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Yu Xuanfeng looked at the teenager in front of him. He didn't look very old nor was he very tall, but when he spoke, he seemed to be in high spirits and he gave off a very youthful and sunny vibe.

However, looking at his body which was covered in all kinds of stains, he started to despise him.

So slovenly. No matter how handsome he was, it was useless.

Moreover, even if he was blind, he wouldn't have slept with this person.

Noticing that Yu Xuanfeng was silent, Qin Shiyu carefully observed Yu Xuanfeng's face. However, he found no other expression could be seen on Yu Xuanfeng's icy face. He immediately closed his eyes and thought to himself, "I'm going to throw caution to the wind today!"

"Mr. Yu, you're too handsome. Did you know that when I first met you, I already liked you? I want to be your son's stepmother!"

As Qin Shiyu said this, he rushed up. He said in his heart that he was holding a woman in his arms. Someone as handsome as Laozi threw himself into his arms. He didn't believe that he wouldn't be tempted!

In Yu Xuanfeng's eyes, the current Qin Shiyu was not some gentle and soft jade, nor was he any handsome guy. He only felt as if a huge black top that was emitting a stench was spinning towards him.

Seeing that Yu Xuanfeng was about to jump into his arms, Yu Xuanfeng, who was usually expressionless, showed a trace of nervousness on his face.

If she really let him pounce on her, that would be terrible!

The "Giant Gyroscope" didn't even know that it was being looked down on. In its mind, it was still daydreaming. After it had pounced on someone, it would pretend to kiss someone due to gravity before pretending to get up. However, it was injured and couldn't stand up, so it continued to pounce again.

That's right! This was how it was played in all the TV dramas!

It was a beautiful imagination. Qin Shiyu smiled with an expression of infatuation. He was about to throw himself onto the handsome guy. Unexpectedly, at the last second, Yu Xuanfeng quickly got up and moved to the side.

Seeing the duck fly away, Qin Shiyu opened his eyes wide, but found that he couldn't stop. He crashed into the sofa and tripped on it.

"Wow, this four legged posture is so cool, so wonderful! You really are the most extraordinary host I've ever followed! Hahaha … F * ck... "Hahaha …"

The System's crazy laughter came from his mind. At this moment, Qin Shiyu didn't care about it because he was lying on the sofa and couldn't get up.

"F * ck, it hurts so much …" I... I can't come down, help me... "My neck is about to break …"

Qin Shiyu shouted loudly, asking Yu Xuanfeng for help.

Yu Xuanfeng looked at him and took a few steps back. He stared at the sofa and thought that he would have to find a new one tomorrow.

Relying on his invincible waist, Qin Shiyu finally flipped over, but didn't expect to hit the crystal coffee table again. He immediately grimaced in pain.

He rubbed the wall next to his bruised room and stood up. When he looked up and saw Yu Xuanfeng staring at him with an unfriendly expression, Wu Tie paused for a moment and looked at him in confusion.

Yu Xuanfeng frowned slightly. Looking at the stain on his expensive crystal tea table, he thought that it was about time to change the tea table.

Noticing his gaze, Qin Shiyu looked down at the tea table and instantly understood. He smiled coyly, "Haha … I'm sorry, let me clean you up. "

As he spoke, he took up his sleeve and wiped away the dirt, but it was better if he didn't wipe it off, as it was even dirtier.


"This... "It can't be?"

How long would it take for his clothes to be unwashed to leave such a mark …

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