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C8 nine cold palms

Sun Fei's expression changed and he asked, "Cultivator? You're also a cultivator?"

Cultivators were different from cultivators. Cultivators were also called cultivators, or cultivators. Cultivators were only experts in body techniques, and they were also called martial artists.

Lu Tao and the others never dreamed that Sun Rui was a cultivator. Within the Western Chu Nation, males could be seen everywhere, but females were extremely rare. All the women who could cultivate in body techniques had extraordinary statuses. They were either the direct descendants of large clans, or had a very high status in the Empire. For example, their father was an official in the Empire, and he had a very high status as well.

Judging from Su Rui's speed just now, her cultivation level wasn't low. She was at least a yellow level expert.

Lu Tao subconsciously took a few steps back. He looked at Su Rui nervously and asked in alarm, "Who the hell are you?"

Su Rui sneered. Killing intent flashed in his eyes as he said coldly, "I'm your concubine. Have you forgotten so quickly?"

"Aunt?" Lu Tao wasn't a fool either. He didn't believe her at all and shook his head, saying, "You can't be my aunt. There aren't many women training in the Empire, so since you can cultivate, your identity is extraordinary. Yet with your status, you're actually willing to be my father's concubine, and even have no status. What are you planning? "

Su Rui didn't answer Lu Yang, instead changing the topic: "Cut the crap, take out the antidote, otherwise, you guys will see for yourselves."

Only then did Lu Tao sound out. Su Rui swallowed some pills and laughed loudly: "Alright! So what if you are my aunt? The Bone Refining Pill melted in his mouth. No matter how high your cultivation was, as long as you hadn't become an immortal cultivator, you wouldn't be able to force the pill out of your body. Since you already know everything, I'm not afraid to tell you that the pill you consumed will only take an hour. When that happens, you will undoubtedly die. "

Su Rui obviously knew about the situation. She wasn't afraid. Right now, she was only worried about Lu Yang. As long as Lu Yang could escape the Lu Manor, she didn't care about anything else. However, if she wanted Lu Yang to escape, she had to stall for time. She said coldly, "So that means, you're not going to give me the antidote?"

Lu Tao shook his head and said, "Aunt, as I've said, it's not that we don't want to give you the antidote, but we don't have one. How can we give it to you?" After saying that, he paused for a moment before continuing, "If you step aside now, I can give you a complete corpse. Otherwise, I will kill you without a burial ground."

"With just you?" Su Rui laughed coldly and said in disdain, "You guys indeed have high levels of cultivation, but you can't kill me even if you want to. Of course, I can't kill you guys, but I can still make you guys suffer from my anger. " She gracefully stepped forward and attacked Sun Fei with lightning speed. Her speed was unimaginably fast. In a flash, she had arrived in front of Sun Fei.

With such speed, Sun Fei was startled and quickly retreated. He said in surprise, "Ghost Steps? Who are you? Why are you using such a high level running technique?"

Ghost Steps was actually a type of Qing Gong. It was just that the speed of the movement beneath his feet was very fast, like the movement of ghosts and demons.

Although Sun Fei was also a Yellow Rank expert, he could not dodge at such a fast speed. The moment he was about to be attacked by Su Rui, a scene that he did not expect happened.

Su Rui took a wrong step and suddenly turned around, moving straight towards Lu Tao behind him.

Lu Tao had not expected Su Rui to change his target. Without any preparation, he could only raise his hands to block.

However, Su Rui's attack this time was a feint. With a flash, she appeared behind Lu Tao, suddenly raised her right hand and hit him three times on the back.

A series of applause rang out three times. Under the immense attack power, Lu Tao was sent flying backwards. He crashed into a wall on the side and bounced onto the ground.

The moment Lu Tao landed on the ground, he spat out a mouthful of blood. Within the blood, one could actually see countless ice cubes the size of grains of rice.

Not only that, Lu Tao's body was trembling nonstop. He felt an indescribable chill in his body, as though he was in an icehouse.

Sun Fei's eyesight was outstanding, and he also knew a lot of martial arts techniques. He hurried to Lu Tao's side and worriedly asked, "Eldest Young Master, are you alright?"

"My, my body, so, so cold ?" Trembling with cold, Lu Tao struggled to utter a word.

Sun Fei hurriedly looked behind Lu Tao. A blood-red handprint had appeared on Lu Tao's back, allowing him to freeze a lot of blood into crystals. Seeing this scene, Sun Fei was already sure of what was going on. He looked at Sun Rui in shock and said in disbelief, "Nine Ice Palms, you actually cultivated the legendary Nine Ice Palms, and you were even able to use the first three palms? Who exactly are you?"

Su Rui's face turned pale, it was obvious that he had consumed a lot of energy to use this palm technique. He sneered: "Who I am is not important, but I want to remind you all, your Eldest Young Master has used this palm technique on you, if you don't remove the ice crystals in his body in time, he will be a cripple even if you can survive. You should think about how to save him!"

As the saying goes, the rich and the rich never sit still.

