Awakened With Super Power/C16 The Hotel Shared the Same Bed (part I)
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Awakened With Super Power/C16 The Hotel Shared the Same Bed (part I)
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C16 The Hotel Shared the Same Bed (part I)

Then he took out his phone, turned on the screen, swiped the code, and paid in one go.

"Watch, you have successfully paid 2000 yuan."

He did not realize that his balance was only 2100 yuan.

It could be said that in a fit of anger, he had directly returned to before the release.

Yan Xiao took the payment interface and showed it to the latter.

The latter smiled. Without waiting for Yan Xiao's reaction, he directly took the key and turned around to run.

Yan Xiao's pupils contracted. After he realized something was wrong, he hurriedly followed the direction the latter ran in.

Only the waiter was left in a mess in the wind.

"Ah, this... What should I do..."


"Wait with me!!" Yan Xiao threatened from behind. This was really intolerable!

He lied to Yan Xiao and paid him 2000 yuan, but in the end, he took the key.

When he saw that the remaining balance was only 100 yuan, he felt that he wanted to comfort his family.

Looking at the figure that he could not shake off, the latter hurriedly ran to a wide corridor.

Yan Xiao stopped in his tracks. At this moment, he could not tolerate his anger anymore.

His voice was filled with anger.

The release of the medicinal Spiritual Energys caused the surrounding air to shake for a moment.

"Stop for me!!"

The figure that was running in front suddenly stopped. In an instant, he felt that he could not even move. His face was filled with an indescribable shock.

"What... is going on?"

Yan Xiao slowly walked over and placed his right hand on the shoulder of the figure. He said sarcastically, "Run, why aren't you running?"

"What did you do to me? Why can't I move? Hurry up and let go of me!"

"Hehe, let go of you. You think quite well, but it's impossible." Yan Xiao chuckled.

He took the key from the other party's hand.

"Hey, let go of me. It's not a big deal. Can't I just stop?

"Let go of you. You really think that way. You made me lose 2000 yuan and ran away for so long. You want me to let you go with just one sentence? How is that possible!" Yan Xiao let him go so easily. He lifted the latter on his shoulder. "Damn it. He looks quite skinny. How heavy is he?"

"Hey. What do you mean? Why am I so heavy? Don't talk nonsense. Also, let go of me now, or else...

"What else are you doing? Do you want to hit me?" Yan Xiao walked towards the room with Yan Xiao on his shoulder.

"Yang, I was wrong. Please let me go. I swear I was wrong." At the same time, he revealed a pitiful look.

It was as if something bad had happened.

"Let you go. Hehe, in your dreams!" Yan Xiao ignored him and directly inserted the key into the door.

He easily opened the door.

He saw a passage that led to the bedroom. At the same time, there was a bath on the right side of the passage. There was a big mirror in front of the bath. There were two pots of flowers and flowers beside the mirror, which added some color.

But Yan Xiao did not care about these things.

On the right side of the wall was a bath on a platform. Moreover, it was transparent.

If it was transparent, then it would be transparent. He did not think too much about it.

But when he saw the toilet at the corner of the wall, it was hard to say.

It was designed to let people go to the toilet while watching others take a bath.

It was specially designed for fear that others would be too bored after squatting for too long.

Don't mention how conscientious it was.

Yan Xiao was no longer interested after taking a look.

He went straight through the passageway and walked to the bed.

"No, let go of me! I beg you!"

"Stop messing around! You'll wake up in the shower tonight!" Yan Xiao glanced at him and threw him on the bed.

"Yang, let's talk. Let me go. I promise you one thing."

"Haha, you pretty boy. Now you know how to beg for mercy. What did you do?" Yan Xiao sat on the edge of the bed thoughtfully.

"Yang, I've been begging you all the way. It's you..."

"Huh?" Yan Xiao frowned. He looked a little unhappy.

The latter quickly stopped talking. "I was wrong. I was wrong. Yang, I know what's good for me!"

Yan Xiao's expression finally relaxed. Humph. That's more like it. Speak your name!"

Eh, my name is Ke! ... Oh... Ling Tian, that's right, my name is Ling Tian. "Ling Tian said with a faint smile.

"Ling Tian, right? I don't care about your name or anything. Just tell me how to settle this. I spent 2000 just to open this room." Yan Xiao didn't care much and went straight to the point.

If he did not have this money, he did not even know how to live the rest of his life.

"Hehe, Yang, I have this bit of money. I'll give it to you. As long as you let me go, I'll give it to you!" Ling Tian smiled awkwardly.

However, as he spoke, his gaze wavered. This scene was keenly noticed by Yan Xiao.

Yan Xiao laughed in his heart, "Little guy, you want to play with me? Fine, I'll play with you!"

On the surface, it was as if he was defenseless. He nodded.

Seeing that Yan Xiao had fallen for his trick, Ling Tian continued to hoodwink him.

"But, Yang, if you don't untie me, I won't be able to send it to you. Don't you agree!"

"Yes, yes. Then I'll solve it for you." Yan Xiao looked like he was defenseless.

In the next second, Ling Tian felt his body become lighter, and his muscles and bones could move.

Ling Tian, who hadn't had time to relax, threw a punch at Yan Xiao.

"Do you really think I'm someone to be trifled with? I'll teach you a lesson now!"

The momentum was so great that even the Spiritual Energy was used.

Faced with the threat of this punch, Yan Xiao shook his head silently. His appearance of helplessness was hard to put into words.

"Why is there a need?"

But when the punch was about to hit Yan Xiao, it stopped again.

Ling Tian was shocked. He really couldn't understand why he couldn't move.

"How is this possible!"

Until he saw Yan Xiao's vertical pupil, his pupils contracted.

"What kind of eyes are those?!"

"Why are you surprised? This is my awakened ability. I called him Hawkeye." Yan Xiao naturally saw Ling Tian's doubt and said without hiding anything.

"Hawkeye." Ling Tian swallowed his saliva and muttered.

No matter how Ling Tian thought about it, he couldn't think of any explanation about Hawkeye.

"That's right, it's Hawkeye, so you better put away your thoughts. Otherwise, I might do something bad!" Yan Xiao looked at Ling Tian seriously.

Actually, when he first awakened, he did not know that he had these abilities.

He had accidentally found them when he was eavesdropping on Mr Xia's conversation.

Apart from deterrence, there were two known abilities, immobilization, and absolute control.

It was just that absolute control consumed too much Spiritual Energys. As for immobilization, it seemed like it could only be fixed for an hour.

As for controlling Hei to commit suicide, it was absolute control.

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