At his Mercy/C1 Prologue
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At his Mercy/C1 Prologue
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C1 Prologue


My name is Nadia Burlesque. I don’t believe in love at first sight or love at all. My life has never been like the movies, and I live a very risqué lifestyle. Before I can get into all of that, I feel it only fits that you know my back story.

I have only had my mom growing up, and dang, If that didn’t screw me up. The only father figures I have ever known are the many Johns my mother has brought home. My mother is the type of woman who picks up any man who will have her, and one of these days, it will get her killed. I remember growing up and wishing for an average family, complete with the house and the white picket fence. I have never truly felt like I have a home; as a kid, we moved a lot, and as an adult, I still move a lot to get away from someone I would rather not mention.

I currently work for Right enterprises and let me tell you my boss is hot with a capital H. I find myself obsessed with him, and I’m afraid my thoughts will get me fired. Theres only one thing to do now: to carry on and live by my motto, and that is find them, F them and forget them. My life is about to take on an exciting and interesting turn, so stick around and join me because nothing comes easy when your Nadia by nature.

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