old Grandpa, I am the child of the Duan Clan's guards, because my father ? Father has done meritorious service for the Duan Clan, so the Duan Clan rewarded my father with a house. That house isn't far from the Duan Clan Estate. I'm afraid you'll be able to tell me the specific streets and the old grandfather doesn't know. "

Lu Yang wanted to say something about his father, but he remembered that only large clans had such a title. Normally, ordinary citizens would call him father.

When the old man heard this, he no longer had any doubts. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "So that's how it is. Brat, you scared me to death. If you were the son of Lord Duan, this old man really wouldn't dare to send you back." However, you're right. I have been to River Rush County once, and other than a few large manors, I really don't know the names of those streets! "

In the Western Chu Nation, there were a total of five levels to titles. They were respectively the son of a noble family, and according to merit, he would receive different titles. The Duke was the oldest, and could own a large territory. The baron was the youngest, so other than him, the rest of the titles could be inherited, with the exception of those of the baron. The Duan Clan was an inherited baron, and the direct descendants of these great clans were called heirs.

Lu Yang's face lit up as he bowed and said, "Thank you, grandfather, for leading the way."

The old man stroked the beard on his chin and said with a smile, "Children in the city are indeed sensible. Come, this old man will bring you there now."

Lu Yang did not dare to walk on the official road and hurriedly said, "Grandfather, I'm afraid that father will send someone to find me. When he finds me, he will definitely beat me up, so I want to secretly go back. That way, mother can ?"

Although the elder didn't finish his sentence, he understood what the elder meant. He thought for a moment and said, "I can promise you that, but you must apologize to your father when you return. Child, can you do that?"

Lu Yang nodded his head heavily and said, "Don't worry, grandfather. I will definitely apologize to father."

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