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I became more and more excited. My hand didn't stop as I placed it on Xia Yu's bun dress and quietly rolled it up.

After that, I placed my hand on her leg. Her beautiful leg which was covered by the black silk was even more attractive. I kept stroking her, causing Xia Yu's body to soften as she leaned into my embrace.

I felt that my touch wasn't satisfying enough. My hand moved quickly along my leg. Xia Yu felt my intention and directly reached out her hand to stop me from moving on.

At this moment, she had already opened her eyes, "Little Xiong, this is good enough. We can't continue like this. I can't do anything that would let my husband down."

Xia Yu's face was still red, and her breathing was a little erratic, but she found her reason and stopped me.

Since she said so, no matter how much I endured, I could only give up. However, I was very happy. At least Xia Yu and I were closer. This step was not easy to come by, I must cherish it.

That night she saw that I always had a tent, so she hung the translucent thong on the bathroom shelf and sent me a message to use it.

When I picked up the thong, I thought my underwear had been washed, that the whole fabric was wet, and that my hands would feel sticky, unlike the last time, when there was only a small mark in the middle and the smell of a woman's body on my underwear was very strong.

I picked up my phone and sent a message to Xia Yu, "Big Sis Xia, how wet is it? Did you wash it? Didn't you tell me not to use you to wash it? "

Xia Yu replied very quickly. She first sent me a series of emojis of a hammer hitting someone, "You're still asking? Wasn't it your little enemy who did this?"

When I saw the message, I smiled. Compared to the last time I sent her a text message, she didn't shy away from it this time.

"Sister Xia, how can you blame me? You were the one who got excited, I didn't do anything."

"Yes, yes, you lecherous brat. Have you forgotten what you just did?"

I touched my wet thongs and asked, "Sister Xia, are you excited now?"


"Sister Xia, can we take off our underwear together?"

"What do you mean together? It's so embarrassing!" "Besides, your underwear is in your hands, how am I supposed to take it off?"

It turned out that Xia Yu had returned bare-chested after putting down the thong! When she was swinging around in front of me in her pajamas, did she not wear underwear?

Thinking of this, I became even more excited as my hands started to move rhythmically. "Sister Xia, are you comforting yourself now?"

"Yeah, it was all because of you, brat."

"Sister Xia, I missed you so much. I missed you so much. I feel like I'm being wrapped by your body right now. How exciting!"

"Little Xiong, I missed you too. I'm also thinking about you right now. I really want you to satisfy me."

I know now that if Xia Yu gets distracted, she won't care about anything. If I rush out of the bathroom and open her door, we can do it, but I can't do it. Otherwise, Xia Yu will hate me for the rest of my life and will never care about me.

I typed and guided Xia Yu, "Sister Xia, have you opened your legs yet? Open it a bit more, and hold your hand ? Imagine me. "

"I have already posed, all I can think about is you, my good little boy, my dear little boy, I like you so much."

Xia Yu was completely moved, I immediately sent a message over, "From now on, without my permission, you are not allowed to do anything. "Now you can beg me, beg my permission."

"I beg you, Little Xiong! I beg you! Satisfy me quickly! Hurry! You've tortured me to death! I'm going crazy!"

Seeing Xia Yu say this, the kind of stimulation made my whole body tensed up, and my hands moved even faster.

I know that Xia Yu's heart is slowly changing, I believe that she will slowly accept me, perhaps in the future will not be self-help fantasy and I close.

I continuously issued "orders", letting Xia Yu kneel on the bed by herself, making her straighten her butt and spread her legs.

Gradually, I could hear Xia Yu's excited voice from the bathroom. She didn't just type and beg, she also screamed. I could feel her trying to restrain herself, but her voice still reached me through the door.

Listening to Xia Yu's faintly discernible voice of excitement, I lightly shouted to vent. A few seconds later, a delicate voice sounded from Xia Yu's bedroom.

"Little Xiong!"

She was calling my name, which made me happy and proud.

After a while, she sent a shy emoji, "Little Xiong, wasn't I a little too crazy just now? While I was thinking about you, I comforted myself and made a big wet sheet. It was like sprinkling two cups of water. How embarrassing!"

I didn't think that Xia Yu would be so sensitive, even when she was thinking about me.

For the next few nights, we would send messages to each other to console each other. Once, I couldn't resist lying in front of Xia Yu's room and listening to her excited voice, which resulted in a big piece of the floor. The next morning, she charmingly said that I was eavesdropping on her this time, so I didn't want to peek at her next time.

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