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At that moment, the system rang out crazily after the ban was lifted.

"Notify the host! Notify the host that the target of the guide appears!"

"Here is the character information, please accept it."

As soon as the system finished speaking, a table of information opened up in Qin Shiyu's mind.

"Yu Xuanfeng, Tianxing Group President, 190 cm tall, 28 years old, cold personality …"

Qin Shiyu read it silently. Before he finished reading the latter part, the data card suddenly closed automatically.

He tried to open it again, but was prompted that he did not have permission.

"Heh, trash."

Qin Shiyu was initially scolding the system, but his voice wasn't loud, so the two people beside him happened to hear it.

"Ah, it's a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. I'm not cursing two pieces of trash. I'm saying that everyone here is trash …"

Qin Shiyu wanted to explain, but he realized that the more he thought about it, the darker his words became. Meanwhile, the face of the CEO Yu Xuanfeng was even darker than the bottom of a pot.

"Are you alright?"

Yu Xuanfeng looked at his son and asked coldly.

"None of your business."

Yu Yinqiu pinched his wrist and lowered his head after speaking coldly. As he was stretching his hands, Qin Shiyu couldn't help but take a step back as he watched Yu Yinqiu's actions. He had no doubt that Yu Yinqiu wanted to beat him up.

Yu Xuanfeng remained expressionless as he heard his son's cold reply. He just glanced coldly at Qin Shiyu again.

"It's really a misunderstanding. Big brother, I didn't know he was your son. If I knew, I definitely wouldn't have tried to snatch him away …" "Look at me, I'm more like the one who got robbed, right? I'm just a weak man, how could I do such a thing …"

Although he said that, what Qin Shiyu was thinking was that it would be weird if they didn't snatch it, but instead, they had to beat it up. Who knew that in the end, he would become such a hateful villain.

Qin Mingyu was very good at this sort of nonsense in her original world. These two people seemed very frightening, but they shouldn't be good at dealing with unreasonable pestering.

Qin Shiyu had already found his escape route while begging for mercy. Back then, he saw that the alley was dark and felt that it was the first choice for committing a crime. He didn't expect that running now was very inconvenient.

The Yu Family father and son duo held him between them, so no matter which way he ran, he would be stopped.

He secretly sighed. Just as Qin Shiyu wanted to say something, his collar was suddenly grabbed and dragged out of the alley.

"Ahh, big brother, little brother, don't send me to the police station. This is all a misunderstanding …" Listen to me, I was completely forced... "Wuwuwu …

Qin Shiyu howled, but something blocked his mouth, and he was thrown onto the seat.

A strange smell came from the thing in Qin Shiyu's mouth. He was stunned for a moment before realizing that his hands were not cuffed at all. Then, he immediately reached out to remove the thing in his mouth.

He opened it and saw that it was a black square handkerchief. He threw it away, but it landed on Yu Yinqiu's face.

"Ah, I didn't do it on purpose …"

Although Qin Shiyu apologized, he didn't feel ashamed at all. When he reached out to take down Yu Yinqiu's handkerchief, he saw a trace of anger and embarrassment flash across Yu Yinqiu's cold face. The muscles on his face even twitched a few times.

"Wasn't it just a handkerchief? What are you being so fierce for? I was even stuffed into your mouth …"

Not only that, Qin Shiyu also understood why Yu Yinqiu's reaction was so intense.

That handkerchief … His saliva!

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