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After Xia Yu left, I also found an excuse to return to my bedroom. Once I returned, I impatiently sent a message to her, "Sister Xia, do you miss me?"

"I was thinking about it. A few days ago, I wasn't as intense as you. Last night, I was intimate with your brother-in-law, it made me feel extremely uncomfortable. When we were intimate ?" He was thinking of other men! It's so embarrassing. I feel like I'm so bad. "

"Thinking of other men? Which man? "

"Which other man? Which other man do I know?"

"Sister Xia, how would I know if you didn't tell me?" Don't you think it's exciting? Say it. " I sent it with a hint of command.

"I miss you, miss my little boy, miss my little boy so much that he commands me. Aiya, little brat, I feel like I'm good and bad. My husband is already home, and he still thinks about you every day."

Xia Yu's message made me very proud. I replied with a smile, "Sister Xia, I missed you too. I couldn't smell your fragrance these past few days. I'm feeling terrible right now. Are you wearing underwear now?"

"Of course not."

"Put on your underwear."

"What's the use of wearing underwear? "Brat, what are you scheming again?"

I sent a series of colourful emojis over. "I want you to wash your underwear in the bathroom for me to use at night. Is that okay, Sister Xia?"

Xia Yu sent a shy emoji, "Good, good, good. My little enemy, you only know how to bully me. I've put it on, what's next?"

Now that Xia Yu was used to me ordering her, she probably yearned for this kind of stimulation.

Before returning to my room, I originally planned to chat with them using messages as before, but ever since my breakthrough with Xia Yu, I wasn't satisfied with playing word games.

"Sister Xia, can we do a video?" I want to see you. "

"What do you have to look at?" This is good. "

I immediately replied, "Didn't you say you had feelings for me? I want to see if you're lying to me. "

Actually, Xia Yu wouldn't easily agree to this kind of thing, unless she was already mesmerized by my teasing. I knew that she would always hold onto the last line and wouldn't let me touch it.

"Sister Xia, I beg of you, please leave me alone for a few days. Can't you at least give me a reward?" I sent a message in an aggrieved and pleading tone.

Xia Yu enjoys this feeling of domination and dominance. This will cause her to feel an unprecedented excitement. In the face of my pleading, she will definitely soften her heart and become even more excited.

After sending the message, I didn't reply for a long time. I was a little disappointed, but I didn't expect that in the next moment, Xia Yu would take the initiative to send me a video invitation!

I swallowed and picked up the video.

Xia Yu had already taken off her pajamas. She pointed her phone at her from top to bottom, probably because she was shy. She purposely put her phone under the arrogant part of her body, using her hand to cover her lower abdomen.

Her smooth belly and slender legs were all exposed in the video.

I had seen it before, touched it, even kissed it, but because of a screen, I found it even more alluring.

I didn't hide anything and purposely aimed the camera at my brother who saluted.

"Sister Xia, you're so beautiful, so beautiful!" I said excitedly.

Xia Yu's voice was rather soft, probably because she was afraid that the people in the living room would hear her. She panted heavily and asked, "So, are you satisfied now? My little enemy, I have already been seen by you. "

I chuckled and said that there were places I had not seen before. Xia Yu snorted, "I've satisfied you now, you... You have to satisfy me too. "

This was the first time Xia Yu had taken the initiative to ask me to "satisfy" her. I excitedly moved my left hand, panting heavily as my eyes stared fixedly at my phone. "Sister Xia, do you like it?"

My panting and rhythmical hands seemed to excite Xia Yu even more. She sat with her legs crossed against the side of the bathtub, her hands constantly rubbing against the last line of defense.

A delicate moan came out of her small mouth, and her pair of beautiful legs began to tremble.

I stared at Xia Yu's proud figure on the phone and couldn't help but say, "Sister Xia, I really want to give it to you!" I really want to let Sister Xia cover me. "

The current Xia Yu has already lost her reason, she coordinated with me and said, "I also want to, my good little bear, my little enemy, come quickly, hurry and charge into the bathroom and hold me down! Hurry, little enemy, I can't take it anymore, I can't take it anymore. "

I held it in for a few days, and after seeing such unrestrained summer rain, I quickly let it out. However, Xia Yu didn't immediately vent it out. Instead, her entire body trembled, and her body tensed up as she enjoyed the happiness of heaven.

Seeing that I had vented my anger, Xia Yu became even more excited. She increased the speed of her actions and panted heavily, making all kinds of sounds. However, due to the people in the living room, she kept restraining herself.

"Stop!" I said suddenly.

Xia Yu tensed up, unable to stop what she was doing.

"Sister Xia, stop, stop quickly."

Xia Yu gradually slowed down her hands. Due to her excitement, her voice was a little hoarse. "Little Xiong, what are you doing? I'm almost satisfied."

"Then who are the hands?" I asked.

"Yes ?" "It's you ?"

"Who am I?"

"My little hero ?"

I asked with an evil smile, "Then I want to stop. Are you supposed to listen to me?"

"Yes ?" Xia Yu replied with a trembling voice.

I quietly watched as the screen gradually stopped moving. Xia Yu saw that I was still not giving out my orders so she anxiously said, "Little Xiong, what are you going to do next? Hurry up and tell me."

I chuckled, "Who told you to ignore me like this a few days ago. I won't let you move. You're not allowed to move right now."

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