Atargatis the first mermaid/C2 The sun god has an interest in you
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Atargatis the first mermaid/C2 The sun god has an interest in you
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C2 The sun god has an interest in you

Ancient assyris , there lives two Titan gods . The moon goddess named Selene and her husband the sun god name Apollo .

The moon goddess was know to be a beauty to behold , her look and flawless hair can actract the attention of so many gods and humans

Apollo the great ruler of the sky was well famous and well worship because of the beauty of the sun , not just that he was many loved by the female's because of his charm .

Although Apollo was'nt that perfect , his greattest weakness was his female worshippers who always go down to the mountains in other to get in contact with him and probably seduce him .

"Athena 's prov"

Athena was just one of the female who had the will to become one of Selene priestess ,so she often goes to the temple for training , on

Her way she noticed that the sun has been following her , wish seems strange so she put down her gifts for the temple and kneel down to give her prayer's to the god of sun "apollo"

"Oh great golden chariot , star of the morning , the beauty of the light hail you Apollo the great one , please grant me the permission to pase in peace " as she said , she stood up to continue her joining and noticed that the sun has stopped following her and sight in relief.

"Apollo's prov"

All this while the great god has been observing her for long on his golden chariot and was stunned for a minute by the girl's reaction .

"What a magnificent beauty and pure heart , I need to get closer to her and see if she can help heal my impurity" he said with a look of admiration all over his face .

At Selene's temple

Athena place some candles and gift she brought for the insential purification before she could become a total Selene's virgin priestess . As she was about to turn back from the temple , her good friend Levi came over and ask her to accomplie her to a dance festival in honor of the sun god made by the young female's

"Sun god festival " athena gave her a questioning look as she asked

" Yes to find the girl who can remove the sun god illness " Levi replied without even thinking through .

Athena then suddenly remembered what happened to her this morning while coming to the temple and asked her a question that almost made her bluw her mind

"Is that the reason why the sun got more approach to earth " she ask with seriousness all over her eyes .

Levi have heard a story like this before ,it was thought that the sun god had an affair with a girl name Celeste and was punished by the goddess Selene , it was also said that when the sun starts following u that means the sun god has his interest in u .

Levi was drew back to reality back athena sudden tap on the shoulder .

",Levi are u here , what happened to u ?

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