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C19 witty flight

Lu Yang stopped in his tracks and sized up the middle-aged man in front of him, who looked to be in his thirties. He had a sturdy build and wore a set of silvery-white armor. His appearance was ordinary, but his body exuded an enormous aura. This aura was similar to Zhang Jianyun's, clearly indicating that he was also a Heaven Stage powerhouse.

If Lu Yang was someone from River Rush County, he would definitely be able to recognize him. This general was none other than an expert of the Duan Clan, River County's City Defense General. His name was Duan Feng, an early Heaven Stage powerhouse. He had long since been ordered to close all the city gates and prevent anyone from leaving the city. It was said that he wanted to capture a thirteen or fourteen-year-old youth.

However, just now, Duan Feng sensed an immense aura coming from the direction of the Duan Clan. This aura contained a murderous intent as he descended from the city gate, ready to see exactly what happened to the Duan Clan up ahead. However, he did not expect to see a young man running towards the direction of the Duan Clan just as he was running down the city wall, panting heavily. This made him suspect that the direction he was running in just happened to be the direction of the Duan Clan.

Duan Feng only stopped Lu Yang because he wanted to scare him and see if he could get any useful information.

Lu Yang did not know much about the world, but he was not a fool either. He hurriedly said, "Lord General, I have indeed come from the direction of the Duan Clan. Something big has happened over there."

"You're the person the Duan Clan's main catch?" Duan Feng looked coldly at Lu Yang, as if he was ready to make a move.

Hearing this, Lu Yang's heart skipped a beat but his face didn't change at all: "General, what are you talking about? Why can't I understand you?"

Duan Feng sneered and said: "It's fine if you don't understand. You'll understand when I catch you and bring you back." As he spoke, he was about to attack Lu Yang.

Lu Yang hurriedly took a step back. He looked at Duan Feng with vigilance and said neither humble nor arrogant, "Lord General, please have some self-respect. I'm not someone you can casually capture."

Duan Feng was slightly startled and looked at Lu Yang with some surprise as he said, "Interesting. This is the first time I've seen a half grown child like you actually say such a thing to me. From the way you're dressed, you shouldn't be the young master of a noble family, right? I would like to see on what grounds do you have to say such words, and why can't I capture you? "

Lu Yang decided to take a gamble. Gritting his teeth, he took out the jade pendant from his bosom and asked, "Does General know this one?"

This identity jade pendant was something that Duan Feng had seen who knows how many times a year. It was the symbol of nobility and anyone who was able to display this jade pendant, regardless of their age, would have an absolute identity within the family. This was because there were only three such pendants in each family. Besides the family head, only the direct descendants and the first elder could own one.

Duan Feng didn't dare to offend such a person. He carefully looked at the jade ornament, and when he saw the word "Lu" engraved on the jade ornament, he instantly sucked in a breath of cold air. His eyes were filled with terror. In the Tianyuan County, there weren't many clans that Duan Feng had high hopes for. He was only afraid of ordinary clans, but not especially afraid. However, the Lu family was a colossus. If he offended them, it would be no different from courting death.

Astonishment flashed through Duan Feng's eyes, then he stared at the jade pendant for a while and did not lie. He quickly cupped his fists and said: "Young Master Lu, I have offended you just now. Please forgive me. What orders do you have?" He was puzzled in his heart. Why would the Lu Family's eldest young master come here and wear such clothes?

Lu Yang also saw the confusion in his heart and knew that he wouldn't let him go so easily without saying anything. He imitated Lu Tao's usual tone and said in a deep voice, "General, since you know who I am, I will tell you the truth. You should have heard that an esteemed guest is heading to the Lu Manor this morning! "

Duan Feng indeed knew about this, but he didn't know who was coming. He said: "Could it be that the guest is Young Master Lu?"

Lu Yang let out a secret sigh of relief. Seems like the other party didn't know much, and nodded: "That's right, that's me. I didn't expect that right after arriving at the Duan Clan, he would encounter a sneak attack from a Heaven Stage expert, preparing to kill everyone in the Duan Clan. If I hadn't reacted fast and put on my servant's clothes, I'm afraid the odds are against me. "

Duan Feng was still slightly doubtful and asked: "Young Master Lu, I wonder if you could provide me the characteristics of that powerhouse?"

"What? You don't believe me?" Lu Yang's face sank as he put on the airs of a Eldest Young Master.

"Young Master Lu, you've misunderstood. This matter is of great importance and I must obtain a detailed report." Duan Feng didn't believe Lu Yang. If he didn't ask for the details, he would still 'invite' Lu Yang back.

Lu Yang thought of something and said, "Not only do I know that person's appearance, I also heard Uncle Duan mention his name. He's called Zhang Jianyun, I wonder if General has any impression of him?"

Duan Feng's expression suddenly changed. He already believed Lu Yang's words and said in surprise, "It's him, I didn't expect him to come." He realized the seriousness of the situation and quickly said: "Young Master Lu, since the demon is here, he will start a massacre. Please don't run around here. If you're still worried, you can take this token and hide on the city gates. " With that, he handed a token to Lu Yang and quickly left.

