Awakened With Super Power/C12 The New Ability of Hawkeye (part I)
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Awakened With Super Power/C12 The New Ability of Hawkeye (part I)
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C12 The New Ability of Hawkeye (part I)

A middle-aged man stood on the stage, "Today I'll show you how to spit fire!"

It's simple. A simple sentence attracted the applause of the crowd below the stage!


"It's a blessing to finally see Mr Xia spitting fire!"

"Who doesn't? You should know that I specially came here to watch fire!"

"Huh? You came here to watch fire?"

"Yes, I came from Tianping Province."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. So strong? I don't give in to anyone, so I submit to you. I specially traveled a thousand kilometers to come here!!!"


Hearing the conversation from the side, So it was a show of spitting fire.

At this moment, Mr Xia took out a long staff from his hand.

There was a rag tied to the head of the staff.

"Alright, I'm going to start!" Mr Xia laughed.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. It's going to start!"

"Hey, can you stop shaking your head and stop me from watching?"

"It's none of my business that you're short."


Yan Xiao ignored the noise around him and stared at the stage.

Since Mr Xia wanted to spit fire, could it be possible that he was a fire mage?

With this thought in mind, Yan Xiao stared at the stage.

Mr Xia raised the wooden stick in his hand and prepared to start the performance.

At this time, a staff member ran out from the backstage and said with a trembling expression.

"Not good, Mr Xia. You, daughter... no... See you!!"

Mr Xia was stunned when he heard that.

The crowd was also confused by the sudden turn of events.

Mr Xia did not think too much about it. He casually threw away the wooden stick in his hand.

He dashed behind the scenes.

Only the onlookers were left in a mess in the wind.

"Ah, this...

"What's going on... I can't even perform!"

"D * mn, it can't be, right? It wasn't easy for me to come and watch a performance, but it ended up like this? "

"Damn it, I wasted my trip!"


The crowd dispersed as soon as they witnessed this unexpected event, and they returned to their respective homes.

However, they could still faintly hear complaints.

Yan Xiao frowned. He had a feeling that something was wrong. The expression of the person who reported it changed.

Furthermore, he could vaguely feel that something was wrong. And signs of swallowing.

His thoughts were fruitless, so he decided to follow them personally to take a look.

Yan Xiao went around the platform in front of him and hid in the wall behind him. There was a small hole in the wall, and he could see the scene behind him.

"Little Liuzi, tell me what's going on!"

"I... I don't know. I just left for a while and this is the only thing left."

The person called Xiaoliu took out a piece of paper from his sleeve and placed it in front of Mr Xia.

When he thought of his daughter, Mr Xia didn't care. He picked up the paper.

"Mr Xia, hello. I am very interested in your ability to spit fire. If you are willing to join us, we can let your daughter go. We will meet at the back of the Husen mountain at 8 pm tonight. If not, I don't think you would want to see your daughter's body! - - Signed: Thief! "

Mr Xia looked at the contents of the paper with an angry expression. Even the paper in his hand was tightly pressed.

"Damn it!" The silent anger caused the surrounding air to become scorching hot.

At the same time, a ball of flame appeared in Mr Xia's palm, burning the paper.

"As expected, this is also a mage. It's just that it's a pity that I can't see the content of the paper. I can only wait!"

Yan Xiao sat on the ground and took out the night clothes from his ring.

A black robe with a hat and a black mask.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Why do I feel like I'm a thief?" Yan Xiao muttered to himself and draped the clothes over his body.

He waited for the backstage to move.


8 PM.

Under the cover of the night, the quiet mountain seemed a little dim.

Traces of burning wood were making sounds.

At first glance, under the candlelight, Beside them were a few man in black's silhouettes.

"Boss, do you think he's back?"

A slightly fatter man in black asked.

"Fatty, you should know that his daughter is in my hands. Do you think he will come?" man in black, who was sitting in the middle of the fire, said unhurriedly.

Next to him, there was a girl's figure tied up. There was a rag stuffed in the air.

From time to time, there was a whimpering sound.

"Hehe, Big Brother, can't I really play for a bit?" Another man in black was staring at the girl, his eyes showing a trace of vulgarity.

"Hei, don't forget about us. You are going to fight with us when he sees you playing with his daughter." The boss looked at Hei and said plainly.

"Boss, the three of us are enough. Why do we need another one?" Hei was obviously unwilling and asked urgently.

"One more person and one more insurance, you know?" The boss shook his head.

How could he not know what Hei was thinking?

Ever since they captured him.

Hei's eyes never left the figure.

"But boss... ... I don't think that's necessary!! " Boss, you can come first. We'll just drink the soup. "

Also, take a closer look at her figure. She's still in her prime. I can even feel the fragrance from her face and the weapon from so far away. "

Hei kept persuading her.

Under Hei's instigation, Boss also had a slight reaction.

At first glance, his heart also unconsciously rippled.

When the young girl clearly saw the expression on their faces, her pupils contracted and she could not help swallowing her saliva.

A whimper quickly came out of her mouth.

It was as if she was begging for mercy.

However, the boss, who had a reaction, walked step by step to the girl's side.

Every step he took caused the girl's face to be filled with shock.

"Sob, sob, sob ~"

Even the corners of her eyes couldn't help but shed tears.

Not long after.

Boss walked in front of the girl and stretched out his left hand to put it on her face. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Why didn't I think that your figure was pretty good?"

The girl shook her head frantically. The wuwu sounds became more urgent.

"Yo, you're actually still wearing a dress? Hahaha!"

Boss licked his lips, his left hand was about to move towards the skirt.

A strange phenomenon appeared!

He could feel a burning sensation getting closer and closer.

Faintly, it was an existence that threatened his life!!!

At this moment, Boss finally woke up.

He hurriedly retreated.

A few fireballs hit his position just now.

"Huhuhu, you scared me to death. Luckily, I managed to dodge this attack."

The boss patted his chest and gasped for breath.

If he was a little slower, he would really be done for.

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