Atargatis the first mermaid/C3 Just to get close to her
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Atargatis the first mermaid/C3 Just to get close to her
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C3 Just to get close to her

Athena's prov

I was lost in thought's about what happened previously today that I completely forgot about Levi

'' Athena are u ok , what's wrong ?? Did something else happen??

'' no not at all , you just say that the the sun god is interested in me ??

'' if what you said , really happened that means it can be possible . So are you coming to the festival with me ''

'' love to but I have things to do at home '' I said and turn my head to leave , Levi too didn't mind and greet me off, on my way home I divided to take the shot cut which leads to my house . Before reaching my house we have to pass the beach layer band , on my way I heard someone screaming . I was stunned for a moment and look to the direction of the scream only for me to be stunned by what I saw , a young man was drowning in the sea .

I had no other choice than to seek for help but unfortunately there were no one in the neighborhood , this give me no time to think but to jump in the sea to rescue the man who was already unconscious because of the drowning .

After I brought the man out of the sea , I press my hands on his chest a few times allowing water to come out and the took him to my house for him to rest .

Apollo's prov

I was slowly dragged by the lady with pure heart into her home not far away from the water band , till now she still doesn't know am the one .

Just to get close to her

I had no choice but to turn into mortal just like her , to get her purity to win this battle .

Ones we got to her house she quickly place me of the bed , and went out to pick some heps for me , only then did I saw something that chocked me off .

The End
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