Awakened With Super Power/C1 Esper Ability Awakened
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Awakened With Super Power/C1 Esper Ability Awakened
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C1 Esper Ability Awakened

Blue Star, Pu City.

On the south side of Lian Yang County, there was a small village made up of 60 villagers. It was called - Chunhua Village.

As the terrain was relatively gentle, the people here generally lived on farming and herding.

In addition, the distance from the suburbs was quite far, so the culture of the people here was not high.

Because of this, the young people who grew up in the village would all go to the nearby urban areas to develop.

At this moment, near the village entrance of Chunhua Village, there was a small house that was neither big nor small.

There was a short black hair. He was wearing a simple but worn-out short-sleeved shirt and a pair of blue shorts.

It was just that his handsome face and the clothes he was wearing seemed completely out of place.

At this moment, the phone rang.

"Beep, beep, beep, beep. ... Drip, drip, drip...

This caused the figure who was taking an afternoon nap to speak in Nan Nan language, "Mm ~" His right hand moved back and forth beside the bed in an attempt to find the source of the sound.

However, his right hand was on the side of the bed in a daze, unable to find the source of the sound. In addition to the bell that had been ringing for a long time, it caused his expression to be a little angry. Even his originally calm brows instantly knitted tightly.

"It's really noon. What are you arguing about? Are you not going to let anyone rest?"

Even his interest in the afternoon break was completely gone.

He hurriedly sat up from the bed and angrily picked up the old machine that was making a noise as he got up. He quickly pressed the answer button.

"Hello. ... What's the matter!!"

"Yan Xiao, let's split up. Hands...

A small voice came from the other end of the phone. It was like pouring cold water on Yan Xiao's head.

Yan Xiao was stunned for a while. Then, he saw that the phone was showing a 'beaver'. Realizing that something was wrong, Yan Xiao hurriedly made a laugh. "It's you, beaver. Sorry, I thought it was those fake phone numbers. You know, they didn't let me sleep on purpose..."

"Alright, stop explaining. Yan Xiao, you are very good, but what I said is true." Before Yan Xiao could finish his sentence, Beaver's voice interrupted his explanation.

Beaver, stop playing. It's not funny. Yan Xiao's smile was stiff as he laughed. On the other side, his hand was tightly clenched. Even his nails were stuck in his palm.

"Yan Xiao, don't lie to yourself, okay? If you really want to continue lying to yourself, then you can do whatever you want!" Seeing that she couldn't even persuade him, even she felt irritated and her tone became a bit more serious.

"Can you tell me the reason? I really can't believe it. We've been together for ten years, and we've been together for ten years. I really can't think of anything that can break us apart!!"

Yan Xiao's eyes were red, and tears appeared in his eyes. His right hand was holding the phone, and it was trembling slightly. As for his other hand, it was bleeding, and it was dripping from his palm onto the bed.

"If you want to know, I can tell you something. This world is not as simple as you think. Do you know the news of the meteorite falling yesterday?"

Yan Xiao recalled the news when he heard it. It had caused a huge commotion, and even the rumors about the end of the world had spread crazily. However, the government had already come out to deny it.

"Isn't that just one piece of news? Aren't we all living well? Why did you break up with me because of this?"

"Let me tell you, that's true. In fact, there is still an identity hidden in this world. Awakened One. That meteorite was also destroyed by Awakened One. As for the others who knew about this, they had already signed a confidentiality agreement. " And I am also a Awakened One. Do you understand? We are destined not to be on the same path. Alright, that's it. "

After speaking, Beaver hung up the phone, completely ignoring Yan Xiao's reaction.

"Dudu Dudu ~" A dudu sound echoed on Yan Xiao's phone.

The last words of Beaver echoed crazily in Yan Xiao's mind.

As a result, the phone in his right hand could not be held firmly and directly fell from his hand onto the bed.

Yan Xiao smiled sadly. His expression was extremely ugly. He did not expect that his ten years of relationship would end up like this.

It was to the extent where he could lie about his identity.

Awakened One, what kind of thing was this?

"Awakened One, hehe, Awakened One, Awakened One! Hahaha!" Yan Xiao looked at the bright red blood on his left finger and laughed maniacally.

At this moment, something strange happened. A cracking sound of shackles breaking resounded in Yan Xiao's mind.

A mysterious undercurrent ran along his meridians and gathered in his eyes.

In an instant, Yan Xiao felt his vision turn black.

At the same time, he suddenly felt a strong pain in his eyes.

The intense pain made the veins in Yan Xiao's brain pop up. At the same time, the blood from his left hand that covered his eyes covered his face. His body kept rolling on the bed.

Soon after, there was a heart-wrenching scream, "Ahh ~"

The sound was so loud that some of the villagers at the village entrance were scared out of their wits.

They all stood at the door of Yan Xiao's house and pointed.

"What about Lee? Why don't we go in and take a look?"

"Come in. I want to go in too. The door is locked."

"Do you think it's haunted?"

Hearing this, the surrounding spectators all sucked in a breath of cold air.

"Who is it? Why are you screaming and wailing in the middle of the day? Are you still going to let me rest?"

The boss of a pig killing shop nearby ran over angrily with a kitchen knife in his hand.

With a rough expression and the huge kitchen knife in his hand, it was obvious at first glance that he had a rough look on his face. Like a butcher.

The surrounding spectators were so frightened that they made way for him.

"What's going on, Lee?" The boss of the pig shop had a sharp look in his eyes. He found his target among the crowd and pointed his kitchen knife at Lee.

This scene scared Lee so much that his legs trembled. He swallowed his saliva as he was afraid that Zhu would show mercy and cause the knife to fall. If that happened, he would really be done for.

"Zhu, let's talk nicely. Don't use the knife. I am not a pig."

"Pooh, pooh, pooh. Killing you will only ruin my stall. Stop blabbering. What exactly happened? I heard screams from far away." Zhu couldn't be bothered to tease Lee. The reason why he brought his knife was because he had a way to counter Lee's attack.

At this time, the screams suddenly stopped. It was a silence that could be heard even when a needle fell to the ground.

Yan Xiao, who was lying on the bed in the house, felt extremely comfortable after sweating profusely.

There was an inexplicable change in his hands.

Yan Xiao slowly opened his blood-stained eyes. They were a pair of vertical pupils filled with sharp eagle eyes.

Just by opening his eyes, the surrounding spiritual energy seemed to have been shaken as they retreated.

"What's going on?" Yan Xiao exclaimed. In his vision, it was as if he had installed a super wide-angle camera.

He could even see a small hole on the roof clearly.

Yan Xiao hurriedly sat up and picked up the small mirror on the bedside table. Only then did he see that his eyes had become exceptionally sharp.

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