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Actually, Xia Yu had noticed me peeking at her a long time ago. She even knew that I was standing in the bathroom, facing her underwear, but she never poked it, and was afraid that her husband would find out and give me a "clean up" every now and then.

Later, when her husband and friends went out of town, she paid more and more attention to me and even secretly imagined what it would be like to work with such a young and vigorous boy like me.

However, Xia Yu was already a wife. That kind of thought made her blame herself, feel guilty, but also carried a trace of excitement and expectation.

Now that she was continuously teased by me, Xia Yu's thoughts became even more intense. She liked to be admired by me, liked the feeling of being forced by me, liked the thrill of me ordering her around whenever she desired it.

However, she was also afraid, afraid that she would not be able to turn back and hurt her husband if things went on like this.

I knew her fears, and I knew that if she wanted to break through that line, she needed an opportunity.

I lightly kissed Xia Yu's cheek and pleaded, "My good elder sister, dear elder sister, I really can't hold it in any longer. I really like you too much, I promise that I will only love you alone from now on. Elder sister Xia, let's seize this opportunity, okay?"

"But ?"

"Don't 'but', do you have the heart to see me suffer?"

After saying that, I desperately kissed Xia Yu's collarbone, my hands continuously pulling on Xia Yu's tight-fitting T-shirt.

I know that my heart is anxious to eat hot tofu, did not do too bold action, just constantly teasing.

Xia Yu naturally wrapped her arms around me, her round buttocks slightly raised as she twisted her waist like a water snake.

I swallowed and ran my hand down the smooth underbelly of the summer rain, all the way down to her legs. With my previous experience, I already knew what to do.

I kissed Xia Yu's collarbone, moved my hand along the leg, returned to the belly and then slowly lowered it to my leg.

"Ugh ?" Xia Yu finally couldn't help but let out a delicate moan.

What a melodious voice!

I moved closer to Xia Yu's face and gently bit her ear. Immediately, Xia Yu's mouth issued out a vague, lovely sound and her body started to tremble.

I knew that Xia Yu was moved. I squatted on the floor and pressed my lips against Xia Yu's smooth lower abdomen to kiss it. Xia Yu also obediently leaned forward, half lying on the sofa. She looked at me with her blurry eyes, and her mouth emitted a happy sound.

I kissed for a while. The summer rain had long since stopped, and her legs were slightly spread out. If she had been wearing a dress today, the view under it would have leaked out long ago.

Facing such a delicate and beautiful Xia Yu, I swallowed my saliva and said, "Sister Xia, I love you so much!"

"Little ?" "Little Xiong ?"

I excitedly kissed Xia Yu's white and tender beautiful legs and tentatively asked, "Sister Xia, is that possible? Can we? "

While I was asking, my hand was not idle. One hand was stroking her thigh, while the other was rubbing Xia Yu's buttocks.

"Little Xiong ?" "You can say anything ?"

"Sister Xia, do you love me too?"

"I love you too, Little Xiong ?"

I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down, revealing a thin, somewhat transparent white lace undergarment that was already warm and slippery.

I rubbed against Xia Yu's leg. Her head was raised as she chanted. Her voice became louder and louder, gradually reaching the edge of craziness. Her buttocks were also stuck to her waist, and her pair of proud and arrogant eyes were trembling.

Looking at the captivating Xia Yu in front of me, I can't hold back anymore.

I lifted Xia Yu's legs and kissed up along her calves. This kind of itching made her even more excited, and her butt was even more coordinated with mine. She opened her legs even wider, as if wanting me to kiss her and fill up the emptiness in her heart.

"Little Xiong, stop teasing me ?" Xia Yu said in a daze as she completely let go of the last line of defense in her heart.

I knew my chance had come. Now was the best time to attack.

I impatiently unzipped my pants and pressed myself against Xia Yu, preparing for my final attack.

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