Asura Continent/C2 back mountain bamboo forest
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Asura Continent/C2 back mountain bamboo forest
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C2 back mountain bamboo forest

As the saying goes, once you enter the house of noble, you will be as deep as the sea.

Although the Lu family was not a royal family, they were still a famous family in the empire. Within large families, there were countless red tape and an unimaginable amount. For example, a concubine could not cultivate his body technique, could not inherit the family's fiefdom, could not live together with his son, or even could not sit together with his son during meals.

The Lu Manor was extremely large, and people of different identities lived in different places. The Patriarch and his wife lived in the most unique courtyard on the east side, the housekeeper and servants lived in the southernmost courtyard, and the south was where the family army trained and rested. It was the loneliest place in the north. There weren't any decent houses, and all of them looked like thatched huts. Servants with no status lived here.

Lu Yang and his mother lived here. In other words, there wasn't much difference between their status and that of servants.

To put it nicely, Lu Yang was the Lu family's bastard son. To put it harshly, they were actually people who had been abandoned by their families.

Lu Zhentian had always been in charge of managing the family's matters. He had almost never cared about the small matters within the mansion. These past few years, he had always been the first wife and had been discussing management. However, Lu Zhentian was not responsible for this. After all, he knew the residences of different families. When he recalled how many dilapidated huts were located in the northernmost area, he immediately felt sympathy for them.

Regardless, Lu Yang was still his son, so he couldn't let them continue to live there.

When he saw Lu Yang's weak body, his face turned slightly pale, he knew what was going on. He turned around and glared at Lu Tao and the rest who had not left, and said in a stern voice: "Lu Yang might be a bastard child, but he is also my, Lu Zhentian's son. If you dare to bully him again, you will definitely receive a heavy punishment ?"

After saying that, Lu Zhentian paused for a moment, then looked at Lu Tao, and said word by word: "Lu Tao, you are the eldest son of the Lu Family, and the future heir to the Lu Family. I don't need to ask you about the things you've done in the past few days, but I must remind you that if you want to inherit the family's great achievements, then you must give me the chance to maintain the relationship between brothers. Otherwise, you will lose the opportunity to inherit the family's great achievements. "

Lu Tao's face darkened. He knew that his father was truly angry this time. He hurriedly lowered his head and said, "Father, I know that I was wrong. I won't make such a mistake again in the future."

The other direct descendants all secretly snickered. As long as Lu Tao made a mistake, they would have a chance to inherit the family's name.

Lu Zhentian nodded, then looked at the other direct descendants, and said sternly: "What about you guys! Didn't you have something to say? "

"We are proud of your teachings, and we will remember them." All of the legitimate sons said in unison.

Lu Zhentian remained silent for a while, before waving his hand: "You guys go first! I still have some things I want to talk to Lu Yang about. "

"Yes, Father." The crowd turned around and left. The instant they turned around, Lu Tao glared at Lu Yang, and killing intent flashed past his eyes.

Even though Lu Tao was the eldest son of the family, he was a hedonistic disciple who had been pampered since he was young. He thought that he had a noble identity. Not to mention looking down on a bastard like Lu Yang, he didn't even care about the other direct descendants. Because Lu Yang was scolded by his father this time, Lu Tao couldn't take it anymore and said in his heart: "Little trash, just you wait. One day, I will kill you."

Lu Zhentian looked at Lu Yang and said, "Let's go, I'll bring you to a place." Finished speaking, he grabbed Lu Yang, stepped forward with astonishing speed.

In the blink of an eye, Lu Zhentian brought Lu Yang to the northernmost mountain behind the mansion.

The back of the mountain was not very tall, only a thousand feet high. Standing on the peak of the mountain, one could vaguely see the thatched huts at the foot of the mountain.

Lu Zhentian put down Lu Yang, he looked at the rows of straw huts that were arranged in an orderly fashion, and felt upset. He let out a long sigh and asked, "Lu Yang, have you and your son been doing well all these years?"

Lu Yang raised his head and glanced at his father. His mouth moved, but he did not say a single word.

"Don't be afraid. If you have anything, just say it. You are my son after all. I will give you an explanation." Lu Zhentian's sharp eyes turned benevolent. He had already treated Lu Yang as his own child.

"Father." Lu Yang felt that he had to say something, and said, "Mother said that she doesn't blame you for what happened that year. If you didn't save her, she would have died long ago ?"

The events of fourteen years ago slowly played through his mind. Lu Zhentian remembered the night when he saved Su Rui, and remembered what happened when he went back to his mansion when he was drunk. However, because of some family matters, Lu Zhentian delayed Su Rui's return and did not look for her. Later on, he had actually forgotten to save such a young girl.

Lu Zhentian stroked Lu Yang's head, and said guiltily, "Father is not good, I did not take good care of you and your son back then. If you are willing, I can ?"

