Asura Continent/C20 Lu Jia Ling Yuan
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Asura Continent/C20 Lu Jia Ling Yuan
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C20 Lu Jia Ling Yuan

At this moment, Lu Yang had finished yelling in his heart. Only the other party's voice remained in his mind.

"Stop, everyone stop..."

After everyone stopped, the leader walked in the direction of Lu Yang, his footsteps getting closer and closer.

Chen Bo was only a hundred feet away from Lu Yang. He brandished the long sword in his hand, cutting away the thorns in the forest, and was about to arrive beside Lu Yang. At this moment, an unexpected scene appeared. Not too far away, a figure flashed, followed by Zhang Jianyun's voice, "You idiots! You want to catch this old man? I think you're just talking nonsense."

Chen Bo's face darkened as he said in a stern voice, "The devil is over there. Chase after him!"

The sound of footsteps could be heard once again from within the forest. Chen Bo led a group of soldiers and quickly chased after them.

Lu Yang was stunned. He didn't expect that Zhang Jianyun would be the one to save him at such a crucial moment. He was secretly grateful in his heart.

"Trash, let's see if you can catch up to me, haha ?" Zhang Jianyun's voice echoed in the forest. He had already used his Qing Gong to leap over a thousand feet away.

Lu Yang also understood that these people were chasing Zhang Jianyun and had coincidentally caught up to him.

In fact, Lu Yang was wrong. These people were after Zhang Jianyun, but some of the soldiers were after him. Even if Zhang Jiyun didn't escape here, these people would still look for him. The reason why Zhang Jiyun was here was very simple. He was here to save Lu Yang.

Zhang Jianyun was a heaven-step master. He had great strength in his body and had cultivated the power of his spiritual sense. Although this divine sense was not comparable to that of a true Immortal cultivator, it was still able to sense the situation within three thousand meters. Zhang Jianyun found Lu Yang hiding in the woods and wanted to save him. All the soldiers moved forward to lure Chen Bo and the others away.

Lu Yang lay on the ground, hesitating whether he should get up and leave now.

Just as he was hesitating, a voice resounded in his mind. "Little guy, don't run around. After an hour, get up and head towards the north. You can escape from their pursuit."

Lu Yang could not be more familiar with this sudden voice. It was Zhang Jianyun's voice. Knowing that Zhang Jianyun would not harm him, he hid in the woods and did not move. Of course, Lu Yang was not worried that others would hear this because Heaven Stage experts' cultivation was already infinitely close to that of Immortal cultivators. They could use sound transmission like Immortal cultivators without anyone knowing about it.

Two hours wasn't a long time, but it wasn't a short time either.

Lu Yang estimated the time. Feeling that it was about time, he stood up and looked around.

It was a late autumn night. The moon was bright and the stars were thin. Although the stars were not bright, one could still find the location of the Big Dipper.

Lu Yang identified the direction and quickly left. Just as Zhang Jianyun had said, as long as they continued to head north, they would not encounter any danger.

He could hear the sounds of people chasing him, but no one was chasing him. It was obvious that they had all been lured away by Zhang Jianyun.

Lu Yang looked to the west, bowed, and then sped up his escape.

Just like this, Lu Yang sprinted through the forest for who knows how long. He only stopped after he had no strength left in his body.

Lu Yang found a large rock and sat down. He leaned against an ancient tree and panted heavily.

Unknowingly, Lu Yang fell asleep. When he woke up again, the sky had already brightened.

The early morning was extremely cold. Lu Yang shivered and looked straight ahead.

In front of them was a small lake. The surface of the lake was steaming hot, and when Lu Yang saw the lake water, his mouth was instantly parched. He quickly got up and ran over. Arriving at the lakeside, Lu Yang scooped up the lake water and gulped it down. After drinking a few mouthfuls, he felt unusually refreshed and began to wake up. What happened yesterday flashed through his mind. Clenching his fist tightly, killing intent surged in Lu Yang's eyes.

Lu Yang was certain that the person who killed his mother was most likely Lu Tao. Even if it wasn't him, he was still the mastermind.

What he needed to do now was to survive. Only by living could he avenge his mother.

Lu Yang had to first solve the problem of hunger. He looked around, and soon found a few fruit trees. He took off the wild fruits, washed them briefly, and ate them. After eating the wild fruit, Lu Yang once again sat on the boulder. He dragged his chin and began to ponder, planning a simple revenge plan for the future.

Two hours later, Lu Yang stood up and walked towards the north.

Lu Yang did not dare to take the official road and could only wander around in the forest. If he was hungry, he would eat some wild fruits and drink some spring water from the mountains. Just like that, the young Lu Yang walked through the forest for three days and three nights before finally exiting the forest. However, just as Lu Yang was about to leave the mountain range, the image of his mother appeared in his mind once again.

For so many years, Lu Yang and his mother had depended on each other, and her mother was all that she had. Now that her mother was dead, she had completely disappeared from his world. Lu Yang knew that he would not know when he would be able to come back from this trip. Perhaps one year, maybe two, maybe more than ten years. Thinking of this, he decisively walked towards the direction he came from.

