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I swallowed my saliva and thought for a long time before replying, "Sister Xia, I saw some small movies that used hands and tools. Those gadgets can be bought at a health care store."

At this time, the topic of conversation was even more out of line than it was a few days ago, but this time Xia Yu didn't reject it. She didn't find an excuse to change the topic and asked, "Do you usually watch small movies? Does it look good? I haven't even seen them. Are they interesting? "

"Sometimes I watch for a while." I replied hurriedly.

"Just for a while?" Aren't you upset? "What do we do after this?"

Xia Yu kept asking me questions with an inquisitive manner, as if she was very curious about my affairs. I didn't hide anything and told her that I would have to solve it myself after reading it.

Xia Yu sent me a bunch of sinister emojis, asking, "Do you miss me?"

"Sister Xia, I've been thinking about you. Aren't you angry? I think you've been ignoring me for the past few days. " Taking advantage of this topic, I quickly sent it over, afraid that I had said something that would make her angry again.

Xia Yu said she was not angry these few days, but felt very embarrassed, very shy, I misunderstood.

So it was all my misunderstanding these past few days? When I saw this message, I was inexplicably happy. I immediately sent a message to Xia Yu, "Sis Xia, I was actually thinking about you right now. I especially want to, to the point that my whole body would feel uncomfortable thinking about you."

Xia Yu didn't reply, instead sending a string of "hammering" emojis and a few shy emojis.

Seeing that Xia Yu wasn't angry, she sent another message, "Sister Xia, can you do me a favor? "You can refuse, but you must not be angry ?"

"Help what? "Little Xiong, I know you're young and hot-tempered, but don't ask for too much. I have a husband." Xia Yu immediately replied.

I know that Xia Yu meant for me to not be able to cross the border, but she didn't refuse, which also means that as long as I don't cross the boundary, she won't say anything.

"Sister Xia, I want to borrow your underwear. Right now, I'm in too much pain. I'll definitely wash it clean." I sent the message with trembling hands.

Although I bravely sent it over, but Xia Yu still hadn't replied to me. After I calmed down, I felt like I had done something wrong.

I held the phone to tell Xia Yu that it was just a joke, but the next second, she replied to me.

"It's on the bathroom shelf. Go get it yourself."

Looking at the message, I was so excited that I nearly jumped up.

Excited, I walked towards the bathroom. As soon as I entered the bathroom, I saw a light piece of fabric hanging on the bathroom shelf.

My hands trembled as I picked up the cloth. I even felt like I had a treasure.

The material was black, a conservative type of cloth. As I examined it closely, I noticed that the center of the cloth was a little wet. I could even smell a faint body odor on the tip of my nose.

While holding onto my underwear, I quickly sent Xia Yu a message, "Thank you, Sister Xia."

"No need to thank me. You can just use it and leave it to the side. I'll wash it myself."

"Sister Xia, did you just take off the underwear you gave me?"

Xia Yu replied at a much faster rate than before. Right now, just like me, she was also constantly staring at her phone.

She replied, "Yes."

The peculiar stimulation made me even more daring to send a message. "Sister Xia, the underwear you gave me was wet. You didn't think about me just now did you?"

Xia Yu replied with a shy expression. I replied excitedly, "Big Sis Xia, could it be that you're like me right now, using your hands to satisfy yourself?"


Xia Yu didn't evade, but admitted it. Her admittance made me even more excited.

I boldly sent a message with a provocative tone, "Sister Xia, I feel that your underwear is wrapping around me so warmly. Right now, my mind is full of you. I miss you so much."

Xia Yu not only didn't reject my words, "Little Xiong, I'm also fantasizing about you right now. It's so shameful. This kind of feeling really makes me uncomfortable. I've never chatted like this with other men before. I'm so excited."

"Sister Xia, don't you think you can satisfy yourself for a moment?" I typed with one hand and held my wet underwear with the other. I felt as if all the blood in my body had been completely burnt.

"I am now... "Use your own hands and think of you." Xia Yu replied quickly.

I felt as though something had exploded in my head, and images appeared in my mind.

In the picture, Xia Yu was lying on the bed with her long legs apart. She was twisting her waist and raising her beautiful hair. She was holding herself arrogantly with one hand while consoling herself with the other. She was mumbling my name.

Xia Yu's cooperation made me bolder and bolder. I replied, "Big Sis Xia, don't tell me you don't want to experience a man's satisfaction?"

Xia Yu seemed to have lost her mind. She sent a message right after the message passed, "Think, I really want. Little Xiong, can you satisfy me?"

"I can!" I replied excitedly.

"Little Xiong, I can't take it anymore. I just want you to hug me right now. Just you wait, I'll go to the bathroom and find you."

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