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"All methods are people's thoughts, why don't you listen to me …"

"Stop, I'll listen to you. I have to finish listening to you. If I didn't believe in your wickedness, I wouldn't be in such a miserable state."

Qin Shiyu interrupted the System. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. If the System didn't speak nonsense to him earlier, things might not have been so bad.

"Hey, handsome brother, just listen to my opinion. Let me tell you, why don't you go and find a suitable target for the quest and then take the opportunity to cling on to him. After that …"

The System ignored everything and became more and more excited as it spoke, as if it had already imagined the successful success of Qin Shiyu's Pengci Yu Xuanfeng.

"That's enough, stop for now, little brother. According to my understanding of him, if I were to go and touch the porcelain, I'm afraid I would be even less able to succeed."

Qin Shiyu scratched his head in annoyance. His originally unsightly hairstyle had been massaged even worse. Some of his hair had even gone up, which made him look a bit decadent and handsome.

Of course, he couldn't see any of this, so he naturally didn't know.

"So what do you know about him? What do you know about him? "

The System was puzzled. It couldn't understand how Qin Shiyu got to know Yu Xuanfeng so soon after meeting him.

"This... It's a man's intuition. No, it's a handsome man's intuition. "

Qin Shiyu stood up and looked at the brightly lit villa on the third floor. Suddenly, he got a bit excited. He would be the owner of the villa in the future.

Not only could he sleep in it, he could also sleep in it.

"Hey, friend, can you please wipe your saliva a bit? It's night time, not day time. Stop dreaming."

The System said coldly.

Qin Shiyu was about to say something, but a dazzling light suddenly shot over. Qin Shiyu couldn't help but raise his hand to cover his eyes.

The car slowly drove over and stopped in the driveway beside Qin Shiyu, not more than 20 centimeters away from him.

A not very tall man got off the car. Although he was wearing plain clothes, he carried a medical kit on his back.

The man didn't stop, he immediately pressed Yu Family's doorbell the moment he got out of the car.

Medical kit?

Did Yu Xuanfeng get sick?

Seeing the gate open and the man about to enter, Qin Shiyu suddenly made up his mind. He staggered a few steps and bumped into the gate.

Qin Shiyu tried his best to act weak, screaming for help in pain a few times, then he collapsed weakly onto the ground, blocking the man's path.

He did not believe that this man would not save him. As long as this man saved him, he would have an 80% chance of entering the Yu Family.

As expected, the man panicked when he saw Qin Shiyu fall. He reached out to catch him and asked, "Young man, what's wrong?"

Using all his strength to prop her up, the man quickly brought Qin Shiyu into the Yu Family.

"Xuanfeng, come and help, someone fainted at your door."

The man greeted and helped Qin Shiyu onto the sofa to lie down.

Yu Xuanfeng came down the stairs, frowning slightly as he saw Uncle Xu enter with a man.

"Lad, are you alright? Where are you feeling unwell?"

Xu Cheng's face was full of worry. He squatted down and began to examine Qin Shiyu.

Seeing that the person Uncle Xu had brought in was hooligan, Yu Xuanfeng's frown deepened.

"I'm fine, where am I? Did you save me? "

Qin Shiyu pretended to wake up slowly, but he looked extremely weak. Even his voice sounded weak.

Qin Shiyu became more respectful after seeing the appearance of the man who helped him in.

The man in front of her was around fifty years old. He wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and had a serious expression on his face. However, he felt a bit gentle and affectionate.

Everything was fine, except that the hairline was a little high.

After he finished looking at his "savior", Qin Shiyu cursed silently in his heart.

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