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Ye Hong's mouth twitched a few times. In the end, he didn't say anything and helplessly watched the two leave.

The two of them went into the guest room and sat down. Lu Tao said, "Uncle Duan, long time no see. Have you had any happy events recently?"

Duan Zhengyuan laughed and said, "Young Master Lu, we will be the first to inform you of the good news."

After chatting for a while, Duan Zhengyuan felt that he could inform Lu Tao about this matter. After all, Lu Tao was the future successor of the family. This time, Lu Yang's departure was very likely to have something to do with Lu Tao. If that was really the case, then their relationship would be even closer if they were to inform Lu Tao of Lu Yang's whereabouts. Once Lu Tao becomes the Lu Family's Patriarch in the future, the Duan Clan would be able to obtain considerable benefits.

As these thoughts flashed through his mind, Duan Zhengyuan probingly asked, "Young Master Lu, I heard that Patriarch Lu has a concubine named Su Rui. Is this true?"

When he said that, Lu Tao's expression became serious, because other than those with status in the Lu family who knew that Su Rui was Lu Zhentian's concubine, no one else knew about it. Lu Tao didn't believe that Duan Zhengyuan had obtained the information from somewhere. Since he was able to say it out, what evidence did he have after all? Right now, Lu Yang didn't know if he was dead or alive, could it be...

Lu Tao didn't waste his breath and hurriedly asked, "Uncle Duan, could it be that you've seen Lu Yang?"

"Lu Yang?" Duan Zhengyuan slightly smiled and said, "Today, a young man came to my residence. He looks to be around thirteen or fourteen years old. I don't know if he is Lu Yang or not, but he has the Lu Family's special jade pendant."

No matter how foolish Lu Tao was, he knew that the person must be Lu Yang. He said ecstatically: "So you're saying that Lu Yang is still in the Duan Clan?"

Duan Zhengyuan was an old fox, so he did not answer directly, "Young Master Duan, we are all people who understand, let's not talk nonsense. If you become a member of the Lu Family, how about you face the Duan Clan in the future? " He didn't say anything else after that because he believed that, with Lu Tao's intellect, he already understood what was being said.

As the future successor to the Lu family, Lu Tao could naturally hear the meaning behind his words and promised: "Uncle Duan, don't worry. If I were to become the Patriarch of the Lu family in the future, the trade cooperation between us will definitely not decrease. Not only that, the Duan Clan will not need to pay any gifts during the upcoming New Year festivals, how about it? "

A small family attached to a large family wasn't just a nominal affiliation. Every New Year's Day, they would have to hand over an expensive item that was worth tens of thousands of gold coins. Don't underestimate these ten thousand gold coins. The average person's income is only a few gold coins a year. If they ate normally, they wouldn't even need a single silver coin a month.

Duan Zhengyuan only sold out Lu Yang for benefits. He wouldn't do anything without benefits, so hearing Lu Tao's guarantee, he lightly smiled, stood up and said: Young Master Lu, I'll represent the Duan Clan here and thank you first. As you wish, that fellow is still at the Duan Clan. If Young Master Lu needs him, he can accompany me there tomorrow morning. "

"No, this matter should not be delayed. If that kid really runs away, it will be difficult for me to find him in the future. I'll head over to the Duan Clan right now." What Lu Tao was most worried about was that Lu Yang was still alive. Now that he knew about this, his heart had hardened. Since he had already done so, he can't give up halfway. If Lu Yang were to tell this to his father, it would be difficult for him to become the next head of the Lu family.

Duan Zhengyuan frowned and said, "It's already late at night. The city gates of Tioulang City have long been closed. It's easy to leave the city, but difficult to leave."

Lu Tao shook his head and smiled, "Uncle Duan, have you forgotten the position of our Lu Family in Tioulang City? As long as we show our tokens, they won't let us out of the city, right? "

Duan Zhengyuan was slightly startled, but then he nodded and said, "How could I forget about it. Young Master Lu is the future heir to the Lu family, how can he not have a jade token and a pendant?"

It was a pitch black night. One couldn't even see his fingers when he stretched them out. It was unknown just where the moon was hidden.

On the public road outside of Tioulang City, a horse carriage was rapidly moving forward. On the horse carriage sat Lu Tao and Duan Zhengyuan. People could be seen moving about on the carriage. These people were all guards of the Lu family and their cultivations were all at the Xuan level. They wore black night clothes and every time their feet flashed, they would move over 30 feet away. It could be seen that they were cultivating high quality Qing Gong martial skills.

Several hours later, when the sky had just turned white, everyone entered River County.

There were many families in River County, but they all had nobility. Only the Duan Clan.

Even the county governor would have to speak politely to Duan Zhengyuan when he saw him. Not only that, many descendants of the Duan Clan were even officials of the county, and the generals guarding the city were from the Duan Clan. That was exactly the case. Duan Zhengyuan only needed to issue a command for the city gate to close. Other than Heaven Stage experts or cultivators, even those with high cultivation were unable to escape River Rush City.

Just as he entered the city gates, the four gates of River County closed and the carriage sped towards the Duan Residence.

After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, the carriage stopped in front of the Duan Residence. Duan Zhengyuan got off the carriage first and said, "Young Master Lu, please ?"

Lu Tao didn't get off the carriage. He snorted coldly and said with disdain, "No need, he's just a piece of trash. He doesn't deserve me getting off the carriage to wait for him. Let him come out to meet me."