Lu Tao's identity was noble, but he was extremely afraid of death. His face was pale as he grabbed onto Sun Fei's arm with all his might. Will I really become a cripple? "

Sun Fei glared at Su Rui and comforted him, "Eldest Young Master, don't worry. It's not like you don't know about the pills our family concocts. It's a cure for everything." With that, he carried Lu Tao and ran out of the door. He said to Wang He who was beside him, "After she displayed this cultivation technique, she no longer has any real strength left in her body. You go kill him, I'll go save the young master first."

After Sun Fei left, Wang He looked at Su Rui and said, "Madam Su, are you going to do it yourself, or am I going to kill you?"

Su Rui sneered, clearly not putting Wang He in his eyes, and reminded, "It's true that I don't have much power in my body, but before I die, I can give you an Ice Palm. "You must think this through clearly. Cleaning away the ice in your body requires an extremely precious medicinal pellet. If you were to be hit by the Frozen Ice Palms, would the Lu family take out such a medicinal pellet to save your life?"

"This ?" Wang He knew that if it was really like this, the Lu Manor wouldn't take it out, because his life wasn't worth a Fire Pellet.

Su Rui looked outside the door and said coldly, "I don't want to see anyone before I die. If you don't want to die, then get the hell out of here."

Wang He thought for a moment and finally left the room. However, he hid outside the room and observed every movement in front of the door.

As for Lu Yang, he quickly ran towards the back of the mountain with what his mother had given him. Just as he reached the bamboo forest at the foot of the mountain, he realized that before he could swallow the pill, he had arrived in front of a nearby spring. Lu Tao took out the wooden box. Just as he was about to consume the pill, he noticed a slip of paper within the wooden box.

The slip of paper was not big, only the size of a thumb. The paper had already turned yellow, and it was obvious that it had been worn for many years.

Lu Yang frowned, his eyes filled with doubt. Other than him, only his mother had taken the wooden box. Could it be that his mother had secretly placed it inside? But what was his mother doing with a note? The innocent Lu Yang couldn't figure out the reason, so he took out the note and read it. When he finished reading the line of words on the note, he hurriedly took out the thing wrapped in a handkerchief.

On the slip of paper, there was only a row of delicate boys: In the handkerchief I gave you earlier, there was a letter I wrote you.

Lu Tao opened his handkerchief. Inside was a jade wall, no, it was more accurate to say that it was half a jade wall.

This jade wall was completely white. It was obvious that it was a high-quality jade. Even though there was only half a jade wall like this, not a single trace could be seen. There weren't even any common Coiled Dragon Marks or Taotie Marks. If it was said that it was an unpolished jade wall, then something was wrong. The jade wall was simply too smooth, and when the light shone on it, it would reflect a dazzling light.

Lu Tao wasn't in the mood to study the jade wall. He quickly searched through the handkerchief, but didn't find anything.

"Did my mother lie to me that there was no note at all? Did she lose it on the way here?" Lu Tao thought about it and felt that something was wrong. He had never opened the handkerchief before, so how could he leave the note behind? "No, the letter my mother wrote to me didn't mention the slip of paper, but where is the letter?"

Lu Tao took out his handkerchief and looked at it again, only to discover that there were two layers, two identical handkerchiefs folded together. He quickly separated the two handkerchiefs, only to see that there were lines of densely packed small words written on them. The handwriting was not clear, and it had been going on for a long time as well. However, judging from the beautiful handwriting, it had obviously been written by his mother herself.

Lu Yang quickly read it, but when he saw the first sentence, he was stunned.

Child: When you see this letter, your mother is gone. Don't go to your mother, don't think about the reason, and don't do anything. Now, raise your head and look carefully at the direction, then immediately leave the Lu Manor. If anyone from the Lu Manor blocks you, then tell them that your father wants you to go to the hunting grounds outside the mansion to look for him.

Remember, after you leave the Lu Manor, do not ever come back.

Seeing this, Lu Yang's eyes were filled with tears. He never thought that such a thing would happen, nor did he understand why his mother would leave him such a letter. Lu Yang's first thought was that this letter was a lie. His mother did not die, so she used this method to get him to leave the Lu Manor and live a normal life.

Lu Yang quickly put away the handkerchief and jade wall. He glanced at the wooden box, but didn't swallow the Bone Refining Pill. Then he got up and ran into the bamboo forest at the foot of the mountain. Worried that what his mother said was true, Lu Yang chose to take a shortcut. He passed through a patch of brambles not far away and rapidly ran towards the thatched cottage.

Thorns cut his body and cut his clothes. There were wounds on his legs and blood kept flowing out.

Lu Yang didn't seem to feel any pain, he only had one thought left in his mind. He had to quickly see his mother.

After an unknown amount of time, Lu Yang finally ran out of the thorn forest and headed straight for the thatched cottage through the bamboo forest.

Wang Feng and Zhang Hu were both stunned when they saw Lu Yang rushing past them. The two of them looked at each other and saw confusion in each other's eyes.

"What's wrong with this kid? Is his brain filled with water?"

"Don't ask me, I still want to know what happened!"


Arriving at the front of the house, Lu Yang panted as he looked into the room. With just a glance, he pounced wildly over, and a hysterical voice came from his mouth, "Mother ?"

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