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A few days later, I just got home in the afternoon and saw Xia Yu in the kitchen doing something.

"Sister Xia, what are you cooking for?"

Xia Yu and I were getting closer and closer, and we didn't have any polite words to say to each other.

Xia Yu turned around and smiled sweetly at me, "It's nothing, the newly bought juicer is here, let me try."

Xia Yu poured a cup of fresh fruit juice and passed it to me.

When I took the juice, I deliberately touched Xia Yu's hand, praising her, "Sister Xia, you're getting more and more beautiful, your skin is also getting better and better. Is it because your anger has been released recently?"

Xia Yu rolled her eyes at me, but I quickly leaned forward and blew next to her ear, "Sister Xia, which underwear are you going to hang in the bathroom today? I can't wait. "

Xia Yu's body was very sensitive. Plus, the two of us only chatted on WeChat on a large scale. Normally, this would be the case. When I suddenly said something like that, Xia Yu's face reddened, her legs suddenly tightened, and her body trembled.


Xia Yu tensed up, her hands loosened, and a crisp shattering sound rang out. The entire cup of juice fell to the ground, and even splashed onto me.

"Ya, I'm sorry Little Xiong, I couldn't hold it steady."

There was more juice splattered on my pants. She took a piece of paper and bent down to wipe it off.

Xia Yu was wearing a summer cool suit, a tight T-shirt with denim shorts, her proud figure was perfectly displayed, and her milk-white skin was extremely attractive.

She was squatting on the ground, and I could just see her spring light through the collar of her shirt. The white patch in front of me made my mouth go dry.

I couldn't help but think, how can there be such a great pride? He was already wearing such tight clothes, yet he was still unable to wrap them up. Instead, his clothes were nearly burst.

Seeing Xia Yu at this moment, my body reacted instinctively. Xia Yu wiped the bottom of my pants a few times, then looked up and said, "If you don't put your pants in the bathroom later, I'll wash it for you ?"

Her eyes widened before she could say anything, and I knew she'd noticed I was feeling it.

Xia Yu clearly saw my reaction, but pretended that she didn't know anything. She leaned under me a little more, used a tissue to wipe my knees, and occasionally peeked up with her eyes.

Her appearance caused my eyes to turn red. If she were to raise her head slightly, it would be as though she was giving me another ?

I imagined the summer rain beneath me, and remembered her wild, frenzied singing in the bedroom, and the stronger reaction of her body.

After a few minutes, Xia Yu suddenly raised her head, "It's better to wash. Go back to your room and change out of your pants."

I don't know if I'm mistaken, she said, and then, after staring at another spot, she licked her lips with her little tongue. This action completely ignited the blood in my body.

I was completely fooled by Xia Yu's teasing, and directly pulled Xia Yu up, and a princess carried her into the living room.

"Ya!" Xia Yu exclaimed but didn't try to escape. She used her small arm to struggle, rubbing her plump and proud body against my chest.

It seemed to me that this was not a struggle at all, but a further provocation.

I could feel her panic, but also her excitement.

The blush on her cheeks deepened as she struggled to say, "Little Xiong ? Don't... "You want me to go back to my room and change my underwear for you ?"

I was no longer satisfied with the fantasy of using her underwear, a pair of large hands carelessly caressed her pink legs.

I lowered my head and bit Xia Yu's earlobe lightly. It was as though she was electrocuted and her entire body trembled, "Little Xiong ? No... "Don't ?"

I ignored Xia Yu's words and placed her on the sofa. I put one arm around her slender and soft waist, while the other hand continued to caress the white and tender roots of Xia Yu's legs.

"No... Don't... We can't cross the line, I can't do sorry ? I ? "I ?"

Xia Yu was already a little confused from my teasing. At this moment, she was much more excited than I was. Her mouth seemed to be talking in a dreamy manner.

"Sister Xia, it's just the two of us at home. As long as we don't say anything, brother-in-law won't know." You are so beautiful, yet he ditched you in his house without a care. If he doesn't love you, I do. "

After saying that, I let Xia Yu rest against the sofa, her fingers constantly rubbing against her legs.

"No ?" "No."

Xia Yu kept pushing me with her hands, but didn't use much strength.

I know that Xia Yu must have a lot of complaints about her husband. A top quality beauty like her is something that other men are eagerly looking forward to, but that man actually left her at home to start a second business.

She must be empty, lonely, longing for a man's love.

"Sister Xia, ever since I met you, I have never looked at any other women. Even if some have come to my door, I do not want them. They are so much worse than you. I often peep at you secretly, hoping to get your attention. Every night, I think about you, and when I think about you, I can't control myself. "

"I ?" I know, Little Xiong, I know ? But to do so ? Sorry, my husband ? I'm a married woman... "I ?"

I interrupted her and asked, "Sister Xia, could it be that you're lying when you say that you're thinking of me?"

"No, I didn't lie to you, Little Xiong, I ?"

"Stop hesitating, Sister Xia. Are you thinking too?" Saying so, I kiss her affectionately.

I thought that Xia Yu would avoid it, but this time, she didn't. Instead, she gradually closed her eyes and allowed herself to be manipulated by me ?

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