Duan Zhengyuan looked around. There were already people walking on the street, so he lowered his voice and said, "That's not good! If the matter were to be exposed and reported to Patriarch Lu, wouldn't that bring about unnecessary trouble? "

Hearing that, Lu Tao's face turned slightly ugly. He said unhappily, "Uncle Duan, you're on the same side as me now, could it be that you're still afraid of my father? That trash is dead. Doesn't my father know how to investigate? Could it be that he still couldn't find out that he came to the Duan Clan? Actually, you don't have to worry, I can tell Father that he accidentally killed Su Rui and then ran away in fear of his crimes.

Duan Zhengyuan was a bit speechless. Even children wouldn't believe these words, yet Lu Tao actually said them.

Seeing Duan Zhengyuan's face filled with disbelief, Lu Tao coldly snorted and said, "Whatever I say, you will do as I say. Don't tell me you doubt my intelligence?"

"I really doubt if you have any brains. Even if you want to kill someone, you can't do it like this!" "Young Master Lu, your method is indeed not bad, but I feel that there's a lot of people outside. If that kid seizes the opportunity and runs away, wouldn't there be a future trouble? It would be better to call him to the back garden and kill him. "

"You want me to go and wait for him?" Hearing this, Lu Tao immediately said coldly, "If that's the case, then this young master is not fit to be a coachman?"

Duan Zhengyuan had never thought of letting him off the carriage. He hurriedly said, "Young Master Lu, you don't need to get off the carriage. The carriage can enter the back garden of the Duan Clan."

Lu Tao remained silent for a while and then said, "That's more like it. Let's listen to you this once!" As he said that, he ordered his men to drive the carriage directly into the Lu Manor.

When the surrounding passersby saw this scene, all of them were stunned. At the same time, they all had the same thought in their minds: Who is this person in the carriage?! This was way too powerful! He actually drove the carriage towards the Duan Clan.

Duan Zhengyuan sighed gloomily. He glanced at Wu Zhongpu and said, "Let's go into the city!"

Wu Zhongpu glanced at the carriage that entered the estate, then looked at Duan Zhengyuan. He lowered his voice and said, "Master, who's the person in this carriage!"

"Who else could it be, the young master of the Lu family?" Duan Zhengyuan said in annoyance.

Wu Zhongpu was stunned and immediately understood what was going on. He said, "He does not look like an idiot, how could he do something so stupid? "This is looking down on our Duan Clan too much!"

Duan Zhengyuan was also in a bad mood and could only speak to vent the emotions in his heart. He coldly snorted and said, "He's not stupid, but he can be very childish when it comes to doing things. The reason why he did so was to tell that fellow that he was the eldest son of the Lu family, the future successor of the Lu family, and that his standing was very high. But what was the point? Is there really a need to go through so much trouble with someone who is about to die? "

"Master is right. I'm worried that the Duan Clan's future will..." Wu Zhongpu did not finish his sentence. He believed that Duan Zhengyuan understood what he meant.

Of course Duan Zhengyuan understood, but the situation has already developed to this point, so he did not say anything else. He just waved his hand and said, "Let's just take it one step at a time! I hope that kid will not act foolishly in the future. "

Lu Tao drove the wagon and entered the Duan Clan's rear garden. Along the way, he crushed countless flowers and plants, causing Manager Wu's heart to ache for him. These were all just pure silver. Duan Zhengyuan was afraid he wouldn't be able to invite Lu Yang, so he personally headed to the side room where Lu Tao was. Just as he arrived outside the yard, he heard a low shout coming from within the yard.

Duan Zhengyuan was stunned as a thought flashed through his mind, "I woke up so early to practice fist arts?"

At this moment, Duan Zhengyuan suddenly felt that cooperating with Lu Tao was a mistake.

Of course, this thought only lasted for a moment, and Duan Zhengyuan did not think much of it. He knocked on the door and said, "Young Master Lu, Uncle Duan is here to see you. How about we have breakfast together?"

Moments later, with a creaking sound, the door to the courtyard opened and Lu Yang walked out.

Lu Yang wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, "Uncle Duan, I'm not hungry yet. Let's practice for two more hours!"

"Practice for another two hours?" If you have the time, that guy can't wait. " Duan Zhengyuan mumbled and smiled, "Look, Uncle Duan had something to do last night and didn't accompany you to eat. I wanted to apologize to you this morning, you wouldn't reject Uncle Duan's good intentions right? Besides, you still have a long time at the Duan Clan and you don't need another two hours. "

Lu Yang thought about it for a moment, then shook his head and said, "My training time is short, my foundation is weak. I better not go. This hour is very important to me."

Hearing this, Duan Zhengyuan really didn't know what to say. He had seen people that trained diligently before, but he had never seen a youth like Lu Yang. In other people's houses, he thought nothing of his master at all. On the other side, Lu Tao was still waiting! He had to think of a way to 'invite' Lu Yang over.

Duan Zhengyuan's face sank as he said unhappily: "Young Master Lu, if you don't go, Uncle Duan will be angry. When I see Patriarch Duan in the future, how will I explain this to him?"

Lu Yang's heart tightened as he hurriedly said, "Uncle Duan, I can go with you. Please don't tell this to my father."

A puzzled look flashed through Duan Zhengyuan's eyes, but he didn't think much about it because in his eyes, Lu Yang was already a dead man. He nodded and said, "Okay, Uncle Duan agrees."

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