Awakened With Super Power/C13 The New Ability of the Eagle Eye (part Ii)
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Awakened With Super Power/C13 The New Ability of the Eagle Eye (part Ii)
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C13 The New Ability of the Eagle Eye (part Ii)

"How dare you attack my daughter!!"

A voice filled with anger was especially loud.

When everyone looked over, it was Mr Xia.

"Listen to my explanation. The boss waved his hand and said.

"Explanation, and you still want to explain? I must kill you today!"

If he hadn't arrived in time, she wouldn't have dared to imagine what would have happened to his daughter.

The Spiritual Energy in her right hand was suddenly released, and a ball of flame gushed out from her palm.

Boss also knew very well that it was impossible to explain this scene clearly.

"Damn it, I can only accept the challenge!!!"

After saying that, the medicinal Spiritual Energys on his body were also released.

At the same time, the two people standing behind Boss also released their own medicinal Spiritual Energys.

The clash of Spiritual Energys made the surrounding environment exceptionally solemn.

"Humph." Mr Xia snorted coldly.

Balls of flames shot out.

The boss was not willing to fall behind.

With a flash of light in his right hand, a long sword appeared in his hand.

"Three consecutive slashes!!"

The long sword attached to the Spiritual Energy directly slashed out a few streaks of sword qi.

It directly shattered the fireball.

Hei, who was behind Boss, jumped onto the tree and hid his body.

"Then I'll show you this move!" Mr Xia did not think too much about it. If these people did not have any ability, they would still dare to provoke him. That would be no ordinary suicide.

The scorching flame attached itself to his hand.

Mr Xia stood up and faced the group.

A faint cold light passed by. Mr Xia was shocked and quickly jumped away.

In the next second, a few throwing knives stabbed right in front of him.

"Flying knives! Mr Xia frowned. There were only two people left from the three people in front of him, so it was very obvious.

Except for the one who swung his sword. A throwing knife and an unknown!

Hei did not plan to give Mr Xia time to think.

He turned around and threw out a few more flying knives from the woods.

At the same time, Boss ran towards Mr Xia.

"Are you really trying to stop me?!" Mr Xia roared and covered his entire body with flames.

Even the throwing knives that tried to get close to him were burned away.

At the same time, he faced the sword that was coming straight at him.

Mr Xia reached out his right hand and caught it.

In the next second, the sword of Mr Xia was unable to resist the flames.

"How is this possible?" Boss was shocked!

At this moment, he felt that he had underestimated Mr Xia's strength.

Before the boss could recover from his shock, a fist that was wrapped in flames suddenly struck at him.

A wall stood up and blocked Mr Xia's attack.

"This is!"

When the boss turned around to look, Fatty was panting and laughing.

"It's okay!"

The boss quickly got up and jumped away, because he knew that the wall in front of him could not stop him at all.

Sure enough, just as he jumped away, the wall in front of him collapsed.

"Hmph, I will definitely kill you all today!"

At this moment, a sound attracted everyone's attention.

"Mr Xia, I think you should stop!"

Hei was holding a throwing knife and standing behind the girl.

"Bastard, if you dare to touch my daughter, I will tear you into pieces!" Seeing his captured daughter, the flames on his body exploded even more.

This made the already scorching environment even thicker.

"Hehe, it's fine. At most, I'll exchange my life for yours!" Blackie chuckled.

He knew very well that... Mr Xia only had one daughter. As for his mother, she was already dead.

Therefore, he dared to bet that Mr Xia wouldn't dare to make a move.

As expected.

The flames on Mr Xia's body also quietly faded away.

"Let go of my daughter!"

"Hehe, weren't you very fierce just now? How can you continue to be fierce? If worst comes to worst, you'll be a good man eighteen years later! Hei continued to provoke.

With his trump card, he was more confident in his words.

"What do you want? Speak, as long as you let my daughter go!"

Mr Xia said plainly, but his eyes kept moving around Hei's body, trying to find a weakness in Hei.

"Hehe, if you kill yourself, I will let your daughter go!" Big Black smiled.

As for letting his daughter go, he could forget about it.

He had been coveting this girl for a long time.

Boss stood up straight. He had mixed feelings about Hei's actions. "Hei, you should know what our goal is."

"Hehe, boss, it's fine. He doesn't dare to do anything. I know you like this girl too. As long as this guy dies, everything will be over. When the time comes, you go first, I'll go again. " Hei chuckled.

When Mr Xia heard that, his veins bulged, and his face was flushed red with rage. He clenched his fists so tightly that his fingertips were about to be inserted into his palms. "You guys actually dare!!!"

"Hehe, Mr Xia, you better not act rashly. Otherwise!!!" Hei licked his lips, not trying to hide his thoughts.

The boss looked at Hei, then looked at Mr Xia and apologized.

"Sorry, we really have no intention of killing your daughter."

"Hei, let his daughter go!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Do you think I'm the boss?" Hei laughed.

"What do you mean?" The boss frowned with a serious expression.

"Hehe, I'm just using you to help me catch his daughter. To be honest, I've been keeping an eye on his daughter for a long time. It's just that I don't have a chance." Hei continued to laugh.


"Hei, how can you do this?" Fatty stepped forward and asked.

Even he did not expect that Hei was actually using them.

"Hehe, Fatty, do you really think that I am sincerely joining you? Do you think that you are worthy of that triangle-cat skill of yours?" Hei said directly to the fat man.

Especially the last sentence, which emphasized the word 'triangular-shaped cat'.

The disdain on his face was vividly displayed.

At this moment, a yawn sounded. "Oh ~"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You guys don't sleep at night, and you're making noise here. How annoying!"

The sudden sound caused everyone to be shocked.

"Who is it?!"

Just as everyone was looking back and forth.

Yan Xiao jumped down from the tree.

"I am the one who opened this mountain. I'm the one who planted this tree. You guys are messing around here. It's not good if you don't pay your maintenance fees!" Yan Xiao smiled.

"Humph, I thought it was someone. It turns out it is also a big black rat in the dark!" Hei said with disdain.

When he saw Yan Xiao in black, he thought Yan Xiao was the same kind of person.

It was just that his purpose was different.

"I advise you all to stop. Otherwise, it won't be that easy for me to fight!" Yan Xiao chuckled.

"We are all on the same path. Why don't we each take a few steps back?" Hei waved his hand and smiled.

He did not dare to offend Yan Xiao when he did not know how strong Yan Xiao was.

However, if he had to do something, he would have to...

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