Lu Yang grasped the command token and was ecstatic in his heart. He originally wanted to trick Duan Feng, but he didn't expect to get another command token. Looking at the city gate that was not far away, Lu Yang quickly went forward with the badge. Just as he arrived in front of the city gate, two guards stopped him. Coincidentally, it was the two city guards who had stopped him when he entered the city yesterday.

Wang Qiang and Chen Bo glanced at each other and recognized Lu Yang. The former said, "Little brother, why are you here again?"

This time, the attitudes of the two were completely different because they saw Lu Yang and Duan Feng talking earlier. The two of them saw that Lu Yang showed Duan Feng something, and Duan Feng gave something to Lu Yang before quickly leaving. The two of them did not know Lu Yang's identity so they naturally did not dare to offend him. If the other party's identity was special, it would not be impossible for them to pretend to be poor and play around with him.

Since Lu Yang had pretended to be the Eldest Young Master, he was prepared to continue pretending. He said coldly: "You two have guessed my identity! That's right, I was playing with you yesterday, but I didn't expect to deceive you guys. You want to know what I said to your general? I told him to go to the Duan Clan to get something for me and then to look for me outside the city. "

The two stared with their eyes wide open. They really couldn't believe what they just heard. This was too ridiculous!

Chen Bo had offended Lu Yang yesterday and now, he wanted to curry favor with him, regardless of whether his words were true or false. He hurriedly said, "Eldest Young Master, if you want to leave the city, your subordinate will send you out."

Wang Qiang pulled him back and reminded him, "The general ordered that no one is allowed to leave the city. Have you forgotten?"

"Is Eldest Young Master an ordinary person?" Chen Bo glared at him and said in a flattering tone, "Young Master, do you need to prepare a carriage?"

Wang Qiang still felt that something was amiss. He took a big stride forward and stood in front of Chen Bo, clasping his hands as he said, "Eldest Young Master, your subordinate cannot disobey the military order. If you want to leave the city, you must show me your city's orders."

Lu Yang touched his bosom and immediately opened his palm, saying: "I don't have a handwritten order, is it okay with the token?"

Within the Western Chu Nation, the military order was like a mountain. Anyone who had a general command medallion would be able to see a general.

When the two of them saw the token, they were startled. Then, they knelt down on one knee and cupped their fists as they said: "This subordinate greets the general."

Lu Yang had no time to waste here, he had to get out of the city as soon as possible, and waved his hand: "You two, get up! I now order you to open the gates. "

The two of them did not dare to disobey the order and quickly opened the gates. Chen Bo respectfully said, "Eldest Young Master, do you need us to send you out of the city?"

"No need, I just want to see if your general can find me at the appointed time. If you go with me, then wouldn't it expose my hiding place?" Lu Yang was completely imitating Lu Tao's tone of voice. Although he's a little young, he's imitating the appearance of the hedonistic young master perfectly.

The two of them nodded their heads repeatedly as they watched Han Bin leave the city gates.

In a flash, a middle-aged man jumped down from the city gate tower. He glanced at Han Bin and then at the two of them before asking, "What are you two doing? Why are you letting that kid go?"

Chen Bo's heart tightened. He hurriedly said, "Commander, don't say that your subordinate didn't warn you. If that young master hears you addressing him as' kid, 'it would be hard to keep your position."

The field officer opened his eyes wide and said in shock, "That little... Then, who is this young master? "

When Chen Bo saw what happened to Lu Yang twice, he explained it briefly before saying in panic, "Commander, since he was able to have General Duan take the initiative to hand over the command medallion, we can only imagine how powerful the family behind him is."

"Chen Bo, thank you for your reminder. Otherwise, I really would have made a mistake." The field officer wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said gratefully, "Good brother, I will not treat you unfairly in the future."

The three of them were completely unaware. They thought that they had fawned over a young master, but they didn't expect that they would let go of someone they shouldn't have.

After Lu Yang left River Rush's County, he ran like mad all the way. He didn't dare to take the official road and chose to escape through the dense forest.

Duan Feng and Zhang Jianyun's cultivations were on par with each other, so they couldn't kill each other in a short period of time. If Duan Feng and his group of guards repelled Zhang Jianyun, they would definitely know his identity. If Duan Feng were to chase at his fastest speed, he would be able to catch up within the time it takes for an incense stick to burn. A Heaven Stage powerhouse's movement speed could be said to be terrifying, and Lu Yang would not be able to shake him off no matter what.

Lu Yang ran forward with all his might. No one knew how long he ran for, but even after the sky darkened and night fell, he still did not stop.

After running for so long in one breath, Lu Yang was already exhausted. His legs felt like they were filled with lead and running was extremely strenuous.

Lu Yang continued to grit his teeth and dragged his feet as he walked forward. The further he escaped, the greater the chances of survival were. Only by living could he avenge his mother.

Finally, Lu Yang collapsed from exhaustion. In his dreams, he could vaguely hear the sound of clamoring.

The sounds of footsteps, noise, and the sound of thorns being cut apart could be heard. Who knew how many people had come searching for him.

Lu Yang was lying in the dense forest. His exhausted body made it impossible for him to stand up even if he wanted to. He could only wait for fate to announce itself.

In the darkness, the twinkling lights were getting closer and closer. At this speed, it wouldn't take long for them to reach this place.

An hour later, after the group had searched the vicinity, a familiar voice suddenly sounded. "Stop, everyone, stop..."

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