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Chapter Thirteen: Entering the Hall and "Scram After Eating"

"Young man, what happened to you? Why did you faint in front of Xuanfeng's house?"

Xu Cheng asked as he opened his medicine case and rummaged through for something.

Qin Shiyu felt a chill as he saw the bottles of medicine and water for injection. Ever since he was young, he had been afraid of injecting medicine. Now that he saw so many medicines up close, he immediately resisted.

He immediately stood up, "Haha …" Ha … I... "I'm fine, uncle I haven't eaten for days …"

As Qin Shiyu said this, he touched his stomach. He couldn't help but look up at Yu Xuanfeng. Seeing that Yu Xuanfeng was also looking at him, he immediately replied with a weak but very embarrassed smile.

"Young man, your acting is not bad. Continue to work hard! Here we can add points! "

The System retorted and hid itself again.

Hearing Qin Shiyu's words, Xu Cheng stopped flipping through the medicine and looked up at him, "You haven't eaten for a few days? "Young man, you …"

He wanted to say something, but suddenly closed his mouth when he saw the dirty and torn denim jacket on Qin Shiyu.

"I... I'm fine. Um, Uncle, thank you for saving me earlier. It's not good for me to stay here any longer, so I'll be leaving first … "If it's convenient, leave me your address. I'll definitely …"

Qin Shiyu pretended to look awkward and uneasy, as if he was about to leave but was very weak.

"This …"

Seeing him like this, Xu Cheng, as a doctor, naturally couldn't bear to do so. However, this wasn't his home, so even if he said it, it didn't count. He could only look awkwardly at Yu Xuanfeng.

"Uncle Xu, my son is upstairs. Go take a look at him."

Yu Xuanfeng's face remained expressionless, but Uncle Xu immediately understood what he meant. He immediately picked up the medical kit and headed upstairs.

He had already been a family doctor for Yu Family for ten years. He was very clear on what kind of person Yu Xuanfeng was.

After sending Xu Cheng upstairs, Yu Xuanfeng turned around and walked into the kitchen. He didn't even give Qin Shiyu a second glance or a single superfluous word.

Qin Shiyu, who was left in the living room, blanked out for a moment, then brazenly sat down. After all, he had entered the Yu Family with great difficulty, so he might not have the chance to do so in the future.

"Host, take advantage of this moment. There are some things that I need to clarify with you. Otherwise, don't say that I'm bullying you in the future."

Just as Qin Shiyu sat down, the System's nagging voice resounded in his mind.

"Your main task is to guide Yu Xuanfeng and his son. If you do well, you will be rewarded with a few more days or years of life. If you don't do well or don't complete the quest given by the system, you might just die on the spot."

Pausing for a moment, the System continued, "Of course, if you perform well, you might even be able to get extra points. This points can be exchanged for a lot of things, and you'll know when the Merchant Shop opens in the future …"

"I understand, but I have a question. Why was I rewarded with the number of days I lived …"

Ding ding ding! The System didn't want to talk to the Host and instead blocked it for an hour. "

After listening to him talk so much, Qin Shiyu was prompted by the System that he had been blocked out just as he was about to ask.

"F * ck, what the f * ck is this trash system …"

Qin Shiyu muttered as he suddenly placed a bowl of noodles in front of him.


Ye Zichen looked up in surprise and saw Yu Xuanfeng sat down on the sofa on the other side.

Seeing Qin Shiyu look over, Yu Xuanfeng glanced at the bowl of plain noodles and said slowly, "Scram after eating."

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