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C9 Anger Combined

Inside the thatched cottage, Su Rui lied on the cold ground. Her face was pale and she was on the verge of death.

Lu Yang quickly came to his mother's side and helped her up as he sobbed, "Mother, how are you? Mother, say something! "

Su Rui finally opened her eyes. When she saw Lu Yang, she used her last bit of strength to shout, "Let's go, quickly leave this place."

Lu Yang shook his head like a rattle drum and said, "No, I'm not leaving. I must cure your injuries."

"Silly child, your mother is already exhausted. Even if you have a heaven-defying technique, you still wouldn't be able to save me." Su Rui didn't know where he got the strength from, but he pushed Lu Yang away and said sternly, "Didn't you always listen to your mother's words? This time, you have to listen to me. Take the medallion your father gave you and leave, or else I will not be able to die in peace. "

After Lu Yang was pushed away by his mother, he staggered and almost fell to the ground. He shook his head and said, "Mother, your child can't leave. If I were to leave, you ?"

Su Rui didn't wait for him to finish, and interrupted, "Mother doesn't have much time left. Are you really going to see Mother die with grievance?"

"I ?" Lu Yang wanted to say something, but his mother's head tilted to the side and she fell onto the ground.

Lu Yang's expression changed and once again helped his mother up as he hysterically shouted, "Mother, wake up! "Don't abandon your child ?" But no matter how loud he shouted, his mother didn't wake up. At this moment, Lu Yang felt that his world had completely dimmed down and he didn't know what to do. After all, he was just a thirteen year old child.

Lu Yang looked at his mother, who was in his arms, and his eyes were filled with tears. Tears rolled down his cheeks and splattered on the ground.

After a while, Lu Yang stood up and struggled to carry his mother. He carried her to the bed in the room and covered her with the blanket. After finishing all this, Lu Yang clenched his fist and said word by word, "Mother, you won't go like this. I swear, no matter what price I have to pay, I will avenge you. "

Lu Yang still decided to leave because he was too weak. Even if he knew who killed his mother, he still wouldn't be able to avenge her. Lu Yang also understood that since the other party dared to kill people here, there must be a reason behind it. However, there weren't many people who dared to do so in the Lu Manor, and the answer was obvious.

Lu Yang looked at his mother deeply, then ran out of the room without looking back.

In the blink of an eye, Lu Yang had entered the forest. He was still hesitating about going to the back of the mountain to find his father, but immediately left the Lu Manor as soon as he heard his mother's words.

At this moment, Wang Feng suddenly shouted, "Ninth Young Master, Wang He went to the back of the mountain to look for you. Did you see him?"

"Wang He went to find me at the back of the mountain?" No matter how foolish Lu Yang was, he knew what was going on.

Wang Feng did not know that Su Rui had been killed. He saw Lu Yang frown and said, "That's right! Wang He took the Young Master's command medallion and said that he had something important to discuss with you at the back of the mountain ? "

Killing intent flashed through Lu Yang's eyes. He did not answer Wang Feng's question and quickly ran towards the Lu mansion's back door. He did not go through the main entrance, because he had already guessed that the person who killed his mother was probably the Eldest Young Master Lu Tao. There was a very high chance that the pill contained very toxic poison, so after they killed his mother, they would definitely kill him.

After a moment, Lu Yang came to a forest not far from the back door and hid there to observe for a while.

There were two guards standing in front of the back door. They were both Body Arts experts. They looked around vigilantly without any strange expressions on their faces.

Lu Yang took a deep breath and felt that Wang He probably hadn't come. Just as he was about to walk over, he saw a figure rapidly approaching him. In the blink of an eye, he was in front of the two guards. That figure was none other than Wang He. He held a palm-sized jade medallion in his hand. It was none other than Lu Tao's command medallion.

Wang He held out the token in his hand and said to the two of them, "On the orders of the First Young Master, capture Ninth Young Master Lu Yang. Have you seen him?"

The two of them were stunned. After all, there had been a lot of rumors about Lu Yang recently. Many of them even thought that Lu Yang might be able to go from a bastard child to a legitimate son. The two guards looked at each other and shook their heads. One of them said, "Ninth Young Master is not here, what should we do if he is? Just say it directly. "

A hint of disappointment flashed through Wang He's eyes. Without wasting any more words, he ordered, "If he comes, subdue him and inform the young master."

"Yes sir!" The two of them did not ask about the reason behind this. They only looked at the tokens, and whoever had the tokens would listen to their orders.

Wang He looked around and quickly left. The back door regained its silence.

Lu Yang touched the Token in his chest and hesitated. Since Lu Tao's Token could order the two of them, he wondered if his father's Token could be of such use! Lu Yang thought for a while and finally gave up. If he could order the two of them to escape the Lu Manor, it would be for the best. If the two of them betrayed him, wouldn't that be like sending a sheep into a tiger's den?

Right now, there was only one way, and that was to go to the back of the mountain to find father. Lu Yang believed that after his father found out that his mother was killed, he would definitely return justice. Lu Yang looked around and, seeing that no one was around, he quickly ran forward. As long as he saw any servants or servants, Lu Yang would hide and wait for them to leave before continuing to walk.

Just like this, Lu Yang walked for an hour before finally arriving at the bamboo forest at the foot of the mountain.