That's right, Lu Yang wanted to take one last look at his mother before he left. He knew that his mother would definitely be buried in the Lu family's mausoleum, where all of the Lu Family's clansmen who had died all these years ago were buried. No matter what, no matter how lowly her mother's status was, she could still be considered a member of the Lu family. Lu Yang believed that he would be able to find his mother if he went to the cemetery.

The Lu Family's Mausoleum was also located in a mountain range. The mountain range was in the northern part of Tianyuan County and was only a few dozen miles away from the county city. Because Lu Yang was born from a concubine, he couldn't be like his other direct sons who came to pay homage to his ancestors every year during the Qingming Festival. However, when he was ten years old, he had the chance to pay homage once.

Lu Yang had an extraordinary memory since he was young, and he remembered all the routes he took in the past.

Relying on the memories of his youth, Lu Yang finally arrived outside the mausoleum garden after a long and arduous journey. The Lu family's mausoleum was very big, and there was even an old man guarding the mausoleum outside. Lu Yang did not think he could enter the mausoleum under the other party's watch, so he hid and observed from the shadows. In the end, he discovered that the old man, other than going to the mausoleum garden every morning to clean the leaves, spent the rest of his time inside the wooden house outside the mausoleum.

"How, how do you expect me to get in?" Lu Yang let out a bitter laugh but was still unable to enter the mausoleum garden. In the end, he gave up on the idea of entering the mausoleum.

Lu Yang wasn't afraid of the old man guarding the tomb, but just didn't want others to know that he had come here. He already didn't trust anyone when the Duan Clan betrayed him. If the old man also betrayed him, the result would be unimaginable. Lu Tao could chase him down and kill him the first time and the second time.

Could Zhang Jiyun save him once, twice, or a third time?

Lu Yang did not believe that he had heaven-defying luck. Every time he encountered danger, he would be able to avoid it. He hid in the woods surrounding the mausoleum garden and observed the terrain of the mausoleum garden. As the saying goes, hard work pays off. Lu Yang surveyed the surroundings of the mausoleum, and finally discovered a tall mountain not far away. As long as one stood on the peak, they could see everything within the mausoleum.

Lu Yang prepared plenty of wild fruits and climbed thousands of feet high mountain peak. It took him a few days before he finally climbed to the top with great difficulty.

Lu Yang stood on the mountaintop and looked down at every blade of grass and every tree in the mausoleum. He looked carefully at all the graves, but there wasn't a single new one. Lu Yang was stunned for a moment and continued searching, but he still could not find his mother's grave. There was only one possibility, his mother was not buried here, it was very possible that she had been abandoned in the wilderness.

Thinking of this result, Lu Yang felt an intense pain in his heart. He tightly clenched his fist, his eyes bloodshot and exuding an ice-cold killing intent.

At this moment, Lu Yang really wanted to kill someone. He wanted to kill everyone in the Lu family.

In the end, Lu Yang still calmed down. He knew that with his current ability, he still could not take revenge. If he impulsively went to the Lu family, not only would he not take revenge, he would also stay there with his life. Lu Yang walked towards the foot of the mountain with slow steps. His eyes were getting more and more profound, so deep that not even the slightest emotion could be seen.

Lu Yang had changed. His personality was no longer as innocent as it was in the past. He looked more like a man that had experienced many vicissitudes of life.

Halfway up the mountain, Lu Yang suddenly discovered that on the other side of the mountain peak, there was also a mausoleum garden. The mausoleum garden was too small to imagine, with a circumference of less than one hundred zhang. This mountain range belonged to the Lu family. Ordinary people could not come here and bury him. Then, who was buried in the cemetery?

Slave, servant, and guard?

This thought flashed through his mind. Thinking back to what happened in the Lu family that year, Lu Yang felt that he was different from his mother, even the servants. It was just that his position was slightly higher than that of a servant. Lu Yang took a look at the situation within the mausoleum garden and suddenly realized that there was indeed a new, very small grave. There were no tombstones on the grave, and there were also no dark paper around ?

Lu Yang was almost certain that this was his mother's grave. He crazily ran towards the foot of the mountain. Because he was running too fast, he did not notice the rocks on the ground. His feet staggered and he immediately fell to the ground. With that fall, Lu Yang didn't even have the chance to stand up and rolled towards the foot of the mountain. Fortunately, there were many short shrubs on the mountain, and although his clothes were torn and his body was covered in blood, he wasn't heavily injured.

Lu Yang scrambled to the foot of the mountain and staggered towards the nearby mausoleum garden. When he arrived inside the mausoleum garden, he quickly found the grave. Standing in front of the tomb, Lu Yang's body shuddered. That feeling just now became clearer. This must be his mother's grave. He just didn't expect that the bunch of scumbags from the Lu family would bury his mother here.

With a plop, Lu Yang knelt on the ground. Hot tears welled up in his eyes as he choked with sobs: "Mother, your son is unfilial and has caused you to suffer ?" After saying this, he heavily kowtowed three times. Because he had used too much strength, his forehead was dyed red. Blood flowed down from his face and mixed with his tears, dripping onto the soil in front of the grave.

Just then, Lu Yang felt something warm in his embrace. Subconsciously, he touched the jade wall.

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