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Om, Om, Om.

Suddenly, Xia Yu's phone unexpectedly rang at an inopportune time. After hearing the commotion, both of us were startled. Xia Yu quickly got up and went to get her phone.

Originally, she wasn't that nervous, she was just scared by the sudden voice. However, the moment she picked up the phone, her face instantly changed. The redness on her face disappeared like smoke in thin air, replaced with a bloodless pale face.

At this moment, Xia Yu was like a child who had made the mistake.

"Hello, hubby, what happened?"

After hearing Xia Yu's words, I was also stunned. It was as if my heart had been hollowed out.

"Wife, have you eaten?"

"I haven't eaten yet. What's the matter, hubby? Are you done?"

"En, it's about time. Wife, I'll be home in 20 minutes. Are you happy?"

"Gao ?" "Happy." Xia Yu looked at me with a trace of guilt and self-blame in her eyes.

"Do you need anything? I came back in a hurry and didn't bring anything. "

"No need. I have everything at home. I'll go prepare some food."

The two of them chatted for a while before hanging up the phone.

"Sister Xia ?" I stood at the side, a little flustered. Xia Yu didn't say anything, but hastily ran to the mirror to tidy up the clothes that I had torn up. Afterwards, she ran to the living room to sort them out.

"Is Brother-in-law coming back?" I asked.

Xia Yu nodded, "Yes, we should be home soon. Let's eat tonight, I'll go cook." After saying that, Xia Yu walked into the kitchen.

Xia Yu just opened a bit of the bottom line, her husband a phone call, let me finally push down the wall once again erected.

Thinking of this, I felt a little disappointed. I said that I wouldn't eat tonight and went back to my room.

Actually, Xia Yu isn't much better than me. When she hung up the phone, she was especially flustered, but fortunately her husband made a call in advance. If she didn't make a phone call, she would definitely run into something bad when she came back.

In the next few days, the house returned to its normal lifestyle. Xia Yu would greet me politely every day, and she wouldn't be wearing those seductive pajamas anymore. Instead, she would put on her conservative pajamas and put away her washed underwear in time, as if nothing intimate had ever happened between us.

A few nights later, while I was sitting in the living room watching the football game, Xia Yu was sitting cross-legged in her pink pajamas. Her husband, like me, also liked watching football, so I started chatting with him.

Xia Yu and I hadn't talked much in the past few days, nor would we chat on WeChat in the evening. This caused me to feel a lot of anger, and I also felt that my heart was always empty.

Seeing that Xia Yu was fiddling with her phone, I casually picked up my phone and started to chat with her husband while editing a message to Xia Yu, "Sis Xia, are you not going to talk to me anymore?" These few days, you ignored me. I'm so sad. My heart is empty. Can you turn down the voice on your phone and chat with me for a bit? "

After pressing the Send button, I continued watching the match. Xia Yu's phone made a ring. Naturally, it was to receive my message.

She took a glance and her face flushed red. She secretly rolled her eyes at me and pretended that nothing had happened as she continued to play with her phone.

About a few minutes later, Xia Yu sent a message, "Little Xiong, it's not that I'm ignoring you, just look at how I'm going to chat with you right now. Besides, what do you want to talk about? "

"Of course it's the same as before. Sister Xia, I feel really bad these past few days. I often think about it so much that I can't fall asleep. You can't just ignore me just because brother-in-law came back and got satisfied."

"Little Xiong, I can't help you even if you can't sleep. I can't chat with you at night either."

I was a little disappointed, so I asked her, "Sister Xia, brother-in-law has been back for so many days. Are you enjoying the water and fish with brother-in-law everyday? Don't you have the time to care about me?"

"What are you thinking about? Your brother-in-law was intimate with me last night. Not long ago, I had a feeling that he was venting. Sigh, why not not be intimate with me? I'm still feeling uncomfortable all over now."

After I read the message, I almost laughed out loud. I stared at my brother-in-law a few times and said, "That can't be, Sister Xia, you must be lying. Brother-in-law hasn't been back for so long.

Xia Yu also felt wronged and immediately replied, "How would I know? I changed into a sexy nightgown in my room last night, and that's how he made love to me. Sigh, does your brother-in-law not feel anything for me anymore? Xiao Xiong, do you think he's really raising women outside? That's why he doesn't care about me. "

I glanced at my brother-in-law again. "No, brother-in-law is pretty good." "Sis, don't be too suspicious. Brother-in-law should be tired from running outside recently, or perhaps you are asking for too much ?"

The moment I sent it over, Xia Yu, who was at the side, panted heavily as though she was unhappy, "What kind of request do I have? He just let it out after a few breaths. I just had a little feeling about it. "

"She sent another message without waiting for my reply." It would be better to just talk comfortably with you! "

Xia Yu is really full of resentment. After sending the message, she didn't forget to secretly laugh at me.

"Sister Xia, do you feel it again?"

"Yeah, it's been a few days since I last chatted with you. Now that we're talking, I can't help but think about what happened earlier."

I smiled complacently. "Sister Xia, you pretended to go to the bathroom to take a bath. I'll go back to my room. Shall we release it together?"

Xia Yu's face turned red. She stood up and said, "Hubby, I'm going to take a bath."

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