Seeing Lu Yang again, Wang Feng and Zhang Hu were stunned. The former hurriedly said: "Ninth Young Master, Eldest Young Master's people are looking for you. What happened?"

Lu Yang's heart skipped a beat. He was really afraid that Wang He would send two people to arrest him, but after thinking for a moment, he realized these two people were his father's trusted aides. Even if Wang He issued such an order, they still wouldn't be able to arrest him. Thinking of this, Lu Yang let out a secret sigh of relief and asked tentatively, "It's fine, big brother wants to give me something. Since he couldn't find me, he's looking for me everywhere."

Wang Feng nodded, and said: "Ninth Young Master, it is already late, go back to your room and wait for Eldest Young Master. We should be able to wait for him. "

"No need. I have something that I need to do, so I have to go see father overnight." After saying that, Lu Yang ran into the depths of the bamboo forest, leaving behind two people with looks of surprise on their faces.

The bamboo forest was not big. Lu Yang arrived at the foot of the mountain in half an incense's time. As Wang He had the right to enter the back of the mountain with the token in his hand, he did not choose the main road but directly traversed through the forest. The woods at the back of the mountain were extremely dense, and were filled with vines and plants. One could even see thorns, and if one was not careful, one's body would be cut open.

In this situation, how could Lu Yang still care if his body was cut by thorns? He picked up a dead tree from the ground, waved it at the plants in front of him, and walked forward. Because it was too dark and he was inside the forest, the moonlight could not reach his surroundings. It was very difficult for Lu Yang to hide in the surrounding thorns. Not long after he walked, his legs were drenched in blood.

Lu Yang gritted his teeth and walked forward step by step. In his mind, there was only one thing, he had to find his father.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, Lu Yang finally reached the peak of the mountain. At this moment, he definitely didn't have any strength left, and he wanted nothing more than to sit on the ground and have a good night's sleep. Lu Yang knew he couldn't sleep. Once he slept and was discovered by Wang He, he would most likely never wake up again. Lu Yang gritted his teeth and ran towards a cave not far away with slow steps. Because of the overexertion of his teeth, he couldn't even find a trace of blood on his lips.

Lu Yang was less than three hundred meters away from the cave, but this distance was very difficult for the current Lu Yang. After all, he was only in his teens and had not eaten for most of the day. If not for the fact that he had recently cultivated body techniques, his weak body would have collapsed long ago.

150 meters. 400 meters. 90 meters ?.

Lu Yang gritted his teeth and walked forward step by step. Finally, he arrived in front of the cave.

However, Lu Yang didn't even have the strength to move. He felt weightless, as if he would fall to the ground at any moment. Lu Yang bit his lower lip, trying his best to clear his mind, but to no avail. His body still fell to the ground, unable to obey his will. The moment he fell to the ground, he shouted with all his might, "Father!"

In the Lu Manor, in the room where Lu Tao was staying, Sun Fei and Wang He both lowered their heads and stood before the bed without saying a word.

Lu Tao was lying on the bed. His face was pale and his upper body was wrapped in a thick layer of white gauze. It was obvious that his injuries had mostly healed. He looked at Wang He angrily and said, "Why would I raise you? At a critical moment, you actually told me that Lu Yang had gone missing. The Lu Manor is only this big, don't you know to send more people to look for it? "

Wang He was also very depressed. He went to the back of the mountain to look for Lu Yang, but he didn't find him. He didn't even know where he came from. Later on, when he went down the mountain and heard that Lu Yang had gone back, he did find out that Lu Yang had come back from the straw house. But no matter where he went after that, he just couldn't figure it out.

Wang He told Lu Tao about the situation, which led to a wave of angry curses. Wang He felt wronged and said, "Young Master, I followed the original plan, but the situation has developed differently from what we imagined. It's not the same script!"

Hearing those words, Lu Tao's anger flared up. He bellowed furiously, "You idiot, can't you use your brain to do things?" Saying that, he looked towards Sun Fei, his expression softening, "At that time, I should have sent you to kill Lu Yang, so that he could take care of me. That's not right! If he comes to save me, I think I'll be left with only half a life ? " As he spoke, he glared at Wang He.

"Eldest Young Master, please don't be angry, you still need to recuperate." Sun Fei quickly walked in front of Lu Tao and said, "Don't worry about Lu Yang. He won't be able to escape from us."

Lu Tao took in a deep breath, suppressing the anger in his heart. "So, do you know where that trash escaped to?"

Sun Fei nodded his head and replied, "That trash is smarter than I thought. He actually knows not to leave by the front and back doors. If I guessed correctly, he should have fled to the back of the mountain to find Master. However, after thinking through all of these things, he did not realize that the Old Master has already left the manor.

Lu Tao's face lit up as he thought of something. Then, his expression darkened as he said gloomily: "That won't do! Father said that after dark, no one is allowed to go to the back mountain. Even if Wang He has my token, he won't be able to go to the back mountain to find that trash. What if we go to him tomorrow morning and he runs away? "

A sinister smile flashed across Sun Fei's lips. He clenched his right hand and said, "Eldest Young Master, please rest assured that I will personally bring people to the back mountain to capture him tomorrow morning. Today will be his anniversary next year."

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