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C10 Mage

Under the influence of the wind, it even caused the weather to change.

Thick thunderclouds gathered and formed.

Faintly, thunder rumbled.

Wisps of rain fell on the ground and exploded, emitting a ticking sound. "Drip, drip ~"

As time went on, the sounds became more and more intense.

"Drip, drip, drip, drip!!"

In Lianyang County, outside the police station.

The rain kept falling on the roof of the police car.

"Why is it raining in such a good weather?" Tan Wenqing looked out the window. He did not know what he was thinking.

"Captain Tan!" In a pavilion at the entrance of the Metropolitan Police Department, a policeman was standing upright. He raised his right hand solemnly and saluted.

Tan Wenqing also stood out of the car and saluted back.

After the two saluted each other, the policeman continued his duties.

Tan Wenqing turned around and said to Yan Xiao and the others.

"Alright, we're here."

Yan Xiao and Zhu got off the car.

At this time, a female police officer walked over. After she saluted, she said a few words in Tan Wenqing's ear.

"Captain Tan, this is a new order from above!"

"Awakened Ones that are not yet 20 years old need to enter the mage school!"


Tan Wenqing nodded as he received the information from the female police officer.

"Li Wen, take the two of you to file a file first. I still have some things to take care of!"

Li Wen nodded and looked at Yan Xiao and the others. "The two of you, come with me."

Yan Xiao and the others followed Li Wen to the police station.

Until Tan Wenqing disappeared from her sight.

Only then did she turn around and look at Yan Xiao and the others. She crossed her arms over her chest. The disdain on her face was obvious.

"Tch, one is so thick that he can't handle it. One doesn't learn well at such a young age!"

This sudden change surprised them.

"What did you say?!" Zhu pointed at Li Wen and said loudly.

"What... what? I have wronged you. What a stupid bun. I will leave Xiaoting and the other two to you." Li Wen didn't want to have any interaction with Yan Xiao and the others. She turned around and left with a shout.

She directly exposed them at the door and ignored them.

Just as Zhu was about to say something, a female police officer with two ponytails hurried over to persuade him.

Her gentle voice gave people a sense of closeness.

"I'm sorry, the two of you. Li Wen was originally not like this. It's just that she may not be feeling well recently. Please forgive her!"

"May I know who the two of you are?"

"My name is Yan Xiao. His name is Youcai. We are here to file a report." Yan Xiao introduced himself, then pointed to Zhu and introduced himself.

"Register a report? Is it about that?" Xiaoting nodded and asked seriously.

"We are here to record medicinal Awakened Ones." Yan Xiao said softly.

"Ah ~ Are you all medicinal Awakened Ones?" Xiaoting cried out in surprise. She covered her mouth with both hands, her eyes revealing a trace of longing.

Immediately, the police officers in the police department also stood up.

"What, Awakened One?"

"Did I hear it? I think I heard Awakened One?"

"Where is the Awakened One?"


Xiaoting knew she was in trouble. She hurriedly pulled Yan Xiao and the others to the side of the stairs and said.

"You guys follow me first!"

As soon as Xiaoting left, the police came in from all directions.

However, they did not find anything.

"Where is it?"

"F * ck, who said there were Awakened Ones..."

" ... "Ah, this... I remember I heard it."

"Brothers, kill him!!"


An innocent police officer became a scapegoat and was beaten up by the surrounding policemen.

Even Li Wen, who had originally returned to her job, ran out.

She pulled up the policeman who was pinned to the ground and asked.

"Where is the Awakened One?"

"I don't know either. I just vaguely heard it!"

"Did someone come in just now?" Li Wen frowned and asked.

"It seems like the other two people you brought are all gone..."

"Not good, could it be..." Li Wen's pupils contracted. Only then did she think of Yan Xiao and the others.

Right. They said they were going to file!

Prepare a case!

Could it be that medicinal Awakened Ones filed a record!

The hands that had originally grabbed onto the police officer were released as well. His entire body fell to the ground, and a voice filled with unwillingness rang out.

"Ahhhhh ~, the commission is gone again!!"


In the corner of the stairs, Xiaoting patted her chest and let out a breath, "It's okay, it's okay!

"Ah, this... ... "" Yan Xiao asked awkwardly.

He had a solemn impression of the Metropolitan Police Department. Why did it become like this?

"I'm sorry for making all of you laugh. It's only because I got a commission for helping the Awakened One file that something like this happened." Xiaoting naturally knew what Yan Xiao was thinking and did not hide it.

"Hahaha, that's great. I have vented my anger and actually dared to look down on me. Humph!" Zhu rubbed his nose. The anger that he had been holding back had relaxed.

Yan Xiao shook his head with a bitter smile. Even he did not expect such a dramatic scene.

"Officer Xiaoting," Yan Xiao said. Yo, I'm going to get another commission." A police officer happened to pass by and saw Xiaoting. He could not help but tease her.

No, I just... "Xiaoting stuttered and wanted to explain.

But another police officer laughed, "Tsk tsk tsk, if only my luck was half as good as yours.

"Brother Ye Feng, you're laughing at me again!" Xiaoting lowered her head and her face was a little red.

Officer Ye Feng gradually walked down the stairs and did not forget to tease her before he left.

"Okay, I will go first. Ah, Officer Xiaoting, your luck is really good."

After Officer Ye Feng left, Xiaoting heaved a sigh of relief.

I'm sorry, come with me. I will bring you to file the case. " Xiaoting awkwardly laughed.

Xiaoting brought Yan Xiao and the others to a brightly lit room.

She placed the two mage documents in front of them.

Yan Xiao looked at the documents in his hand and asked, "Eh? Shouldn't it be the Awakened One file?"

Zhu also looked at Xiaoting curiously.

Xiaoting looked up and explained, "According to the orders from above, from now on, it will not be called the Awakened One. They are all collectively called mages."

Yan Xiao only understood after Xiaoting's explanation.

He picked up a pen in his right hand and started to fill in the content.

"Name: Yan Xiao."

"Age: 18."

"Identity: Mage"

"Awakening status: Eye"

[Is it a special Awakened One: Yes]

"Awakening attribute:..."

[If you don't know about the Awakened attribute, then...] " Yan Xiao looked at the awakening attribute column in the file and was a little confused.

"If you don't know, you can fill in the unknown." Xiaoting raised her head and thought for a moment.

"Awakening attribute: unknown." Yan Xiao nodded and wrote the unknown on the file.

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