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Yu Xuanfeng walked to the door step by step. When he felt the killing intent coming from him, Qin Shiyu could actually see the killing intent coming from his expressionless face.


He had no doubt that the man would throw him off the second floor in the next second.

"Holy shit, stepmother, what do we do? He doesn't buy anything at all, and looking at him, it seems like he wants to take me …"

"It's not good to marry you, it's only right and proper …"

"Take me …" "What a pathetic life!"

"Oh, please grieve."


Seeing that he couldn't count on the stepmother system, Qin Shiyu immediately put on a flattering smile, "Handsome, why don't I help you bathe …"

Seeing Yu Xuanfeng getting closer and closer to him, Qin Shiyu became more and more nervous. He was afraid Yu Xuanfeng would throw him down from the second floor.

Qin Shiyu's wrist suddenly tightened, causing him to stagger and almost bump into Yu Xuanfeng.

"Ai …" "Hey, hey, hey …" What are you doing? "

Being dragged downstairs by someone, Qin Shiyu shook it a few times and realized that he couldn't get away from it at all. He immediately became nervous.

If Yu Xuanfeng really kicked him out, wouldn't all his efforts have been in vain?

"Handsome, wait, listen to me …"

Qin Shiyu wailed and immediately thought of all sorts of excuses.

Actually, for a person like Yu Xuanfeng, it was natural for Qin Shiyu to be suspicious of Qin Shiyu's bad intentions.

If a stranger were to suddenly approach you, he must have some ulterior motive, not to mention a person in power like him.

Many of the strong opponents in the shopping mall wanted to take him down. There was no shortage of underhanded methods. It wasn't impossible to send someone to spy on him.

Although Yu Xuanfeng thought about this a lot in his heart, his face was still expressionless. The hand holding Qin Shiyu could not help but increase his strength.

"Pain, pain, pain …" Handsome... "Be gentle, my hand …"

Qin Shiyu immediately screamed. He looked down and realized that his wrist had been grabbed.

Hearing his shout, Yu Xuanfeng frowned. He could not help but relax a little bit, and Qin Shiyu took the opportunity to pull his hand away.

He rubbed his hands together and made a decision.

Since Yu Xuanfeng was still on guard against him, he might as well take the initiative. That way, he might have a chance to turn the situation around.

Yu Xuanfeng looked down at the boy in front of him. Seeing him lower his head and rub his wrist, he made a decision in his heart.

He still did not know who sent this person. Even if he was taken away, there would still be others who would come back.

Moreover, when the enemy was in the dark, it would be even more troublesome if someone did something to him secretly. It would be better to keep the person here and follow the vines to see who the mastermind was.

Thinking of this, Yu Xuanfeng grabbed Qin Shiyu's hand again and dragged them to the guest room on the first floor.

"Ai …" What are you doing? Handsome, didn't you not want to just now? Why are you suddenly so direct now? Ah, I … "I'm a little shy, why don't you go take a bath first …"

Suddenly caught and dragged away, Qin Shiyu struggled for a moment and found that Yu Xuanfeng's destination was the guest room and not the main entrance. Immediately, he became excited.

Ye Zichen thought proudly in his heart, he was still a chaste and fierce man just now, but he still couldn't get through a beautiful man like me.

Qin Shiyu was naturally confident of the original owner's looks. He couldn't even hide his beauty from Brother Hsing. Wasn't Brother Hsing crazy? Everyone loved beauty. As long as it was a human, they couldn't help but be vulgar.

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