Lu Yang shook his head and said in a tender voice, "Father, Mother knows that we will talk alone one day. She told me to tell you that she won't make things difficult for you, and she doesn't want to live together with her in-laws. If it's possible, she hopes to leave the manor and live a simple life in the future. "

"Leave the manor and live a simple life." Lu Zhentian frowned and remained silent for a while before he said, "You are a member of the Lu family after all. Although I am the Patriarch of the Lu family, I cannot decide everything in the family. There are elders in the clan, and they won't allow you to leave the manor together with them ? "

Lu Yang stared at his father and asked back, "Life is a member of the family, and death is a ghost of the family?"

A young child, yet he said words that were different in age. The vicissitudes of life in his words made people feel very uncomfortable.

Lu Zhentian was startled, he shook his head and laughed: "Your mother must have told you this! I didn't expect you to know so much at such a young age. "That's right, according to the clan rules, you are unable to leave the clan's territory, but I can help you this time. It will depend on whether or not you work hard enough."

"Help me?" Lu Yang quickly asked, "How can I help?"

Lu Zhentian didn't answer, instead he asked, "Let me ask you, why did you appear in the forest outside of the training grounds?"

"I, I ?" Lu Yang squeaked and did not answer. He knew the family's rules: concubines cannot cultivate body techniques, and once caught, they will be severely punished. He had once heard that a servant who was curious about cultivating a body technique was beaten to a pulp after sneakily glancing at it.

Lu Zhentian smiled, then said slowly: "Even if you didn't say anything, I already knew what you were doing. Tell me, do you want to cultivate body techniques?"

Even in his dreams, Lu Yang wanted to cultivate his body technique. As long as his body became stronger, he would be able to break free from the constraints of the family. He blurted out, "Yes."

Lu Zhentian nodded his head, and continued, "Since you want to cultivate, I will give you a chance. If you can cultivate your body technique to a level that is not weak, you can follow the disciples to learn the orthodox cultivation method. If you can cultivate your body technique to the limit, then you will have the opportunity to cultivate and become an immortal. Then, you can enter an immortal sect and become a true cultivator. "

"Immortal cultivators." A light flashed through Lu Yang's eyes, and he couldn't help but ask, "Father, do cultivators really exist in this world?"

A look of yearning flashed past Lu Zhentian's eyes, but soon after, it dimmed down and sighed, "That's right, there are indeed cultivators in this world. They are unimaginably strong, able to destroy an entire city with a raise of their hand. Back then, I dreamed of becoming a cultivator as well, but in the end, I was eliminated.

Lu Yang clenched his fist and resolutely said: "Father, I will work hard to cultivate. No matter the cost, I will do it."

Hearing his son's words, Lu Zhentian's face was filled with gratification. "When I was young, I was like you. In order to become a cultivator, I paid a huge price. I believe you will definitely be able to do it." He paused for a moment before continuing, "Alright, come find me here every morning. I'll teach you some body techniques."

"Father, I will definitely come on time." Lu Yang said with a congealed voice.

Lu Zhentian nodded his head, he took out a jade pendant and handed it to Lu Yang: "Take this jade pendant with you, if anyone stops you, show it to them. As long as you don't leave the manor, you can go to any place other than the study room. " Then, he thought of something and said, "Alright, I still have some things to attend to, so I must leave. I'll see you at the back of the mountain tomorrow morning."

Lu Zhentian looked at Lu Yang, then took a step forward and flew towards the foot of the mountain.

Lu Zhentian's voice echoed in the air above the peak, "Lu Yang, your body is too weak. You have to climb the mountain often to strengthen your body ?"

At this moment, Lu Yang had a new goal. He knew what he had to do in the future. Clenching his fists tightly, he walked step by step towards the foot of the mountain. As the saying goes, going up the mountain was easier said than done. It took Lu Yang nearly two hours to reach the foot of the mountain. Seeing the two guards guarding in front of the bamboo forest with long spears in their hands, Lu Yang walked over without hesitation.

These two guards looked to be in their twenties and wore a set of black armor. They were both guards raised in the Lu mansion and their cultivation was not low. They had already reached the peak of Xuan realm's great complete realm. The two of them guarded this place and prevented anyone from going to the back of the mountain. This was because the back mountain was a place where the Patriarch cultivated alone. Without the Patriarch's permission, no one was allowed to go.

To become an Immortal, mortals had to first train in their physique, which had four levels of power.

According to the heaven and earth profound yellow light, the weakest was at the yellow level, and the strongest was at the heaven level. Each level was further divided into the initial, middle, late, and great circle. If one could cultivate to the peak of the Heaven Stage, one would have the opportunity to enter a cultivation sect and become a true Immortal.

Just as Lu Yang walked out of the bamboo forest, two guards noticed him. One of them said in a low voice, "Who is it?"

If it was before, Lu Yang would definitely retreat. Now that he had the jade pendant that his father gave him, he wasn't worried at all that the two of them would make things difficult for him.

The two guards suddenly turned around. When they saw Lu Yang, they were stunned at first, but soon after, one of them mocked: "Who was hiding in the bamboo forest! It turned out to be Ninth Young Master. This subordinate boldly asked if Ninth Young Master knew what kind of place this was. What are the consequences of entering the bamboo forest without permission? "

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